Bakhar Nabieva: leg workout for mass

W​ho is famous worldwide for well-developed legs? Yes, it’s Bakhar Nabieva. Many people are crazy about her bodybuilding leg workout routine

You’ll be shocked:

The first visit to the gym for her was not very successful. After 5 minutes of training, she felt sick. As a result, she went home but did not refuse this purpose. Consequently, she gradually was drawn into the world of sports.

Place of birth Baku, Azerbaijan
Place of residence Place of residence
Date of birth 04/08/94
Occuationmodel and fitness trainer
Net worth from $ 0.5 to $ 2 million
Growth parameters 158 cm
Body weight 52-56 kg
Press lying 80 kg
Squatting 115kg

Bakhar started going to the gym when was studying in the 11th form. It was because classmates laughed at her excessive slimness.

Now, she developed her own workout routine for mass and strength. But, let’s talk about everything in order. For more leg workout pay attention to the appropriate fitness equipment rowing machines 400-500 lb capacity.

Legs workout routine for women bodybuilding

These exercises are from miss Iron Bum designed not only for training legs and buttocks for women but also for men. Leg days are also aimed at training muscles of the press, legs, buttocks, back, biceps, triceps, legs and shoulders.

Further in the text, will be abbreviations 3 approaches, 8 times – 3 ap 8t. For better result see Sunny health fitness rower reviews.

  • Foot press in the simulator with a narrow set of the legs 3p 10p Leg bending 3ap 8t
  • Deadlift with rod 2ap 20t
  • Reduction of legs 3ap 20t
  • Lifting the legs on an incline bench with dumbbells in the legs 3ap 12t 2-4 kg
  • Bending of the body lying on an incline bench with a slow descent of 5 seconds 3ap 10t
  • Dilution of hands lying down with dumbbells on a horizontal bench 3ap 10t 6-10 kg
  • Vertical traction sitting behind the head 3ap 12t
  • Extension of a hand in a slope on a rug or bench 3ap 12t
  • Bending of hands sitting with dumbbells 3ap 15t 4-6 kg
  • Lifting the body bar in front of you on straight hands 3ap 12t 8 kg
  • Flexion of the trunk on an inclined bench with a weight of 2-4kg 3ap 10t
  • Lifting legs on an incline bench with a slow lowering without weight 3ap 12t 5 sec
  • Drops in jumps 3ap 30t total with dumbbells in hands 2kg total 4kg
  • Extension of legs sitting in the simulator 3ap 15t
  • Reduction of legs sitting 3ap 30t
  • Lying leg curls 3ap 20t
  • Bending of the trunk on a horizontal bench with a weight of 3ap 10t 2-5kg
  • Lifting legs on an incline bench with a slow lowering without weight 3ap 12t 5 sec
  • Press lying with dumbbells on a horizontal bench 3ap 8t 6-10 kg
  • Vertical thrust sitting in front of you 3ap 10t
  • Duplicating in smith 3ap 12t
  • Bending of hands standing the bar 3ap 12t 10-15 kg
  • Standing press with dumbbells 3ap 12t 5-6 kg
  • Flexion of the trunk on an inclined bench with a weight of 2-4kg 3ap 10t
  • Plank 3ap for 1 min
  • Squats with a bar 3ap 10t
  • Press one foot 3ap 10t
  • Reduction of legs sitting 3ap 40t
  • Leg bending 3ap 10t
  • Bending of the trunk on a horizontal bench with a weight of 3ap 10t 2-5kg
  • Lifting legs on an incline bench with a slow lowering without weight 3ap 12t 5 sec
  • Mixing of hands sitting in a simulator 3ap 12t
  • Vertical thrust sitting in front of you 3ap 12t
  • Extension of the hand in the slope to the bench 3ap 12t 5-6 kg
  • Bending of hands standing with dumbbells 3ap 10t 6-7 kg
  • Raising hands standing with dumbbells 3ap 12t 3-4 kg
  • Makhi feet on an incline bench 3ap 60t
  • Bending of the trunk lying on an inclined bench 3ap 15t
  • Foot press classic leg staging 3ap 8t
  • Leg bending 3ap 10t
  • Extension of legs sitting 2ap 15t
  • Reduction of legs sitting 3ap 40t
  • Flexion of the trunk with a weight of 3-5kg 3ap 10t
  • Lifting the legs with a weight of 2-3kg 3ap 12t
  • Hyperextension without weight for endurance 3ap 30t pace average
  • Dilution of hands lying on a horizontal bench 3ap 8t 6-10 kg
  • Horizontal thrust sitting 3ap 15t
  • Duplicating in smith 3ap 12t
  • Bending of hands standing the bar 3ap 12t 10-15 kg
  • Standing press with dumbbells 3ap 12t 5-6 kg
  • Flexion of the trunk on an inclined bench with a weight of 2-4kg 3ap 10t
  • Plank 3ap for 1 min
  • Dumbbells with a dumbbell in place 3ap 12t 8-12kg
  • Leg bending 3ap 12t
  • Extension of legs sitting 2ap 20t
  • Leg reduction 3ap 30t
  • Lifting the legs lying on an inclined bench 3ap 25t without weight
  • Flexion of the body lying without weight 3ap 20t
  • Press lying with a bar 3ap 12t
  • Horizontal thrust sitting 3ap 12t
  • Extension of the arm in the slope to the bench 3ap 12t
  • Bending of hands standing with dumbbells on biceps 3ap 10t
  • Lifting the body bar in front of you 3ap 15t 8kg
  • Pulling up the legs sitting to the chest on the mat on the press 3ap 30t
  • Bending of the trunk lying on an inclined bench 3ap 15t
  • Cardio on the treadmill 40 mins fast walking on an incline

