Jump rope or skip rope is an excellent and budget available fitness stuff for home or gym exercises. The jumping or skipping rope tones and strengths your muscular system, develop coordination, agility skill and hardiness.

Roping is good for cardio and burning calories, fat and weight lessening. Jumping rope is effective and safe for total body training. Roping games are healthy, fun and useful.

Jump or not to jump? What does jumping rope do?

  • Burn calories: up to 1,300 per hour
  • Train the whole body: arms, shoulders, legs, spine, and back
  • To know how to jump rope-fitness bachelor’s degree is not required
  • Helps your games skills and activities in golf, tennis, swimming, boxing, etc
  • Cheap and space-saving
  • Good for the whole family
  • No particular place where to jump rope
  • You can play jump rope every day

Where to buy the best jump rope and which jump line is better?

You are sure that it’s effortless to buy the best jumping rope. Within many-many years the concept is the same – just the line to skip over it. Let us break your old attitude. If you type in Google search: best, cheap, fitness or any other you want to jump rope on Amazon, you’ll immediately see a vast assortment of various role models.
Oops! Are you at a loss? Please, keep calm! Here is the review of some tops of jumping rope for different ”tastes,” goals & budjet.

For your convenience, we collect 12 best sellers of different types& size jumping ropes for home and outdoor exercises, workout and games.

12  jumping ropes for home and outdoor activities, workout and games

Cheaper does not mean worse: 3 best jumping ropes under 10$

ziyue Jump Rope Premium Quality Speed Rope Adjustable Jump Ropes for Boxing and Fitness Rope Skipping

Material type: Plastic

  • Jump rope of high speed, fast and super stable.
  • Prevent inaccurate swings
  • Do double skips super easy
  • Quality ball bearings and stable grips provide comfort and less hand tiredness
  • The length is customised to the right height in 5 minutes

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An open-minded opinion
“An excellent rope! It’s is very fast, easy on the calves when you miss, and and the new metal cable ones are nasty. Also very hard to cut. So, Ziyue has my vote.”

”Great on weight and speed rope! Perfect for boxing! I didn’t suppose this would work well upon decided to buy it. I love it!!! Now my daughter and I have another thing to do, and it helps us to have fun when we do the exercise. I recommend this for the beginners and advanced jumpers. It came on time, and there were no damages, neither with product no with the package it came in. I’m going to buy same to my daughter,e as soon as she can jump rope 100 times in a row.”

321 STRONG Plastic Jump Rope – Great Cardio Workout for Men, Women, and Kids


Material type: Plastic

  • Strong but lightweight nylon handles
  • Practical and comfortable design
  • Natural rotating hub and tangle free designed spindle
  • PVC braids durable steel wire
  • The cable length is 11 foot adjustable for the jumpers up to 7 tall
  • Stuffing with spare thumb screws, cable, end caps
  •  Good-looking black carry case
  • One of the best speed-rope fitness accessories which can increase the level of strength,
    speed, stamina, and cardio wellbeing

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An open-minded opinion
”Excellent rope. Lightweight, convenient, no tangles during jumping. The long wire is easily suitable for the taller people. The wire exercises are perfect and useful for my muscles. All these features made me ensured that I loved the product.”

”Great jump rope, comfortable and light. I realised that the rope is easy to adjust for your height need. Just turn the knurled screws which are fairly large and bite closely into the cables. They hold very well. I’m 511′ tall, and I purchased the11-foot cables. I simply moved the screws about 10 inches in both sides. The cables are thin – they are the wire with what seems to be a tough plastic coating. They don’t tangle while you’re jumping. I’m a big plus.”

