You probably heard a thousand tip on how to lose weight quickly, cure-all diseases, and have good form. Dozens of coaches advertise new methods and technologies of a healthy lifestyle, some of which directly contradict each other. How not to get lost in this sea of information?

  1. Replace cardio with interval training
    The road to the slim and healthy body does not look like the long slow walk. The best effect gives an impulse of high activity, intermittent slow calm loads for recovery. For 15 or 20 minutes of interval training, you can burn the same number of calories as an hour of standard practice. And, unlike usual exercises, interval training give effect even after the workout.
  2. Pay attention to inner muscles on every session
    Many do provide central notice to selected muscle groups, leaving others without care. But the human body is not composed of just abs, no matter how pretty they look. Hidden from our look a significant amount of muscles but they are needed to protect inner organs and spine from damage, supporting the body in vertical position and so on. So pay attention not only to specialised, acting on isolated groups of muscles, but also compound exercises that give a load on the whole body. Especially useful for this is to use isometric exercises.
  3. Replace exercise machines with free weight
    It made exercise machines so you would have to change your weight on the defined trajectory. But, if you are too short or too high, your legs or arms are not the same lengths as others, then such exercises will not organically match your physiology, which can lead to a lack of progress or even injury. Replacement of exercise machines with exercises with dumbbells or a barbell can be more suitable for your body and will help to load even those muscle groups that are idle on the devices. And sometimes even a simple towel can help.
  4. Do not slouch!
    Unfold and lower the blades, as if you put your arm in your back pockets. It will not only increase the result but will secure you from damage. That position allows you to more correctly perform a pull-up, fully engage the pectoral muscles during push-ups, maintain the correct position of the body when doing squats. Also, don’t forget about individual exercises for the spine.
  5. Increase the range of movements
    By adding more load on each repetition and increasing the effectiveness of the training as a whole will help lengthen the trajectory of the actions performed with each repetition of the exercise. Sit down slightly thicker, with push-ups stop just a centimetre from the floor, pull up not to the chin, but to the chest. Get more from each movement, and your body will thank you.
  6.  Do every exercise maximally fast
    Slow activities should be done just for additional pressure. In the central part of the task you have to do everything maximally quickly, no matter if it’s pull-ups, push-ups, jumps or exercises with weights. Even if you do not manage to do it fast at first, any effort you make will teach your muscle fibres to shrink more quickly, which will make your body more athletic.
  7. Use more complex exercises
    There are a lot of unique activities for particular muscle groups. But, if you’re not a bodybuilder, capable of spending hours in the gym, it’s preferable to use exercises that load several muscle groups at the same time.For example, sit-ups will help to work not only the legs, but also the back, rod pull in the slope will load the biceps and back, and the bench press develops triceps and chest.
  8. Change your grip
    In many exercises, it’s enough to change the grip a little so that it opens entirely from the other side. For example, when pulling up, push-ups, many exercises with a bar, you can place your arms more widely or narrowly. Such a minor change allows you to work out previously good muscle fibres, and in addition to diversifying the workout.
  9. Try to put weight only on one side
    When our body tends to balance, use asymmetrical loads, this will cause the muscles of the body to work, which you can not reach in the usual way. Try to perform exercises with only one dumbbell or engage in training machines using only one side of the body. A bit unusual advice, but sometimes it works.
  10.  Do push-ups
    Push-ups is one of the most significant exercises. Its right execution can describe just one phrase: keep a rigid straight line from the top to the heels in each phase of the activity. Remembering this, you should not round your back, sag at the waist, or bulge your hips. The primary value of this exercise is that it uses the muscles of almost the entire body. Different variants of push-ups will help you load and work out a variety of muscle groups.
  11. Use heavier weight
    Using more significant weight will not make an awkward heavyweight, but will help you become stronger, and protect you from osteoporosis, increasing bone density. For the best effect, it’s best to use a weight equal to 60-70% of your maximum. In other words, choose a weight with which you can perform 8-12 repetitions, the last one must do with the maximum stress of forces.
  12. Use the right technique
    In such exercises like squats, the torso of the trunk or the deadlift of the bar, many instructors indicate that you should put your pelvis back as much as possible.To do this correctly, imagine that you need to open the door with your buttocks. It will help you activate the muscles of the lower body without rounding the back.
  13. Drink milk chocolate after training
    After the training a mix of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, will help your body to regain muscle mass, reduce pain, and regenerate quickly. If you are limited in time and can’t usually eat after training, a high glass of chocolate milk has an ideal mix of nutritious substances that you need.
  14. Workout, and run
    If you do exercise before running, or other cardio, you will burn more fat. Studies by Japanese scientists have shown that people engaged in this technique, lost weight twice as fast as those who did not practice power training at all.
  15. Run uphill
    While climbing the mountain, you use up to 9% of muscles more than by running on the flat terrain. And the more muscles work, the faster the progress will come. It can also save your knees: increasing the slope of the surface by as little as 3% can reduce shock loads on your legs by 24%.
  16. Don’t stretch, warm up!
    Static stretch, done before training, can reduce your strength and increase the risk of damage. Instead, do an active warm-up, which will prepare your body for the essential complex with exercises that strengthen the heart rate and warm up your muscles. It is best to use various practices with the weight of your body – jumping, push-ups, squats and so on.
  17.  Use explosion exercises
    Explosive loads associated with flying – it can be the flight of your body at various jumps or tossing loads, as in this exercise. Such practices significantly increase your strength and strength of muscles.
  18. Write down
    When you are engaged in power training or running, you pay attention to dozens of statistical indicators that reflect your achievements. It can be the weight of dumbbells, the number of repetitions, mileage and pace of movement and much more. Record your progress using a training log or particular fitness applications, which we have already talked about on these pages. Experience shows that those people who continuously keep a record of training are much more persevering and, therefore, achieve results faster. It is an excellent motivating factor.
  19. Regenerate with small loads
    If you have done excellent work, your organism got a high load, and you feel pain in your muscles. The best way to restore strength and quick rest will not be lying in bed, but light physical activity. They increase metabolism in muscle tissue, accelerating recovery by 40%. Play basketball the next day after an active workout, go roller-skating or have a relaxing gymnastics.
  20.  Make pauses
    You can get a significant increase in strength and muscle mass if you sometimes make the planned reduction in intensity of training. In a recent study, it found that those athletes who reduce the load in the last week of each month get 29 per cent better results.

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