This leg workout routine can be done without weights and training machines such as Revolution 101 balance board and Agility training set. Also, at home with dumbbells to warm-up before running or Crossfit leg workout.

If after training you have dizziness and nausea – do not neglect this. Consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to getting worse your health.

So how does Bakhar Nabieva train her legs?

What leg toning workout does she do with dumbbells and barbells? A matter of interest to many people, both females, and males.

We prepared for you a month intensive training program. This one uses Bakhar Nabieva to keep her legs toned up. Besides, a good variant is to try. Before reading the exercise, note a few tips, that the fitness star do every training:

Bakhar’s 5 tips for increadibly sucessful training
  • Before training, warm-up 15 to 30 minutes ellipse
  • General warm-up 5 minutes swinging hands with his feet
  • Rest between sets from 2 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Reserve from the number of repetitions no more than 3 times
  • After training, the pool is 15 -30 minutes

Follow these tips to avoid injuries or not to bring harm to your health!

I’m waiting for the day when people will finally understand – everything that I do with myself, I like. And I am trying only for myself. Are there appeared fans and people who share my interest? Great. The rest will be ideal girls and guys, as it should be. I will be what I want to be.

Call it “man, monster, faugh!”, no matter what. From these cries, nothing will ever change. And, most importantly, I wish them good luck and a more fulfilled life.

Popularity came to the girl when she started an account on Instagram. She began to actively fill it with frank photos and videos from training sessions. To date, she has 2.2 million fans, among whom there are many girls. Obviously, they dream of having the same “steel” buttocks and legs.

Sport just raised my self-esteem, sometimes it seems to me that it goes beyond the frame. But it’s worth looking at the same foreign fitness models. And again I am unhappy and work in the gym twice harder than before. People who have achieved any results in something will always try to press on all sides. This is now happening to me!

The first time, training was given to her very hard, but perseverance and dream took their toll. After a while, Bahar, working in the gym with an emphasis on her legs, began to change rapidly. 

Changes have become so noticeable to others! That according to the girl herself, she became the object of attention. Both men and women – and not always on the positive side.

I decided to change the situation, because I’m tired of people’s views. I started going to the gym, but at first I did not even understand how to build a training process. So I started just working on physics. One day I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw muscles. When I saw the result of muscle growth, nothing could stop me.

In fact, in the sports Bakhar is for a long time – she always liked to do cardio, run and compete. In her life, there were basketball and volleyball sections, and in the gym, she is going for only five years.

I always liked to see toned up people. Even then it seemed to me that they look much more effective than just “slim”, – admits the girl.

After some time, she decided to try her hand at the fitness bikini competitions. She took there 5th place, because of the large disproportion of the top and bottom. Her legs strongly prevailed over the top of the body.

There was also a pose that was not idealized, what also affected the result. After that, she no longer participated in any fitness model competitions. Because she did not like to keep a strict diet while drying.

What’s the bottom line?

In nutrition, the girl herself does not particularly limit herself. The diet was for her a real test, and in general, her performance was left being unhappy.

There are many beautiful and athletic girls in the world. But not all of them have more than two million subscribers on Instagram. Among them, there is even “50 Cent”. In the meantime, her popularity in the media space grew more and more. It was due to the phenomenal proportions and scandals that often arose around Bakhar.

This is crazy:

Hayters constantly remembered her by the deep voice, alluding to the use of high doses of steroids. But girl strictly denies that she consumes this sports dietary supplement. Youtube channel star develops weakly. There is some video with exercises, training, and nutrition. But we hope that soon her channel will also be popular as Instagram.

Bakhar Nabiyeva muscle building

Bahar Nabiyeva, also known as Miss Iron Buttocks, was born in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. Now she lives in the Dnieper in the east of Ukraine. Non-standard proportions of the figure and incredible legs glorified the girl to the whole world.

You might be wondering:

In childhood, fitness model Bahar Nabiyeva was a very skinny child. Because of the disproportionately thin legs, all classmates laughed at the girl. To change the situation and stop the ridicule, Bahar signed up to the gym. The initial workouts were very chaotic and disordered.