YZLSPORTS Professional Adjustable Steel Wire Jump Rope with Carrying Pouch by Fitness

$6.99 – $8.99

Material type: PVC+Steel Wire

  • The best for men and women, for adults and kids
  • Useful for many workouts like boxing, CrossFit, and different exercise programs
  • It’s easy to adjust
  • PVC coated cable prevents tangling, kinking and bending
  • Well suitable for any jumping skill level
  • Light-weight and comfort designed foam handles lessen hands strain

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An open-minded opinion

Nice jump rope at a high price.
”I was looking for the replacement for my leather rope, but now they are costly. I want to get a jump rope that had ball bearings, enough rope weight, and durability. I did not think about a steel rope. However, when I saw the product description, it looked like a good idea.

Steel rope at $8.99. It’s not so heavy as my old leather rope but still works well as they promised it’s easy to adjust the length. All I had to do was pop off the end cap. Inside, there is a two-piece plastic ferrule that holds the rope in place inside the handle. All you have to do is slide them apart, side the inside bushing to the new position, and then lock it in with the outer ferrule.

Quick & easy. My only quibble is that I wish the handles were a little more substantial. This product exceeded my expectations and appeared to be better quality than the other ropes in its price range. I’ve only used it a few times so far. I will update this review if anything goes amiss after I’ve used it longer.”

The Golden Middle: 3 best jumping ropes Under 20 $

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope – Blazing Fast Jumping Ropes – Endurance Workout for Boxing


Material type: Coated cable

Handles: comfortable rotating patented four high-grade metal ball bearings in nylon resin handles. Two bearings in the handle and two ones in the tips to hold the coated steel cable.

Cable: 2.5mm coated cable which can be easily customised with the help of a cable cutter. Supplied at 11-foot length. Extra cable is included!

Convenient nylon carrying bag: prevent the rope is getting tangled up in your gym bag or locker. This jump rope is rather fast and creates well-stable rope swings which help to avoid inaccurate fluctuations.

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An open-minded opinion

”After using my WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope, I would like to mention some things. First, the extra accessories provided are great. Like a small carry nylon bag. To adjust my rope was rather simple and took no more than a minute. This rope is light compared to my previous one. I felt the advantages after jumping about 10-15 mins. The rope is fast. I was able to jump longer without stopping because the weighted handles did not tire my arms and shoulders. Love it! Who would have thought a jump rope could understand such emotions. Go jumping!”

Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope with Carrying Pouch – Cardio Jumping Rope for Men, Women

4.3 out of 5 stars 117$11.97

Material type: Plastic

  • You burn the calories and have the excellent jumping workout with comfort
  • Looks like the professional rope and suitable for different skill roping level
  • Its tangle-resistant feature helps to jump faster and easier
  • Foam handles are equipped with ball-bearings help to reduce the tension of the hands and
  • you to burn calories and get in a great workout skipping or jumping without unnecessary
  • Excellent and well-fitted for adults and kids, adjustable for men and women (from 4’9″ to 6’6″tall)/ Perfect for the variety of workout, including boxing, CrossFit, and the other exercise
  • This jumping rope is super for your cardio exercises and a pleasant way to be in shape

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An open-minded opinion
”As for me, this jump rope is in the top of the line. I bought it a few months ago, and it held up very good. I did the jumping with it on wooden, concrete and marble floors without any problem. The length is simply customised. The handles are easy to grip. Roping is one of the best workouts to burn off calories and fat accordingly. It has been years since I jump roped but decided I needed to get back in shape and this jump rope has helped me to realise my goals.”

King Athletic Jump Rope: New Skipping Rope for Workout and Speed Skip Training: Because of YOU

4.4 out of 5 stars 1,101$14.96

Material Type: PVC

  • This jump rope helps to develop endurance, stamina, and speed while improving your
    muscles tone in the whole body.
  • It is perfect for boxing, cardio, and cross-training activity
  • The rope is easily adjusted to your required length. It takes less than 5 minutes
  • The standard cord is 9’4″ in length and designed for people 6’10” height
  • It is a high rope fit comfortably into your bag without taking much space or kinking up.
  • Foamed grips are customised and equipped with super-speed ball providing effortless and
  • In case of any problem with your rope send a new one and give a full refund. for more

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An open-minded opinion
”I like to jump rope. My last one broke about two years ago, and the ones at my gym aren’t adjustable, so I finally did some research and decided to buy this one. I love it!! I had the idea to buy a speed rope as well but decided to c if heck this one would also serve my purpose and it does!!! It’s got a real good feel to it, and I love that the handles are padded. Adjusting the rope was easy. I usually jump for 30-45 min and vary the speed and intensity.
For an excellent aerobic workout but I decided to look at the video workouts on the King Athletic website. I have decided to incorporate some of those workouts into my routine because they’re fun and it’s a good idea to have the variation to see the results.”

