How to choose the most accurate fitness tracker in 2020

H​ow to choose the accurate fitness tracker in 2020 and not overpay? Imagine having a smartwatch with all the necessary functions: calories burned, steps and heart rate count.

This will help you:

Fitness bracelets are rapidly conquering the market. These devices are stylish accessories for anyone who wants to be trendy and lead a healthy lifestyle. Why do you need this gadget?

Here we collected top of the most accurate trackers to measure your physical activity on the highest level.

Most accurate fitness trackers on Amazon

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Choosing the accurate fitness tracker

This device is made to keep track of physical activity. This smart piece of technology also motivates you to be even more active.

The fitness tracker connects to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. You download an application, and it accepts and processes data.

Almost all trackers are compatible with iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. But before buying one – make sure that the fitness bracelet is compatible with your smartphone or computer.

If the waterproofness of important, make sure you buy the one that is.

Who invented them?

Fitness trackers were all the rage 2011. A company called Jawbone introduced the first Jawbone UP tracker. This company was a leader among developers and global manufacturers of wearable gadgets and programs.

They had no idea that their invention will affect the entire accessories industry.

Moreover, the vibration motor turned out to be very short-lived.

The battery power lasted three days, but they promised ten. Jawbone behaved correctly. They apologized and started working on a new version. Some people received refunds; some got a free replacement.

Fitness tracker vs. treadmill

Modern treadmills are full of all sorts of useful functions. They show the speed, calories burned and the pulse. Does this mean that you don’t need a fitness tracker at the gym? 

Let’s find out!

Function: heart rate monitor

We want to start with a little explanation.

Let’s go back to the prehistoric world. Back then the man had few things to do: to hunt and to run away from a dangerous animal. Sometimes the man had to chase the prey for days before it gave in.

He also ran away from predators to the limit of power since his life depended on it. Scientists believe that it was in those days that we had formed two main modes of our cardiovascular system:

This is important to know. You will measure your pulse with a fitness tracker. That way you will know what mode you’re in.

The aerobic workout means:

In the anaerobic mode:

The point being is that you will only lose weight from aerobic exercise. Why?

Because fat burns only during such pressure.

Therefore, your aerobic workout should last a minimum of 45.

Athletes use term heart rate training zones to assess the intensity of physical activity. Usually, they single out five zones:

You should acknowledge these zones during each workout. You will know that you’re warming up when your pulse reaches 110-135 beats per minute.

The second zone is essential for burning fat. 140-155 beats per minute are the amount when muscles are under enough pressure. You’re spending calories, but you haven’t crossed the anaerobic threshold yet.

During this stage, the body has enough time to process subcutaneous fat into energy. You may have to breathe through your mouth during workouts in this area. But you should not run completely out of breath!

If you notice that you’ve started breathing heavily – you have crossed the threshold of anaerobic metabolism. Your pulse is most likely to rise above 165 beats per minute. The body no longer has time to process fatty acids and consumes the same carbohydrate fuel, which ends quickly.

If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t start with anaerobic workouts. Your body is not ready for them.

Some people believe that high training zones are good for training and muscle growth. This theory is correct, but only if the body is ready. But you should have a well-developed cardiovascular system. And there’s also a condition that you need to give the tissues enough time to recover.

You will just get exhausted faster. You’ll empty the body’s resources without gaining any muscle or developing endurance.

Conclusion: If your goal is to lose weight, you need to run in the aerobic mode. Avoid shortness of breath and spend at least 45 minutes on training.

Watch your pulse. A fitness tracker will help you with this. It will tell you when you’re burning fat, and when you are working fruitlessly. Apple watch series is perfect for this.

Anaerobic exercises are predominantly for advanced athletes. Even those who want to pump up muscles should start with low-intensity workouts. That way they will prepare their bodies for further goals.

Function: calories burned

Some believe that the best way to lose weight is to eat up fewer calories. But it’s only halfway correct. You need to burn more calories than you consume.

But how can people spend more energy if they work office jobs?

Your body still works throughout the day. You waste energy without even noticing!