Focusing on basic exercises soon developed Bakhar’s muscles. To achieve greater results, she began to carefully study the literature on bodybuilding and weightlifting. In 2012-2013, the model won the university powerlifting competition.

In 2010, Bahar participated in the competition of bikini models. Five years later (2015), in the Dnepr Cup, the girl took fifth place in the fitness bikini category. However, modeling career no longer attracts a girl. Pre exhausting exercise on a carbohydrate-free diet she considers a mockery of the body.

Bakhar on his page puts a video with workouts, as well as motivating photos.

The best part:

At the moment, more than 1 million fans have signed up for the channel of the model on Instagram. For life, Bahar earns advertising sports nutrition from Dragon PharmaLabs, as well as fitness clothing brands Gorilla Wear and Do4a.

Diet or exercise program

Bakhar has been keen on sports for a long time and even managed to try herself in running, basketball and volleyball. The girl came to the gym in 2010-2011.

Noticeable results appeared after two years:

Bakhar pieces of training are hard and grueling but are notable for their simplicity. The main focus is Nabieva’s calves, buttocks and quadriceps. The basis of the training consists of various variations of front squats, leg presses, lunges and extensions.

The model is engaged every day and rests on Saturday and Sunday. The frequency of repetitions of exercises with weights does not exceed 6-15 times. The duration of the training is 1,5 -2 hours.

The model admitted that it intentionally does not devote much time to the top. She is completely satisfied with the disproportionate development of the body.

Bahar does not follow exhausting diets. The basis of the diet is proteins (eggs and meat). Often, a fitness model pampers herself with cakes and pastries. Before training, Bahar eats 3-4 times, and always snacks after training. Total per day should be 6 meals.

Best leg workout for mass and strength

High-intensity debilitating workouts prevent the formation of fat deposits. If after exercises you have a headache, then consult with a qualified doctor. In addition to this, it would be nice to be in a good relationship with a qualified coach.

But here’s the kicker:

Brazilian fitness models with their outstanding priests act as motivations for intensive leg workout for Bakhar. Most she likes models such as Eva Andressa and Gratian Barbosa.

Due to over-developed musculature and low voice, Bahar is often accused of being addicted to anabolic and pharmacology. On the Internet, you can find private dance videos with lady_sports, the nickname under which Nabiyeva performed.

Bahar graduated from the private University. Alfred Nobel (Dnipro, Ukraine) at the Faculty of Economics.

In 2016, Bahar attempted suicide due to failures on the love front. But then she decided to replace a relationship with an iron. The Miss Iron Priest has been signed by Lil Wayne and 50 Cent.

  • Barbell Squats
  • Leg extension in the simulator
  • Walking with lunges
  • Deadlift with barbell
  • Bending the legs lying down
  • Lifting socks while standing in the simulator
  • Lifting the legs in the wall
  • Russian twist
  • Forward and reverse twists
Interval training
  • Pushups with narrow and wide hands
  • Pull-ups on the crossbar
  • The upper block traction for the head
  • Bench press to the chin


Everyone knows that warming up before strength training is an obligatory stage. But very few people perform it fully. It also requires a warm-up before training at home. To which, especially no one pays attention.


You will see how important it is to prepare the body for any training load. And how to do warm-up properly! If you look at the warm-up on, you can identify several definitions of this concept:

  • This is a moral preparation for training. After a warm-up and the truth is easier to train.
  • It is warming up the muscles, optimizing the activity of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs. Moreover, it is improving blood circulation before exercise.
  • This iremainsthe stage of training. Indeed, this is a preparatory stage in the training process.

The warm-up is a must before training! At rest, the human body operates in energy saving mode. It consumes minimum calories, the heart beats at a frequency of 55–60 beats per minute, breathing is calm and even. This is especially true for sleep.

The facts:

When we wake up, calorie consumption rises. Try to wake up and jump abruptly and run somewhere. It will be very difficult because the body is still asleep. And we are forced to work in the usual day mode.

Therefore, we slowly wake up. Someone is lying in bed, someone is drinking coffee, some do exercises (by the way, a very useful thing).

The fact is that the blood pressure immediately after sleep is quite low. After all, the muscles had not strained all this time, the heart was beating calmly and measuredly in the chest.

Please note:

When we go out, we do not immediately switch on the last gear and the speed of 10 km / h. We do not run to the destination. We begin with a slow pace, smoothly moving to a fast or even running. But all this is done gradually. Even if you just walked for 10 seconds, then began to accelerate, this is already considered “not immediately.”

At the level of innate reflexes, our body knows that it is impossible to immediately start doing something. You need to prepare the body for a new state. For this warm-up and there to prepare the body for heavy physical work.

For this you need:

  • Raise body temperature.
  • Accelerate the pulse, increase blood circulation.
  • Knead the muscles, saturating them with nutrients and oxygen by increasing their temperature due to the blood flow.
  • Heat up joints, stimulate their lubrication with synovial fluid.

Such preparation of the body becomes especially relevant before hard work. Therefore, warming up before exercise is a mandatory step. Without it, it is difficult to make the muscles work effectively, and it is very easy to get injured.

