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Ulisses Jr helps Will Smith to make the BEST BODY SHAPE OF HIS LIFE!

A day ago one of the most famous Hollywood actors and athletes Will Smith posted on his Instagram page a video, in which he shows short episodes of his training with Ulisses William Jr.   You can see it at the end of this page ↓↓↓ 

The star said that they were in the Bahamas and he is kicking off a hardcore training, which will lead him to the best shape of his life. To achieve the goal, he uses the help of his trusty friend and famous sportsman Ulisses Jr.


Surfing the internet and reviewing their pages on social media, you can see that Will regularly is engaged in a gym and does not neglect workouts, but “Prince” does not attract much attention to this.

What about nutrition, “The Man in Black” completely abandoned fast food and went on a diet rich in proteins and wholesome carbohydrates, such as low-fat beef, chicken breasts, cereals and nuts.

Smith coach

Ulisses William Jr is an athlete, who is exercising without using anabolic steroids. He is gaining muscle mass through intensive training, correct diet, sports supplements and different additional cardio loads. Ulisses Jr is considered as a natural bodybuilder.

In his interview bodybuilder said that he already got everything he wanted to achieve from the fitness industry. William won in more than ten bodybuilders projects, appeared in more than 50 of editions, trained many celebrities and received the post of PT Director of the Reebok Sports Club – the best gym in Europe!

An athlete told that his next challenge will be to reach a higher commercial level. I the near future, it will be a TV show or movie.





These two celebrities have excellent motivation and goas, which they are tirelessly striving for.

Will Smith is already on the way to get the BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE!

And do you have the aim? What motivation are you inspired?

If you are interested, go to the link of Will Smith and Ulisses Jr pages:

Will Smith and Ulisses Wiliam Jr in the gym

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