”Hello! I purchased this rope from Amazon. My nephew is a fitness trainer and loves getting people’s in shape including himself. Thank you! I recommend everyone to buy your products from Amazon Satisfied customer!”

Three best Champions among the professional jump ropes $24.99 – 79.00

Crossrope Jump Rope Starter Set – Best Weighted Jump Rope Workout – Includes Heavy Jump

4.4 out of 5 stars 31$69.00

Material type: Coated cable

  • This roping system has an improved design that allows more strong but flexible connection
    between the handles and ropes
  • Adjustable, different weights and speed
  • The line and the way of its rotation will motivate you for sure to jump more
  • The massive orange rope is a significant step forward in skipping the lighter (black) one
  • Good for different physique levels

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An open-minded opinion

”Well-done! Is it the best jump rope set I’ve ever experienced? The set is complete and extremely high quality. I don’t think it can get better than this. The rope and the way it swings motivates me to jump more; it has made it so much easier for me to stick to my practice. Thank you.”

”Amazing rope! This jump rope is one of the best I have. I’ve only used it for about two weeks, but it’s holding up well on concrete.  Takes some practice to use because of the different weights and speed but good work out. Let’s you be creative.”

Crossrope Jump Rope Get Lean Set – Speed Rope + Strength Rope – Improve Fitness and Lose Weight in a Fun Workout – Meet Your Weight Loss Goals with a Gym You Can Take Anywhere


Material type: Coated cable

  • Highly professional!
  • Jumping rope not only for cardio now
  • Total body training system
  • You can train anywhere, on any surface
  • This perfect, new cord works like a system for you to quickly change the weight to target more muscle groups with every rotation. It means more calories are burned during the workout. Don’t stay on a cheap jump rope – it’s time to choose the luxury level.

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An open-minded opinion

”Jump roping is a great form of exercise. It’s one of my favourite forms of cardio training. Jumping rope is fun, requires very little equipment, can be done pretty much anywhere, and burns a lot of calories! Jumping rope is also an amazing exercise for children. Next time you jump rope, challenge your children to a game of who can jump the longest without getting caught in the rope. It can turn into an entertaining game.”

Weighted Jump Rope by Pulse (1LB) with Memory Foam Handles and Weighted Speed Cable – For $24.99

  • Professional jumping staff
  • Fits for anyone 6ft 6in and lower.
  • Easy to customise the 10ft o you’re desired
  • Easy to understand instruction
  • This high quality thick (6mm) and the heavy rope has a perfect rotation
  • The handles with the ball bearings guarantee no tangle jumping experience
  • Foam handles with ergonomic design offer extra comfort and provide a firm grip. Additional weights in jump rope handles can be removed
  • Excellent for fitness, cardio training, jumping, cross fit, MMA, boxing, speed training
  • May be used for adults and children
  • Innovate the way you exercise and making it one of the top best items being sold for fitness!

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An open-minded opinion

”I have been searching around for a good jump rope for some time. I found this jump rope in my Facebook feed, and from its description, I saw that the line was a bit thicker and decided to give it a shot. I train in MMA and need a good quality jump rope. First off I would like to say that this jump rope wasn’t in a sturdy box. It was a pleasure. This role model is much better than the cord I had before.