Now you realize the importance of warm-up before training.

And what if you do not warm up?

“My friend never kneads, never got hurt.” This can be heard quite often. For example, a person begins training with a bench press. He takes an empty neck (weighing about 20 kg) and presses with it for 20 repetitions, speeding up with each repetition.

Then he hangs up 90 kg, does 5–8 repetitions, then 100 and already works with this weight.

This is a real example, a man never once pulled anything. At the time of such training, he was 34 years old. Similarly, he trained at 30 years old. To say that he does not warm up at all is impossible.

After all, was an empty neck. For his body, apparently, such a warm-up is sufficient. But this is the wrong approach to training because warming up is not only about working with empty weight.

There is general cardio, for example, due to running, then warming up the whole body. And warming up each muscle and joint separately.

The body specified in the example of a person has a good margin of safety. But, once such a scheme can fail. With the result that he risks getting a tear of a cold tendon or another unpleasant injury.

What can happen if you start training without preheating:

These 3 dangers can happen if you don’t warm up
  • If you do not warm up before exercise, you can pull the ligaments. This is the most common type of injury.
  • If you do not prepare the cardiovascular system, you can even faint. From a sudden for the body load can dramatically increase the pressure.
  • The good warm-up prepares joints for overload. If you work on a “cold” joint, there is a serious risk of damaging it. A joint recovery process is very complicated and long.

Warm up sets

This is all very important for beginner athletes:

They have a long way to a perfect body. So, how to do a warm-up before fitness? How long does it take? What exercises to warm up the muscles before a workout should be done?

Let us analyze in order.

You can put it in other words and replace the “types” in stages. Because at first the general warm-up is done. And then, as you exercise, warm-up on all muscle groups for which the load will be given. General warm-up includes cardiovascular exercise and warm-up for joints. A warm-up on specific muscle groups is a job without weights or with light weights before specific exercises.

Now let’s clarify how to do warm-up correctly and what set of exercises for warming up can be used.

Cardio – the first stage

Proper warm-up before training begins with the cardio load.

You need to spend from 5 to 20 minutes running, exercise bike, ellipsoid. You can combine exercise equipment with jumping rope or other high-intensity cardio exercises.

  • Fitness warm-up before training for weight should be minimally energy-intensive. That is, an intensive cardiac area should be packed in 5–7 minutes.
  • But if your goal is to lose weight, you need to run or jump longer – at least 20 minutes.

So, your pulse has risen, blood circulation is activated, the blood quickly carried oxygen and other necessary substances through your body.

Next, there is the question of how to warm up muscles and joints to reduce the chance of injury. Consider the basic exercises for warm-up before training.

Joints – the second stage

Preheat your joints before training helps circular movements of different parts of the body:

10 stages that will make your joints burn
  • Rotate the head carefully. First, make 10 circular movements clockwise, then the same counterclockwise. With each movement, try to increase the diameter of the circumcircle.
  • Pull the chin to the chest, tilt your head to the maximum to the right and left. Repeat this movement several times.
  • Put your fingers on your shoulder joints and rotate your shoulders. Do such rotational movements with your hands in both directions 10 times each. Circular movements are made simultaneously with two hands, bent at the elbows.
  • Now you need several times to describe the circle with one and the second hand. Turning the arm in the elbow.
  • Then we do the same, rotating the wrists in the wrists. Squeeze and stretch your fingers several times.
  • Next, make a circular motion of the upper part of the body, standing on his feet.
  • We fix the body and make circular movements with the hips, putting our hands on the belt.
  • Now you can swing your legs back and forth 10 times, or sit down at a pace 10 times.
  • Raise the knee so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, pull the toe down. Toe over the floor to draw a circle due to movement in the knee joint.
  • Put a sock on the floor and make rotational movements of the ankle.

Thus, we consistently worked all the joints from top to bottom.

There are other exercises to warm up the joints before exercise. They are done in exactly the same way. But instead of a circle, your task will be to draw the figure 8. Such a warm-up is used in various schools of hand-to-hand combat. The effectiveness of this warm-up scheme is that such a trajectory of movement warms the joint much better.

Better than just a circular one.

Indeed, if you analyze this scheme, then in one exercise you perform several simple movements at once. For example, when delineating your head with the number 8, you make head movements. Forward and back, and right and left. There are also circular trajectories.

How to carry out such a warm-up – in the same way as the usual circular. This is a very interesting way to prepare the body for training. Warming up before training can take place in the form of active mobile games. Only if we are talking about a children’s sports section.

In martial arts schools warm-up for the body’s strength and coordination resources. Such training allows you to warm up your muscles before exercise and prepare the body for good coordination.

Point warm-up of specific muscle groups

Warming up before training in the gym implies a quality warming up. Of exactly those muscle groups for which you are going to work. At the beginning of each exercise with a weight, you need to do 1-3 warm-up approach.

The first approach is always done with light weights.

