Best fitness apps for Android and iOS

L​ooking for ways to optimize your sports activities? Today doing sports is not only useful, but also fashionable. For this, we suggest the most popular fitness apps for android in 2020. 

How modern technologies facilitate physical exercise?

AskYourFitnessQuestion will tell you all the answers. Every sports geek should know these novelties in the world of sports!

Free fitness apps for Android

We decided to go in for sports, but the schedule, written by the minute, leaves no time for visiting the gym. And you can’t afford a personal trainer?

For this and created a fitness application.

Even with a subscription to the nearest gym and with full sports equipment, we do not always have enough pedantry to count calories burned, analyze progress and keep statistics, as specially created programs do.

We have collected the best offline fitness apps for sports geek, among which there is sure to be a suitable option for you.

FitStar personal trainer

With this application, you will not have to spend money on a personal trainer:

The mobile application Fitstar Personal Trainer is suitable for fitness and cardio training both in the gym and at home. It has a large base of individual workouts, and also allows you to work on programs selected by the user’s own parameters.

Also for each exercise, there is a video and audio. The application is free and does not have built-in advertising.

Available: free on iOS.

Google Fit – popular sports geeks app

As a rule, the Google Fit – Health and Activity Tracker application is already embedded. And the user often only needs to update it to start using the free application.

The mobile application allows you:

However, the application completely lacks a social component, there is no possibility to add as friends, share achievements or statistics. Also not provided for the functions of music management, auto pause run and transfer the current location.

There are no training plans, as well as welcome instructions.

But in order to start the race, sports geek need to make more than two clicks from the start screen. The security level of the application corresponds to high performance, despite the inability to set a password for entry.

Also, the application does not request active consent for the processing and storage of personal data. The mobile application regularly receives updates, demonstrates correct and stable operation.

Available: free on Android.

Sworkit – pocket trainer for home workouts

Can’t find a suitable room? Little time left?

No problem! This application is designed specifically for busy people. You can choose an workout type (strength training, cardio or stretching) or create your own using the app. Each workout includes high-resolution videos and a countdown for reps.

The fact is that for each of your classes, Sworkit randomly generates a new set of exercises from the huge number of exercises available in the program database.

Thus, sports geek just needs to select the type of training (strength, yoga, stretching, Pilates, and so on), then specify the duration of the session and user can begin to perform.

If you are looking for a suitable pocket trainer for home workouts, then be sure to try the updated Sworkit.

Available: free for Android, iOS.

MyFitnessPal – weight loss guide

Now, every time before you eat something delicious, you will see how many calories are in this very tasty one. And how much you will have to spend the effort to prevent these calories from settling on certain parts of the body is also shown.

Very motivating, right?

During registration, you enter your physical parameters: weight at the moment, desired weight, height, date of birth and gender. How physically active you are during your work (sedentary, average activity, etc.) and how many times a week you want to play, a sports app also require to know.

You keep your food diary in dishes.

Available: Free for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Web Free on Tunes.

Workout Trainer

Immediately after launching, the Workout Trainer will offer to create a free account.

In the process of creating an account, you will have to answer several uncomplicated questions. Including specifying your gender, date of birth, desired intensity of training, estimated time for training.

Goals for training such as losing weight, increasing endurance, building muscle, you also need to type in.

Although there are not many free training programs in the catalog, there is a choice.

Available: free for Android, iOS.


VirtuaGym provides an opportunity to organize fitness training, as well as keep a diary of a sports geek of almost any other activity – from running to badminton.

Like many other services in this category, it consists of two interrelated parts. It includes website that stores your statistics and settings, and a software client that acts as your personal trainer.

For easy orientation in many complexes:

After you have selected the right training plan, you need to add it to your calendar.

In spite of the fact that the program offers us a rather rigid exercise scheme, we can pause the counter at any time, edit the actual number of repetitions, add our exercise to the complex. Thus, there is some opportunity to adjust the complex for yourself.

Virtual trainer VirtuaGym is an alternative to New York gyms. Available in the free version of the functions with the head enough not only for beginners classes but also for advanced athletes.

The program combines the existence of a rigid action plan with the ability to flexibly tailor this plan to fit your needs, which is what many competitors lack.

Available: free for Android, iOS.

Nike+Training Club

The world-famous brand Nike presented for all Android users its new free app Nike Training Club. This is a special program in the class “trainer in your pocket” that will help you to get an excellent fitness shape, lose weight, develop endurance and muscle strength.

What’s the bottom line?

After installing the Nike Training Club program:

You will be asked to download additional materials, which are detailed step-by-step illustrations and video clips for each (!) Exercise. All this wealth takes more than 250 MB, so take care of the free space on the SD card and Wi-Fi connection.

Yes, the developers did not stint here, but you definitely will not have a single question about the implementation technique.

In conclusion, I would strongly advise boys to also pay attention to this program. I would like to note that in spite of the fact that Nike Training Club, with its whole appearance, is aimed more at the female audience.

To assess the seriousness of training, just try to perform even the most difficult complex – you have to sweat pretty. And if it seems a little, then of the six dozen workouts you can always choose by force.

Available: free for Android, iOS.


Spring is an application that contains a huge library of running music. In addition, the application selects the music to your pace, and so run much more fun!

Player prudently sharpened under the training regime. Few elements, and those that are, – large, so that it was convenient to fall on them during class. Below is the workout time and GPS on / off.

In the settings you can also set the sound of the beat, which will be heard in time with the run, turn on the voice assistant and enter personal data. Unfortunately, free service gives only 600 minutes of running.

And over time the service adjusts to your preferences and becomes even better. In general, the service is really very cool, stable and works at 100%. Will you use?

Available: Free for iOS.


Endomondo tracks jogging, cycling, and other outdoor activities. This application boasts precision and one of the simplest interfaces.

There is also a competitive spirit: you can challenge friends and acquaintances, track your results and share them with each other.

The principle of operation of the Endomondo service is very simple.

Available: free for Android, iOS (premium – $ 5.99 / month, $ 29.99 / year).

C25K – how to start running

Couch-to-5K is a special application that will prepare you for the 5 km race. It contains a special program that allows people from virtually zero levels of training to gradually move to a half-hour non-stop run.

Here is the deal:

I find it is useful if you don’t cope with the proposed loads.

Each of your workouts will be a sequence of time intervals when you alternate between normal walking and running (see Sole f63 vs f80 treadmill). And as your progress, the spacing of the intervals will be more and more.

As a result:

The time of walking will gradually decrease. The audio trainer will guide your actions. It not only tells you when to go or run but also encourages you with your valuable tips and statements.

The track of your workout, along with such indicators as speed, distance, the pace is recorded by the device and stored in the training log. Here you can leave notes about your health, weight, and mood.

Available: free for Android, iOS.

Except for mentioned fitness apps, we highly recommend trying Planet fitness or Wahoo app for android wear.

7 latest fitness gadgets

For more productive workouts, sports geeks currently use hundreds of different gadgets, ranging from the coolest watches of the latest model to HLS services in the form of applications on smartphones. They can do almost everything for you.

Just imagine:

Proper use of these technologies and a smart approach to stress are the key to successful sports, as well as improving health. We have made for you a selection of the coolest and most effective gadgets for sports that exist in the modern market.

Today, very often there are different Championships in athletics and other sports, where the best athletes from all over the world come together. But modern sports are not only physical achievements but also technologies.

A dozen of the best examples of the merger of physics and physiology will be discussed in this review.

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