When using it I can feel the propulsion of the rope as it spins, the handles are slightly weighted and have good foam handles. The line was a bit long for me, so following the instructions are given, I was able to shorten it quite quickly. I’m very impressed with the quality of this jump rope for the price. The other guys in my class also bought them when trying it out.”

Three best ”smart” jump ropes for you to enjoy& have some fun while training $11.99 -79.95

TANGRAM Factory Smart Rope – LED embedded Jump Rope – See your fitness data in MID-AIR by TANGRAM $69.99 – $79.95 $

Material type: LED cable rime

  • A new level in a classic cardio exercise to burns more calories than running
  • Simple set up to the free Smart Gym mobile app (iOS, Android, Apple Watch) to count
    calories, jumps, burned fat, intervals and time of activity.
  • Be motivated competing with friends
  • Smart rope gym is synced to Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and Under Armour (UA Record, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness) to support all types of wearables devices

More Details on Amazon
An open-minded opinion

”Just the right level of technology and design — works great! I bought this smart jumping rope because I was getting bored with regular gym workouts. The cost of some other specialised training classes is rather high. I decided that roping is the choice.

Now I am convenient to do some training with rope after my meditation session. And it’s super convenient workout to spend the time going to and from the gym. It’s motivating to have the numbers of jumps, flashed on each rotation. The app helps me to be honest concerning how consistently I’m doing an intense cardio workout.”

Babywise Light Up LED Jump Rope Colorful Glow Skipping Rope Fun Light Toy for Kids Adults (Red) by Babywise $11.99

Material type: LED cable

  • Safty, durable, lightweight
  • Looks cold at night for a fun exercise
  • Ergonomic, comfortable 4-inch oval handles with little bumps are comfortable to hold, do not slip
    from hands
  • The shinning lights make the skipping more exciting; kids will like jumping every day
  • A great gift for your kid,
  • Perfect for party games

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An open-minded opinion

“ It seems to be motion sensors and turns on automatically when it moved. It turns off itself after a certain amount of time. Beautiful LED lights make it a magical jump rope. Good quality, strong, difficult to break.”

Light Up LED Jump Rope with 3 Modes, Comfortable Handles, Very Bright by GlowCity $19.99 $  19  99

Material type: LED cable

  • 24 LED lights make this jump rope attractive for fun exercises at night
  • 9 ft rope for adults and teens
  • Three mode light setting: constant on, blink mode and fast blink mode
  • Comfortable and durable handles, lights control button
  • you can switch the rope on and off
  • batteries are replaceable

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An open-minded opinion
“It is a great kind of work out to burn more calories compare many any other form of aerobic exercises you can lose of, about ten calories a minute.  It also tones your upper and lower body at the same time.”

Why does jumping rope work? How does jumping rope help?

Fitness experts share their experience

  • Betty Gutierrez, NASM Elite Trainer, is sure that:

”Jump rope is a purl of cardio work out. It doesn’t only burn calories it torches and blasts and – well you get the idea. Your entire body will be toned in no time. I carry one in my purse or gym bag everywhere I go (even church where I run a fitness ministry!)

It is fun and very versatile. I love to incorporate jump rope in my weight workout as a “finisher” exercise where I challenge myself to 150 skips or 60 seconds as fast as I can to get my heart pumping and body sweating. I rest for 1 to 2 minutes (depending on how hard I worked – whew!) before repeating my next round. Jump rope is cheap, fun and easy to learn so what is not to love? Try it today :)”

  • Barb MacGillivary, NASM Elite Trainer

”Yes, jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise that burns a lot of calories. It is inexpensive, and you can do it almost anywhere. I like to add 30-60 seconds of jumping rope in between my strength training sets to keep my heart rate raised during my workouts.”

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

”Yes. Jumping rope can be a very effective, low-cost form of exercise. Jumping rope, a relatively simple exercise, can be great for improving cardiovascular endurance, eye-hand coordination, lateral movement, agility, and foot and hand speed.”

How to make your rope jumping comfortable and safe? What do you need to start organises?