For example, if you are going to push up from the bars, you should next. First, be wrung out from the bench at an angle of 45–60 degrees 15–20 times. Then work on the bars. When the bench press lying, first work with an empty fingerboard, warming up the chest, shoulders and triceps.

That is, an exercise to warm up the muscles before training is, in fact, what you are already going to do. But with only a small weight.

If your working weights are large, you need to approach them in several stages. For this, we need the second and third warm-up approaches. For example, with a working weight in the bench press of 100 kg. After warming up with an empty neck, you need to make 55 kg 8 times, 80 kg 5-6 t. And only then hang 100 kg.

Remember that it is desirable to observe a step of 20–30 kg for hands. And 30–40 for legs and deadlift.

The body needs to be gradually accustomed to working weight. Be sure to warm the joints and muscular system. Otherwise, there is a high risk of injury.

Leg workout bodybuilding – peculiarities

The development of leg muscles is an important task for every bodybuilder. You should pay enough attention to this task. The muscles of the legs in bodybuilding are divided into 3 main groups:

There are extensors (quadriceps), flexors (biceps of the legs) and leg muscles (gastrocnemius and cambalous). Initially, The most important thing is the correct technique of exercises. Because in another case you can get an injury and reduce the effectiveness of the training as a whole.

Before exercising, always carefully do the warm-up. Because it reduces the risk of injury, improves the elasticity of the ligaments and joints, increases blood circulation in the muscles. In addition, special importance is given to stretching after exercises.

For beginners, it is enough to perform 1-2 exercises on leg muscles.

Besides, some of us have the primary task to increase the muscular mass of the upper half of the trunk. In this case, it is enough to train your leg 2-3 times a month. For the development of legs, it is necessary to have 3-4 trainings per month.

Due to the goals and type of lagging muscle groups, the training program will be different. In this case, you should perform 1-2 basic exercises and 1-3 isolates to the lagging groups. Further, the optimal number of repetitions for leg muscles is different.

For example, the muscles of the thigh require 8-10 repetitions, the muscles of the shin – 10 – 15. So, you must choose the weight to completely execute the set.

It is known that the leg muscles adapt very quickly to the load. So you need to use different techniques. There are supersets, drop sets, slow negatives, permanent intensity during the set. Also, there are peak reduction and forced reps.

Inner & outer thigh

Advanced fitness programs for the legs consist of classic techniques. If you wish, you can master them on your own. And build calves without leaving home. To begin, it is better to start a training program for the legs with a warm-up.

In order not to get stretching and other injuries during training you should do that.

Warm up
  • run on the spot with your knees high.
  • throw your legs back on the chair.
  • jump in length at a fast pace.

For each action, we spend approximately 1 minute.

Hereis the best exercise for giving caviar volume. Moreover, it causes the soleus, gastrocnemius muscles to work. In addition, with the help of it, men can pump calves and make them bulky.

Lifting on the toes
  • Keeping balance, rise on fingers and gradually fall on heels.
  • After 1 approach, 30 times take shells weighing 10 kg, prefer above 20 kg.
  • Focuse on the downward movement.
  • If you can keep balance, hold at the top point.
ATTENTION! When doing the sittings, only the soleus muscle works. Furthermore, it is better to swing it in a slow rhythm in order to shorten the shortened muscle fibers completely.

Also, repeat a movement many times until you are tired. Besides, for efficiency, we put a load of 10 kg on our knees.


  • On a low platform (wooden beam up to 8 cm), put the left toe.
  • In one palm, squeeze the dumbbell.
  • With a maximum amplitude, make springy rises with both legs, sticking to the wall with a free brush.
  • Change the position of the legs.

Training barefoot gives other sensations.

  • If you point your toes to the sides, the inside of the lower leg will bleed.
  • With direct foot setting, the load will focus on the average. Rise with an emphasis on the thumbs or little fingers.
  • To activate the work of the muscles from the outside, closer your toes and distance the heels.


It is the basic exercise for the legs that tones the buttocks and thighs, including the quadriceps. Also, it loads the calves, lower back, and abdomen. In addition, you should perform it with a barbell or dumbbells. But, in the beginning, it should be a free weight leg workout bodybuilding.

  • The feet are wider than the hips. The knees are barely bent, the loin is slightly bent. The chest is covered with a wheel, the press is tightened, the arms are lowered with a load.
  • Step with one foot forward, shifting the body weight on the given limb, squat.
  • The knee is exactly bent, the other leg with the emphasis on the toe hangs a few centimeters from the floor. Feel the tension of the muscles of the buttocks, the back of the thigh. Hold your breath, rely on the allotted limb, go up.
  • Change the position of the legs, repeat 12 x 4.
  • Legs can be alternated, perform a series for the left, then the right side.

Lunges back

This exercise removes the load from the knee joints. Put the barbell on the shoulders or take the dumbbells. Work from a classical position.

