What are workouts for women to lose belly fat at home?

Published: February 7, 2019

Hello everyone! I’m Sonya. I know that you could give some pieces of advice, so I decided to write here. I am a very busy person, I don’t even have free time to meet with my friends. But despite that fact, I wanna try to stay in form and to crave some time for my daily exercises. I can’t imagine how to cope with that. Can you help me by suggesting some simple belly workouts at home for women?

Recently, after reading the article on how to choose the best fitness tracker in 2019, I’ve bought this amazing device. With its help, you can measure my heart rate, do total body effective workout, interval training enjoying the comfort of your own home. Usually, I took a pair of dumbbells and did 20 minute building muscle fat burning workout for the upper body. Or used the jump rope. Actually, I am not a specialist so ask your help in creating the program workout for women at home.

Do you know some exercises to lose belly fat during home workouts? How many calories do they burn? Which are the most effective? Recommend me some best women workouts to lose belly fat fast. How often should I do them to get a flat stomach? I am looking forward to your replies!


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Joey Bright Published: September 4, 2018

Hello Sonya! Here is the list of the best exercises!

Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat:

  1. Crunches
  2. Twist Crunches
  3. Side Crunch
  4. Reverse Crunches
  5. Vertical Leg Crunch
  6. Bicycle Exercise
  7. Lunge Twist
  8. Rolling Plank Exercise
  9. The Stomach Vacuum
  10. Captain’s Chair
  11. Bending Side To Side
  12. Walking
  13. Running
  14. Jogging
  15. Cycling
  16. Swimming
  17. Expert Tips
Mary Lace Staff Published: September 3, 2018

Dear Sonya, apart from exercises there are some diet rules to keep your belly nicer. Eat less sugar and carbs, more proteins and fiber instead. It would be great if you walk, run or swim more – it is great for your waist! Use some app on your phone to track the calories and daily activity goals. As for the exercises, you should not think that training only your belly area will help you to get rid of fat in that area. It is wrong to think that such magic exercises exist. You should look for some complex workout for practicing at home. Good luck!