  1. Different types of rope adjustable to your height
  2. Free space with a suitable flat surface
  3. Light sport clothing
  4. For girls and women, it’s better to use a particular supporting bra
  5. Non-slippery footwear (you can not jump in hilled shoes, slippers, barefoot)

Fitness experts advise the following wearing tricks to make your rope jumping the most comfortable:

FLASH SALE Gym Gloves with Wrist Wraps – includes a FREE Speed Jump Rope – Hand Grips and Adjustable Skipping Rope– Cross Training, Crossfit, Gymnastics – for Men and Women – by FIT VIKINGS $19.99 $  19  99 Prime

Newlashua Women’s Support Push up Zip Front Close Padded Adjustable Sports Bra $13.90 – $18.90 $  13 .90 – $18.90  Prime

Rope Skipping Colortone Men’s Sneakers Lightweight Running Shoes $55.67

Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat – 8′ x 4′ x 1/4″ Ultra Durable, Non-Slip, Workout Mats for Home Gym Flooring – Plyo, Jump, Cardio Mat – Use With or Without Shoes (96″ Long x 48″ Wide x 6mm Thick) $139.95 $  139  95  Prime

How long should I jump rope for weight loss and burn calories?

It’s quite clear that rope jumping within a couple of minutes is not enough to lose much weight. At the same time, 10-15 minutes are non-stop jumping is not workable for many people, especial at the begging stage.

It is better to combine jumping rope with other exercises and breaks that to make the line jumping more effective. Like an example: 1-minute jumping; then 1-2 minutes of activity for the upper body, legs or just walking. Then you come back again to jumping.

While jumping the pulse increases, it means that you cannot stop sharply and sit down or lie. It is terrible for a heart. Do some relaxing and calming exercises or walk for 3-5 minutes to recover the breath and normalize the pulse (heart rhythm). Start with about 70 jumps per minute. During jumping, keep the body straight, do not hold your breath. You should feel comfortable. We advise jumping in total within 10-15 minutes a day. It will help to lose the weight and accelerate the burning of calories.

You can jump on both legs, change the legs, twist the rope in the back direction, do doubles, etc. Some important things about the safety. To avoid injury, do not jump too high, no more than 3-4 cm out of the floor. It’s better to use rubber based shoes or hop on the different exercise mat or any other coatings to release the feet strokes. Jumps should be “soft,” and springy. You need to jump on your toes, landing gently. The knees are to be always slightly bent.

How to eat during workouts?

Please pay attention t your food (meals)! Do not eat at least 1.5 hours before the rope exercises. If you feel hungry, have some tea, a banana or a slice of bread and cheese. You favorite shake is also good. Not to overload the heart, do not drink too much water during the roping. It is better to get some drops of water every 10-15 minutes. And, of course, no any fat and sweet after training.

How to improve jumping rope workout to lose the weight and to burn the fat?

Rope jumping is one of effective workout to lose the weight and burn the calories comparatively in the short term. It is an excellent kind of cardio exercise, which affect the fat burning processes. If you want to lose the weight fast, it’s required to combine jumping rope with healthy food. At any case limit of calories is needed. For sure you’ll notice some
positive results after a few weeks of doing roping.

We recommend the so-called “an interval approach.” For example, the breakneck speed of skipping with “slow” jumps. This interval training type will bring better results in less time compared to standard workouts.

Jumping rope exercise helpful to lose weight

Here are some workout schedules for the different levels in rope jumping. Doing rope exercises with various intensity (high, medium and low ) will bring good results in burning the fat and weight losing.

We offer roping workout which combines rope jumping, the rope running in one place and just walking on the area without a line. After every 5 minutes of exercise series, take a short 1-2 minutes break. Do this roping workout 4-5 times a week. You can always regulate the time and intensity of skipping according to your desire, target, and capabilities.