  • Step back with a left foot.
  • Sit down on the right with a support on a straight knee.
  • Focused movement straightens the right limb. Put the left in its original position.
  • While the technique is not mastered, do not take heavy weight! Follow the position of the knees!

The number of repetitions is identical.


A series of exercises aimed at deep development of the inner. Also, for development of outer thigh, muscles of the pelvis, buttocks, calves. Repeat more than 12 times in 3-4 sets.

Cross lunges
  • Take a projectile in your hands. Then take a step with the right foot to the left with a straight knee. After that, slowly sit down.
  • The left limb is extended behind.
  • Return and repeat it on the opposite side.
Low lunges
  • Stay straight.
  • With both hands, grasp the dumbbell, bring it to the chest.
  • After pushing the hips forward, shift the weight of the body on one limb, lowering.
  • After a pause of 3 seconds rise.

Instead of dumbbells, you can put on the shoulders the neck bar.

To the sides
  • From this position, take the shells with a neutral grip. Then lower your arms along the body.
  • Widely go left, with a straight leg, fall into the squat. Do it until the thigh takes the position parallel to the floor. And the tension is felt in the groin.
  • The heel is static.
  • When exiting the lunge, the body is not tilted forward.
  • The push when lifting is performed from the foot.

Alternative exercise

  • One foot stands on the disc.
  • Bending the knee and lowering the pelvis, perform a deep sliding movement to the side. As you move the dumbbell body to the chest, straighten arms.
  • The center of gravity shifts to the heel of the dominant leg. Do not kneel together and not tear off the heels.
  • When returning to the original position, lift the dumbbell up. Then lower it.
  • Perform for both sides.

Doing different variants of lunges, you will understand a lot in practice. For example, how you can pump your legs at home without simulators. The main thing is to adhere to the correct technique of execution!

Super Squatting

Exercise shocks the joints of the ankle, knees, pelvis. Also, it strengthens the tendons and is indispensable for gaining muscle mass, developing strength.

  • Legs at shoulder level, arms pubescent.
  • Lower the case, at the same time stretching the arms forward.
  • We do not put emphasis on heels, knees for socks.
  • Pelvis remove back.

After the warm-up set, take the weight in your hands. Going down, raise the dumbbells up. Returning to the starting position, lower the arms along the body (15×3).

Complication. Jumps seriously load calves. Pulling hands with dumbbells up, jump from the squat up or at length (10×3).

Other exercises

  • Stay in a position for attacks.
  • Jump up high as possible. In the air, change the position of the legs.
  • The back leg becomes the supporting leg.
  • Gently land, repeat 15 times.
Dumbbell legs
  • Now down facing the floor. Then clamp a dumbbell between the legs.
  • Tightening the projectile to the buttocks.


Stretching exercises at the end of training speeds up the process of muscle recovery. Stretch the legs, buttocks and the lower bundle of the spine.

  • From the straight position, bend the left limb, stretch to the right knee.
  • Going lower still, trying to touch the foot.

Wait for 25 seconds and then repeat for the other side.

  • Sit on the mat, leaning on the wrists.
  • Legs straight.
  • Lower the upper part of the body, stretch your hands to the toes. Also, hold them in the direction towards us, without taking them from the surface.

Have pause for 20 seconds.

Special features

To keep the muscles in tone, everything needs to be changed time from time. That is, the training program, the number of repetitions, the pace. Moreover, pay attention to use:

  • super sessions.
  • drop sets.
  • peak reductions.
  • fast, slow replays.

Also, it is better to swing at the end of class. Because tired muscles are unstable. And they may not hold weight when doing other exercises. Purposeful training of calves is ineffective.

Therefore, insert such exercises into the general program twice a week. Performing home leg workout bodybuilding, you can achieve a beautiful relief of the muscles of the legs. And not allow the muscles of the legs to lag behind other muscles of the body.

Women’s leg and glute workout routine

Your plan will consist of basic, specialized training programs with the addition of 1-2 days of cardio. The base is mainly aimed at working out for all muscle groups of the legs. Such exercises are good because of some reasons.

No wonder:

Because while bending your hips and stretching your knees, you can lift much more weight and also save time in the gym.

Multi-joint exercises burn more calories, require more intensity. And they are much more effective for inflating the legs, both for girls and guys. They are more effective than exercises for individual muscles.

Specialized programs will consist mainly of isolating exercises. And they are designed to work out certain muscle groups. For example, buttocks and calves. A rough plan of the week might look like this.

Plan of the week
  • Day 1 – Basic leg training with 70% effort.
  • Day 2 – Cardio + Running in the second zone, 20-30 minutes.
  • Day 3 – Rest.
  • Day 4 – Whole Body circular training with 60% effort.
  • Day 5 – Leg training, buttocks + caviar, 80% effort.
  • Day 6 – Cardio + Ellipse in the second zone, 20-30 minutes.
  • Day 7 – Rest.

Also, it can happen that there is not enough time during the week to do all the programs on different days. In such case, you can combine them in one training.


