9 best jump ropes for workout | Review 2020

D​o you about a simple fitness tool great for cardio, burning calories, fat and weight loss? It’s jump rope – effective and safe for training the entire body. Jump rope exercises are healthy, fun and useful.

To jump or not to jump? See the benefits:

A jump (skip) rope is excellent and budget-friendly fitness equipment for home or gym exercises. It tones and strengths your muscular system and develops coordination.

We provide reviews of the top-rated jump ropes, such as 321 STRONG Plastic Jumping Rope, King Athletic Jumping Rope and many others.

9 best jump ropes

Where to buy and which is better?

Within many-many years the concept is the same – skipping over a cable. Let us break your old attitude. If you type in Google search: best, cheap, fitness or any other best Crossfit jump rope on Amazon, you’ll immediately see a vast variety of models.

ziyue Jumping Rope Premium Quality

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YZLSPORTS Professional Skipping Rope

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WOD Nation Speed Jumping Rope

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Fitness Factor Adjustable Skipping Rope

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King Athletic Jumping Rope

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Crossrope Jumping Rope Get Lean Set

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Weighted Jumping Rope by Pulse

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TANGRAM Factory Smart Rope

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Babywise Light Up LED Skipping Rope

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Light Up LED Rope with 3 Modes, Comfortable Handles, Very Bright by GlowCity

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Crossfit & cardio for working out

Here are some workout schedules for different levels. Exercising with various intensity (high, medium and low) will bring good results in burning fat and losing weight.

We offer a workout which combines jumping, the running in one place and just walking on the area without a line. After every 5 minutes of exercise series, take a short 1-2 minutes break. Do this 4-5 times a week.

You can always regulate the time and intensity of skipping according to your desire, target, and capabilities.

Step # 1: Roping workout to lose the weight for the beginners

Step # 2: Roping workout to lose the weight for the average level

Step # 3: Roping workout to lose the weight for the advanced level

Best jump rope tricks for beginners

The titular exercise is considered a less lousy workout for the joints than running or any particular intensive pieces of training. However, to do your roping exercises safe, you are required to know and keep some rules and follow the right technique.

Any joins discomfort or pain is a signal to limit the intensity of hopping. You should immediately consult the instructor.

How to choose the length correctly?

Stand in the center, as shown in the picture below. If the measures are correct, the handles should be at the level of your armpits, not lower and not higher. Another way is to take both ends in one hand and extend it forward at the breast level.

The angle between the arm and the body should be 90 degrees. The best option if the cord contacts the floor. If it lies on the floor or does not touch it, then the length does not right. If you can not “try it on” :

Games with the rope for kids

It seems that a jumping rope or leather cord is just a thing that you can stretch between two hands. So, there is nothing special. But if you think about it more, you can notice that this is an ideal tool for entertaining, interesting, useful and educational games for children.

By the way, the rope strengthens all muscle groups. So, the simplest but practical and fun most popular games with a miracle tool:

These are fine games. You can play them, or just come up with your ideas.

Despite the dominance of the Ipad nowadays, some of the active games remain popular for modern children. For example, rope jumpers games are an indispensable thing for any child. We offer exciting games with a rope for children:

The game “Wolf and Seven Kids

This game will train children to jump on the rope in the proposed way. Moreover, it creates an excellent positive mood for everyone.

On one side of the playground a “detachment of kids ” strip off with a cord. The other one is (for example, a hoop) a wolf’s house. On the sides of the platform, lay the ropes out to have an opportunity later to pick up them quickly.

The child – wolf goes to the middle of the “lawn” and says:

The kids from the “detachment” answer:

Two adults raise a cord, children-kids climb under the cable, run to the lawn. Then they take ropes and jump either in any way or in the way that they will want to do. After some time the leader says:

So, then kids put ropes in place, and begin to “walk” on the “lawn.” After that, the mentor gives the command: “Wolf!”.

Child – wolf jumps out of the house and tries to catch the kid. Children – kids run away to the “detachment.” The caught kid wolf leads into his house.

Game “Frogs and the Heron”

Two adults stand opposite each other and hold ropes in their hands. Adults pull the cords not too high above the floor parallel to each other. Children are between cords. Simultaneously, adults say words and raising their hands.

When adults connect hands, children perform jumping legs. And whenever adults raise their arms, children perform jumping legs together. As a poem, you can take any counter, which is convenient to jump.

If a child touches a rope during a jump, he leaves the game. You can add different movements with your hands, claps, make jumps with a turn of 180 degrees. Also, you can change the pace of jumps.

6 advantages of rope jumpers games

1. Tonic muscles

When you jump through a rope, all muscles in the body are involved.

During the rope exercise, the legs also work. Their coordinated movements lead to muscle tension. As a result, the quadriceps, buttocks, the back of the thighs and calves are toned up and strengthened.

2. Improve blood circulation

The movements that we perform during jumps through the rope help directly to the circulatory system.
The heart works harder to pump blood to all parts of the body. Due to this, blood circulates in all arteries. Consequently, in this way you reduce the risk of heart attack.

3. Increase the capacity of the lungs

When you jump over a rope, the lungs get more air. This can be very helpful for some respiratory diseases. At the same time, you improve physical endurance. So, you can take a longer sport and at the same time get less tired.

4. Reduces stress and improves mental activity

Although, no relevant scientific experiments have yet been conducted. Many researchers say that due to the coordination needed to jump through the rope, creates new neural connections.

5. Helps remove toxins

When you jump through a rope, you get rid of the toxins that are stored throughout the body. This is primarily due to sweat. Thus, the cells canrecover and work at full capacity.

6. Burn calories

If you jump over a rope for 30 minutes, you can burn 400 calories (actually, the fat that is stored in the body). Furthermore, this exercise is a great help for people who are trying to get rid of extra pounds.

The rope games are active, moving, jumping games that are good for the musculoskeletal system and for coordinating the movements of the child.

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