Step # 1: Roping workout to lose the weight for the beginners

1st week: 10 minutes complex

  • 20 seconds rope jumping
  • 20 seconds running on one place with the rope
  • 30 seconds walking in one place

2nd week: 15 minutes complex

  • 25 seconds rope jumping
  • 30 seconds running on one site with the cord
  • 30 seconds walking in one place

 3rd week: 20 minutes complex

  • 30 seconds rope jumping
  • 40 seconds running on one place with the rope
  • 40 seconds walking in one place

4th week: 20-25 minutes complex

  • 35 seconds rope jumping
  • 45 seconds running on one site with the line
  • 40 seconds walking in one place

* Every 5 minutes: 1-2 minutes break

Step # 2: Roping workout to lose the weight for the average level

1st week: 15 minutes complex

  • 20 seconds rope jumping
  • 20 seconds running on one place with the rope
  • 30 seconds walking in one place

2nd week: 20 minutes complex

  • 30 seconds rope jumping
  • 35 seconds running on one site with the line
  • 35 seconds walking in one place

3 rd week: 25 minutes complex

  • 35 seconds rope jumping
  • 40 seconds running on one place with the rope
  • 40 seconds walking in one place

4th week: 30 minutes complex

  • 40 seconds rope jumping
  • 50 seconds running on one site with the line
  • 40 seconds walking in one place

* Every 5 minutes: 1-2 minute break

Step # 3: Roping workout to lose the weight for the advanced level

1st week: 15-20 minutes complex

  • 20 seconds rope jumping
  • 20 seconds running on one place with the rope
  • 10 seconds walking in one place

2nd week: 25-30minutes complex

  • 25 seconds rope jumping
  • 25 seconds running on one site with the cord
  • 10 seconds walking in one place

3rd week: 30-35 minutes complex

  • 30 seconds rope jumping
  • 30 seconds running on one place with the rope
  • 20 seconds walking in one place

4th week: 35-40 minutes complex

  • 40 seconds rope jumping
  • 40 seconds running on one site with the line
  • 30 seconds walking in one place

* Every 5 minutes: 1-2 minute break

How to start jumping rope for exercise? Is there a wrong way to jump rope?

Ten rules and tips of jumping rope for the beginners

Rope skipping is considered less lousy workout for the joints than running or any particular intensive pieces of training. However, to do your roping exercises safe, you are required to know and keep some rules and follow the right technique.

Here is first advice for rope skipping:

  1. Never jump rope barefoot. Use different sports sneakers or similar ones. It helps to reduce the joints affect and the risk of injury.
  2. Do your rope exercises in comfortable clothing. For women, it is preferable to wear a supporting bra.
  3. Adjust the right length of the rope.
    How to choose the length of the rope correctly? Stand in the centre of the rope, as shown in the picture below. If the measures are correct, the handles should be at the level of your armpits, not lower and not higher.Another way is to take both ends of the rope in one hand and extend it forward at the breast level. The angle between the arm and the body should be 90 degrees. The best option if the rope contacts the floor. If it lies on the floor or does not touch it, then the length does not right.If you can not “try on” the rope, you can choose the right rope length according to the height according to the accepted standards:

    • Height less 150 cm – rope length 1.8 m;
    • Height 151-167 cm – rope length 2.5 m;
    • Height 168-175 cm – rope length 2.8 m;
    • Height 176-183 cm – rope length 3 m;
    • Height upper 183 cm – rope length 3.5-3.8 m.
  4. Warm up before start training. Jogging or walking 3-5 minutes will help to prepare your body when the work out is over do some muscle stretching exercises within the same 3-5 minutes.
  5. Pay attention to the body position while the rope is jumping. The back should be straight; the body tightened, the shoulders are relaxed, the elbows should be close to the body. Keep your head straight and do not lower the body forward while jumping. Breathe freely and smoothly. Do not hold the breath.
  6.  Do not jump high but smooth and light. Avoid “hard landing” not to injure your back, joints, ankles, and knees. Keep the knees soft and slightly bent.
  7.  Remember, that less, but technically correct jumps are better for you than to do more hops in the wrong way.
  8. While doing cardio, your body loses a lot of water. So drink enough water during training to recover it.
  9.  If you have a long break to work out or there is any health problem, It’s better to consult a
    doctor before you start dangerous rope jumping exercises.
  10. At home or gym do some rope trial practices for 5-10 minutes and analyse your condition
    and feelings.