To do this, do exercises for all the major muscles in training the legs. And supplement them with isolating exercises to work out in detail on a specific group in the second half of the workout.

Choose 2-3 exercises for all muscles. And 2 exercises for individual muscles. So, there is one for the biceps of the thigh and the quadriceps (quadriceps).

Do this to pump all the muscles of the legs with sufficient resistance and intensity. You can also use your legs in most cardiovascular exercises. For example, there are sprinting, running or climbing a mountain and cycling.

Frequency, duration, and intensity

If your legs are not your weak point, swing them once a week. Even if they are, you still should not swing them more than twice a week.

So, why is that?

The legs are such a large part of the body. Therefore, it takes a very long time to recover from a hard or intense workout. Maybe girl decided to swing her legs with extreme intensity several times a week. Then she is guaranteed to overtrain.

Also, she can feel that her muscles have rested and can pump them twice a week.

Then she simply does not train with sufficient intensity! Therefore, it is recommended to dissolve leg training at the beginning and end of the week. Moreover, you should be sure to do only one of them main, with 75-85% intensity from the maximum.

However, there are circumstances in which exercising twice a week with high intensity is useful. For example, you have already reached the advanced level of training that you wanted. Or your legs are muscular and more in relation to the upper body.

In this case, it is advisable to train twice a week with 80-90% effort. But do this with a large number of repetitions and light weight. Therefore it is more like a circuit training.

The program of training legs for girls in the gym

The first workout can be done on Monday or Tuesday.

Perform light or moderate cardio training to warm up the body for 5-10 minutes. And stretch the muscles. Perfectly, this training should be performed in a circular format of 3 circles.

  • In the first round, the number of repetitions is 16.
  • Then in the second – 18.
  • And in the third – 20.

The rest time between roundabouts is not more than 60 seconds. By readiness and desire, you can do each exercise in succession with 3 approaches each. Also, do this while keeping only a little rest between exercises.

The basic leg training program

Squatting with a barbell on the bench.

  • 3 sets of 16-20 reps
  • Body Part: Quadriceps; Equipment: Barbell.

Barbell lunges to the side.

  • 3 sets of 16-20 reps
  • Body Part: Quadriceps; Equipment: Barbell.

Romanian deadlift.

  • 3 sets of 16-20 reps
  • Body Part: Thigh Biceps; Equipment: Barbell.

  Forward lunge with dumbbells.

  • 3 sets of 16-20 reps
  • Body Part: Quadriceps; Equipment: Dumbbells

  Buttock Bridge.

  • 3 sets of 16-20 reps
  • Body Part: Buttocks; Equipment: Your Weight.

  Wiggle your back leg.

  • 3 sets of 16-20 reps
  • Body Part: Buttocks Equipment: Your Weight

Kettlebell training

Leg exercises with dumbbells for men can be performed both in the gym and at home. Below we look at the basic exercises with dumbbells for men that will bring the maximum result.

Squatting with dumbbells.

This is one of the basic and main exercises for training legs at home. Try to squat so that the knee does not go beyond the line of the sock. Pelvis while taking back.

Squatting with wide legs.

This exercise is different from the previous type of squats. In this case, with a wide setting of the legs, the back of the thigh and the gluteus muscles are more involved in the work.

Lunges with dumbbells.

Perhaps this is one of the most effective exercises with dumbbells at home for men. By the way, the back of the thigh and the gluteus muscles work well. The advantage of this exercise is that you do not need very large dumbbells for a full load. Furthermore, you can more than fully load your legs at home.

Lunges can be done with a step forward, a step back and even with a step “at an angle.” It is recommended to start with a regular lunge, one step further.

Dead draft with dumbbells.

This is one of the best exercises for training the back of the thigh and gluteus muscles. It is very important to catch tension at the lowest point in the muscle. However, if there is no tension in the back of the thigh, straighten the legs more and keep your back straight.

Dumbbell inclinations.

In fact, it is an analog of dead thrust. Also, it includes the gluteus muscle well.

Lifting the platform with dumbbells.

If you exercise at home, you can use any elevation as a platform.

Calf raise with dumbbells standing.

This one is for the calf muscles.

These are the basic exercises for the legs with dumbbells for men. It is also important in what sequence and with what program they are executed. On average, legs are fully trained once a week. And on other days, other muscle groups are trained.

This is called the “training program”, which is composed depending on your goal. For example, it can be to burn fat and gain muscle relief and endurance. Or vice versa to gain more weight if you are lean physique.

Beginners leg workout bodybuilding

As a rule, it is very difficult for beginners to make a training program for the week.

Different Internet schemes are most often designed for people with at least a little, but already gained experience in fitness. This article will list the approximate leg training program for beginners. Also, it includes recommendations on controversial aspects of the program for specific cases.

Usually, you can combine training of different muscles groups in one. As a rule, non-professional bodybuilders put two groups on one training session. But, for the legs, it is necessary to have a separate day of training.

Warm up

Any training should begin with a warm-up. In the case of legs, the best exercise is jogging.

