Sebastian Bear-McClard presented a necklace to Emily Ratajkowski

E​very day of God is a gift, and gifts should be accepted with gratitude, appreciated. Even if it seems that nothing significant has happened, it is from a lack of intelligence or deafness of the heart.

There are no empty days in life. Totally.

Is that people who look – and does not see, listens – and does not hear. A person is attentive to himself and to the world important events happen every day – at least in his heart. The surest way to win the love of others is to give them your love.

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The practice of gift sharing may have another explanation that is that those who do these people know the existing traditions – who should give gifts and to whom, as well as the size of the gift, which is suitable for this case. Gifts on birthdays people exchange quite often, while weddings occur much less often.

What can you give a woman if she has everything? Is she your favourite and should it be something special?

She does not like going to an expensive restaurant or ordinary surprises. This is very and very pleasing to those you are making a gift. Well, the elementary way, how can you sting at gifts? People really are happy at this moment, especially if they give it a gift.

Today, these questions were asked by Sebastian Bear-McClard, the husband of a famous model, designer and actress Emily Rataykowski. He knows more about her than ours. But on the other hand, the love of this woman for necklaces is obvious.

And today she has acquired another, more elegant and expensive. The chosen gift with love is recognized immediately in an effort to guess the taste of the recipient, according to the originality of the design, in the very manner presented with a gift.

Emily Ratajkowski – an American model and actress showed the exquisite gift from her husband. It is a beautiful necklace. The model shared news on her official Instagram account:

It has two chains, which emphasizes the charming neck of the model. Instructed by just a huge amount of gems. It seems that the whole necklace consists only of them alone. In the centre, where both chains are connected, you can see a strong knot, which allegedly shows the strength of the relationship.

Below is an equally impressive star. Or perhaps it is more like a snowflake. After all, it is now winter and you need to choose the appropriate gifts. At the very bottom hangs a drop. She, as always, symbolizes tenderness and beauty. This is true in relation to Emily Rataykowski.

  • If you want to make a gift – do it only from the excess. From the excess of love, delight, abundance, creative flight, happiness, money, time.
  • If you are in a state of excess – even a modest gift will give your dear person your feelings, and they will multiply many times.

And this will be a real spiritual gift from the heart to heart. Gifts, gifts, attention, gifts, flowers and a smile, presents yourself, and yes, you will return all this in triple size. I wish you to give and receive only the happiest, most spiritual gifts – occasionally and without!

Emily Ratajkowski
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