Methods of fighting with fats on sides

If you decided to fight the exceed kilograms, you have to understand, that you can’t prevail only by doing exercises. You have to limit your reaction and have a diet. Remember, that the number of consumed calories in food should be less than you spend during your day. Only like that, you can achieve your goal. To effectively get rid of the fat layer, you can start doing yoga, unique complex of physical activities and special sports gear, for example, football, dumbbells and hula-hoop.

Choose a comfortable way of losing weight and make a plan of exercise. To lose fat by doing exercises, you have to combine it with others by choosing an optimal load. Try not to make long breaks between workouts. Let’s look in more on sports equipment, which will help you to return the waistline.

Useful methods of fighting with fats on sides

Fitball – simple and accessible to each projectile, which will help tighten the oblique muscles of the press, without exhausting the body with training. The complex of exercises is recommended to be selected individually depending on the goals. Also, fitball will help get rid of the typical low back pain. It is enough to replace the ball with an ordinary chair – this will allow to straighten the posture, relieve tension from the spine and strengthen the muscular corset; hula-hoop – often this gear is underestimated, however, working out with the hoop you can remove fat pretty fast.

Twist the hoop every day for 30-40 minutes, while you can listen to music, talk on the phone or watch TV. Modern models of hula-hoops additionally equipped with massage rollers, which accelerate the process of losing weight; use of a load in the form of dumbbells allows increasing the efficiency of any exercise.

Choose the optimal weight of the projectile, so as not to injure muscles and ligaments. You can remove fat from the belly with the exercises that isolate, that is, aimed at working through a specific muscle group.

These include:

  • lifts of legs;
  • various variations of twists;
  • the lifting of the legs in a prone position, etc.

Lateral twists allow to form an elegant waist, to strengthen the oblique muscles of the press, making the figure attractive. Naturally, such exercises are best combined with other types of load, if you want to see the results of your work as soon as possible. Yoga will help to get rid of excess fat. For this, use postures that stimulate the action of abdominal muscles. The training program can include classical asanas from yoga or the exercises you developed yourself.

In addition to the external effect, yoga will improve the work of internal organs and increase mood. All exercises that act on the abdominal muscles help:

  • stimulate intestinal peristalsis, fight with bloating;
  • improve digestion; remove toxins from the body;
  • accelerate metabolism.
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