Easy ways to burn more calories

Sometimes some of us don’t want to commit to the gym. Or we don’t have the time. But there are a few extra things you can do.

Chew gum. You’ll have fresh breath and oral hygiene. Chewing gum helps to lose 11 kilocalories every 12 minutes. Not much, but it’s good to know that you’re not doing it in vain.

Cook. Setting the table and cooking healthy food turns out to be more rewarding than we thought. You can burn about 102 kcal in 45 about minutes. Good news because you can treat yourself to a dessert.

Laugh. Yes, laughter prolongs life and helps you slim down. A funny movie or a joke with friends will cheer you up. Who would have thought that fun can be so good for you? Recent studies say that an average adult loses 1,5 kcal per minute of giggling.

Walk during a phone conversation. Don’t think it’s a bad habit. It is, in fact, pretty healthy. Especially talkative ones will lose 100 kcal in 25 minutes.

Walk in the morning. You can walk the dog if you have one. Or go down to the store for fresh milk. You can even walk around your house. A few minutes before breakfast will be enough. A 20-minute walk will cost you 100 kilocalories.

Take the stairs. Sure, the elevator is faster. But think about how much healthier it is to take the stairs! You can lose 7 to 10 kcal if you go up. But if you’ll go down, you’ll lose two times less.

Pepper the food. Heat in the mouth, tears in the eyes. Do not be afraid of these effects of spicy food. After all, you will get accelerated metabolism. Your body will burn calories two times faster than usual.

Ride a bike. This is a great way to lose 105 kcal in 15 minutes. Try to make it your new habit. The result will surprise you.

Go fishing. An excellent way to spend your weekend with friends. Don’t be a couch potato. Set off to the great outdoors!

Play Frisbee. It’s a popular activity. You can play it in the park or on the beach. You’ll lose more than a hundred calories if you play for 30 minutes.

Meditate. Just relax and take deep breaths. Fill your body with oxygen. It will calm you and give you more energy to burn calories.

Jump rope. A skipping rope is a thing you should own. It’s fun and relatively easy. Not to mention good for you. You’ll get rid of 110 calories in just 10 minutes.

Play ping pong. Can find a ping pong table in almost every park. Or you can go to the mall. Do not miss a chance to enjoy the fresh air! You’ll enjoy it more, knowing that you’re burning 113 kilocalories in 25 minutes.

Conclusion: be more conscious about your health

A healthy, slim body and well-being is what we all want! Someone wants to lose weight. Someone wants to increase centimeters in the right places. And someone wants to say goodbye to beer and forget the way to McDonald’s.

But working on your appearance is hard daily work.

It would seem we know what to do to achieve the result. Eat right, train, and everything will work out. But expectations and reality sometimes do not coincide. You follow the basic rules. But the result is not the same.

Undoubtedly, many of you have encountered this problem. So what is the reason?

Technologies are developing at an incredible speed. They introduce new solutions that improve the quality of life. At first, it was possible to count calories in special programs on a computer. Then we started using smartphones.

Different party apps allow sleep and physical activity tracking. But we can’t take the phone everywhere with us.  And then there were fitness trackers.

Of course, professional gadgets for sports have been around for a long time. But usually, they are not always clear and accessible to a beginner. Therefore, they did not receive a mass distribution.

And the era of activity trackers allows everyone to begin consciously leading a healthy lifestyle. Also to get the much-desired figure. Now everything is simple. Your task is to live a healthy life. A small device will fix everything.

How can fitness trackers help you?

And the biggest misconceptions are rooted in nutrition.

And it is 70% of the success in the process of working on your body. No matter how hard you work out, the results will be either deplorable or even utterly absent if you have problems with nutrition. It is this kind of delusion that inhibits your success.

And no other reasons, such as genetics, lack of physical training and years of inactivity. Therefore, fitness trackers can help you in many ways to understand and change yourself forever.

They can be helpful to you in the following cases:

The functions of every fitness tracker are different:

But remember, it’s only up to you. Your health depends only on you.

These little gadgets can help you on the way to a healthy body. They will become your reliable best friends. Don’t get carried away. Just lead a healthy lifestyle and the results will surprise you.

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