Healthy diet for weight loss in 1 week

E​veryone of us strives for perfection and dream to eat without harm to their bodies.

Let’s imagine:

It would be possible to start the process of burning fat, and the desired result was at least achieved. But for some reason, the extra kilos in a comparatively short period returned.

Are you surprised?

So we want to introduce you a perfect diet for weight loss, which is not just a usual menu for a specific period (week, month) but also requires from you following a healthy way of life during keeping to a diet.

Menu for 1 week

It is not easy to make the menu for 7 days. Shereen Lehman gives reasons for that on

An approximate diet for weight loss for 7 days looks in such a way:

Conclusion: what you need to remember

In such a way may look an approximate diet for weight loss for 7 days. This menu cannot be used for a more extended period (for example month), because one of the main rules of the diet for weight loss will be violated, namely: it must be well-balanced.

The use of the same products can lead to the formation of an element deficiency in the body.

Follow the diet and stay healthy!

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