Today among the sports gear most popular ones are dumbbells. Their use allows you to perform a vast amount of different exercises that will enable you to train muscles throughout the body. Also, the advantage of dumbbells is their availability and the ability to use at home. And the ease of use allows you to use dumbbells to train even if you are a beginner. But what should you start?

Many newcomers merely ignore the recommendations of trainers and perform such exercises, which can only achieve harmful effects than the benefits that are very common. From the first training, many are trying to maximise their weakened muscles, which often leads to numerous muscle sprains and communication breaks. As a result, practice points to the need for long-term rehabilitation measures.

There are several most effective exercises with dumbbells for beginners, which is a short period strengthen the muscle and allow you to proceed to build up muscle mass further. It is necessary to conduct simultaneous or alternate bending of the hands in the elbows to train the biceps.

This exercise can be performed either by sitting or standing. When lifting the dumbbell you should exhale the air, and when putting down, on the contrary, inhale. Many athletes do this exercise too quickly, although you should spend 4 seconds to do it one time. These actions need to comply with a non-quantitative indicator, but qualitative.

The second exercise with dumbbells for beginners allows you to work on the triceps of the shoulder. Initially, to perform this exercise, use the minimum weight of dumbbells, which associated with high traceability of the triceps. Only thoroughly working these muscles, you can begin to build up their masses. To perform the exercise put yourself in the vertical position, placing the dumbbells behind your head.

After that, raise your hands above the head, as if the dumbbells continued each other. Exercise as slowly as possible. To work out the muscles of the shoulder girdle, they become even, holding the dumbbells in lowered arms. At the same time, hands should be pointed wrists to yourself. After that, do a deep breath and raise with straight arms outward. In the starting position, lower, holding the hands for a few seconds. A sufficient number of repetitions will be ten times.

The main thing is to keep balance and slow pace. To develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle, you need to use the help of a bench, on which the back lie and bend the arms with dumbbells in the elbows. Brushes should locate at the level of the chest. Moreover, the stamps should place in parallel to each other. Lift up hands alternately or simultaneously, trying to do it correctly and slowly. It is enough to do eight repetitions while inhaling at lowering, and exhaling on lifting.

Effective dumbbell training at home

To make your room look like a real gym, you only need to have a pair of dumbbells, a training bench, and also to master a specific program with dumbbells for the house. This tool, in general, has a lot of advantages over other sports equipment. They require a minimum amount of space and can be stored even in the bottom shelf of the desk, which cannot do with other simulators.

Beginners can also conduct classes with dumbbells without coaching supervision since they relate to equipment with a low risk of injury. Also, by doing the right and regular exercises with dumbbells, you can achieve quite impressive results, acquire an excellent sports equipment, as well as develop the necessary muscle group. The main program with dumbbells in the home includes exercises for the development of leg muscles, upper back, calico muscles, biceps and triceps.

Beginners can start with squats with dumbbells held in their hands. The intensity of the workout is increase by placing legs on the high ground. For a start, you need to stand in front of the bench or gymnastic step, take dumbbells and put your left foot on the selected height while keeping your back straight. Then the right foot does the same but trying to slightly tighten the right knee to the chest, lowering it to the hill. Return from the left leg in the starting position.

The upper part of the back is correctly develope when performing the breeding in the hands of the hands, holding the dumbbells, while in the lying position on the abdomen. At the same time, the bowl should be resting on the floor, straining the buttocks and press, and lift the breast slightly above the level. The neck on the same line. Then it is necessary to pull forward the hands, sending the palms out.

Fingers at the end of the movement should direct to the ceiling. After this, return to the starting position, trying to control the trajectory of the evolution of hands. According to an effective training program with home dumbbells to strengthen the calf muscles, one should sit on a chair and place the dumbbell’s on the hips, holding them firmly in this position.

Then it is necessary to slowly raise a maximum of five heights, trying to withstand a brief pause at the upper point, and return to their original position. To train the biceps, bend your arms with a dumbbell while sitting with emphasis on the femoral joint. To do this, sit down on a chair and take the dumbbell in the left hand, stopping by the left elbow in the thigh. The right arm is located on the right knee to ensure the stability of the body. Then the dumbbell slowly rises opposite to the chest, not breaking the elbow from the hips.

For triceps, the same way, do arms expansion with the maintenance of dumbbells. To ensure stability, you should put your left knee on the chair and leverage your back on the arm. Exercise the right hand with the pressures of the press. In this case, the side should locate at a ninety-degree angle.

Effective dumbbell exercises for beginners to strengthen muscle at home
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