Any joins discomfort or pain is a signal to limit the intensity of jumping. You should immediately consult the instructor.

Be careful doing rope jumping workout in case of:

  • Pregnancy and after delivery period
  • Overweight (obesity of the second and third level)
  • Varicose veins and other vascular diseases
  • Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • High blood pressure
  • Orthopaedic and spine disorders
  • Diseases of joints
  • Serious eye problems
  • Asthma

If you have any other chronic diseases its necessary to consult the doctor before you start doing
Rope jumping. Sometimes it’s better to start just with walking; step by step increasing the training intensity
to get in shape.

Where was the jump rope invented?

For many people jump roping is associated with childhood and different outdoor games. Nowadays roping is not only the kids’ activity but rather personal fitness and even a competitive sport.

The alternative names are: jump rope, roping, skip rope, rope jumping, and skipping.

This activity has a long history. As usual jump roping is considered as girls’ play, but historical facts prove that originally it was the game for men. It’s difficult to say where the first jump rope was invented. There are different versions. Some researchers think that jump roping started about 1600 B.C. in Egypt.

Those days the vines were used for jumping. The others say that rope jumping came from China. Western versions insist that this skipping is originated from ancient Greece.

Nevertheless, where is the birthplace of rope jumping this activity became known in the whole of Europe and then came the North and South America. Now this home or outdoor activity is spread all over the world.

What are jumping rope games?

In the 1940s and 1950s jumping rope was very trendy like one of the most favourite children’s game. Later for some decades up to 1970s jump rope lost its popularity because of the development of radio and television shows.
However, 1970-1980s people turn back their interest to their health. They became to pay much more attention to be in shape.

Accordingly, the rope became well-liked as a fitness kit. Nowadays it a great way to work out, play games and even to be a kind of sport. Many fun of jump roping organizes individual clubs, competitions worldwide. With jumping rope, people can train or play both alone in pairs or the team.

How to play Chinese jump rope?


Chinese jump rope is also known as French skipping. This rope game is admired and played by many kids, teens, and adults all over the world.  It’s easy to learn the rules, technique, and exercises of this skipping. The difference compared to regular rope skipping is the following: Chinese jump rope is kept on the legs of two players while the other participants jump over it. During the game, the line is moved higher level on the body.

A significant variety of Chinees rope on Amazon: Chinese Jump Rope

Is Double Dutch is a style of jumping rope in which there are two or more participants?

Double Dutch is a rope game where players in opposite directions turn two long jumping ropes. One or more jumpers do skipping simultaneously. Originated from the Netherlands it became trendy and fashionable in many countries. There are many local or even world competitions involving many Double Dutch athletes and their fans.

Enjoy Double Dutch with ropes from Amazon:

Buy Jump Ropes Beaded Double Dutch Jump Rope, Rainbow $19.99

Conclusion: Of course jump! Jump roping!

Rope jumping is not just a kids’ game; it’s an effective workout perfect for the health. Skipping rope helps to burn calories, lessen the weight. Rope exercises tone the muscles and improve the cardiovascular system. Roping actively involves the total body in training. If you consider rope jumping is instead a jogtrot, you can quickly switch on your favourite inspiring music, try different techniques not to be bored. Not to lose motivation, write your records and achievements.

The only thing is required to buy your best rope and start jumping! Deciding what jumping rope to purchase, take into consideration a balance of comfort, reliability, durability, technology, and price. We believe you’ll find your favourite rope kit among the Best Sellers of different types& size jumping ropes for home exercises, workout and games on Amazon. Enjoy daily jump rope exercises! Good luck!

12 Best jumping ropes for home exercices, workout, games
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