  • Easy running. Duration 5-7 minutes, the speed should not exceed 8 km per hour.
  • Normal running. The duration does not exceed 10 minutes. Also, the speed gradually increases from 10 to 12 km per hour. Moreover, the pulse must be kept within 80-90 beats per minute.
  • Explosive run. It should last no more than 5 minutes. Then the speed should be as high as possible, for this particular case – 14 km per hour. Also, the pulse should remain in the range of 110-120 beats per minute.


3-5 minutes walking step to restore breathing.

After 20 minutes on the treadmill, the leg muscles are completely warm. And they are ready for heavy loads. In fact, any jogging mode is suitable for warming up your legs. Moreover, it is this one that develops the endurance of the respiratory system.

If you are unable to master such a mode of running, you can start with a regular run. Therefore, the speed on the treadmill must be chosen correctly. So, you can easily master 15 minutes without rest. This type of running also contributes to the burning of subcutaneous fat.


Squats with a barbell – almost the most traumatic exercise with a neck. In addition to the legs, it very effectively uses the muscles of the back. Due to this fact, when performing squats you need to use an athletic belt.

If you do not have any workout experience, it is best to start work with small weights.

  • 8-12 times, pins of the bar of 5-7.5 kg (warm up);
  • 8-12 times, pins of 10-12.5 kg;
  • 6-10 times, pins 15 kg.

Possibly, at the end of the last approach, you can feel that you are able to perform at least 6 repetitions. Therefore, you can safely increase the weight for the next workout. But, it is not recommended to move sharply from small loads to large ones.

You can overestimate your strength and not perform an exercise during a workout because of the banal fatigue. Also, untrained joints do not tolerate the load. So, your knees may sore or in the worst case, you risk injury. An athletic belt will not save your back with the wrong squat technique.

So, to avoid injuries, it is better to make several approaches with an empty fingerboard at the beginning. Slowly and diligently practice the technicality of your movements.

Leg press

Leg press is also a basic exercise. But unlike squats with a barbell, it turns off back muscles from work. Also, it relieves pressure from the spine. Thanks to this feature, leg presses are sometimes put in the program, not together with squats, but instead.

This is usually done by bodybuilders who have back problems.

Also, compared to squats, leg press is much less dangerous for your joints. In order not to hurt your legs or back, you should pay attention to two details when performing the exercise.

First one is that the loin should always be pressed to the back of the simulator. And the second one – the legs should not completely unbend in the second phase of the exercise.

Below is a version of the press with minimum weights. Moreover, increase the load gradually, just as in the previous exercise.

  • 12-15 repetitions, pins of the bar of 10 kg;
  • 8-12 reps, pins of 12.5-15 kg;
  • 6-10 reps, pins of 20 kg.

Bending legs lying

This exercise accentuates the back of the thigh. It is very difficult (almost impossible) to get injured when bending the legs while lying down. So, to exercise more effectively, it is worth remembering two simple points.

Firstly, the simulator cushion should lie on the tendons of the legs. Secondly, you should not lay your knees on the simulator platform. Because it will be uncomfortable to bend your legs

Since the exercise is isolated (only one muscle group works), it is recommended to do a large number of repetitions in each approach. And because the exercise is safe, you can immediately start working with a normal weight.

  • 15-20 reps, weight 15-20 kg;
  • 15-20 reps, weight 20-25 kg;
  • 12-15 reps, weight 20-25 kg;
  • 8-12 reps, weight 30-35 kg.

Leg extension sitting

This exercise completes this leg training program.

Exercise sitting is an isolated exercise and gives a load only on the quadriceps of the legs. Unlike bending the legs, this exercise is traumatic – the load on the legs goes through the knee joints, which means it is not recommended to take very large weights during the extension.

  • 10-25 reps, weight 10-15 kg;
  • 15-20 reps, weight 15-17,5 kg;
  • 15-20 reps, weight 15-17,5 kg;
  • 12-15 reps, weight 20-25 kg.

This training program is well suited for a beginner. After 1.5-2 months of training with medium weights, the leg joints will become accustomed to severe stress. Also, the risk of injury when working with a large load will greatly decrease.

Moreover, basic exercises will give a good overall development to your legs. And isolated exercises will emphasize the most noticeable muscles. There are the quadriceps and the back of the thigh. After three months of training, you can safely complicate the training program.

  • 1. Training with the kettlebell on legs for beginners

The best exercises with a weight, such as swinging, lifting the chest, jerk, etc., are associated with the movement of the hips. The best way to put your thigh muscles into work is to perform deadlift with weights.

In this case, it is best to do it in the first workout. The deadlift of the weight with one hand not only works through the muscles of the thigh. But also strengthens the lower back.

The second exercise that we are going to use in our workout is a weight squat goblet. This exercise works well on quadriceps and buttock muscles. When exercising, it is very important to squat deeply. So the hips are parallel to the floor. The shortfall will not correctly activate the muscles of the buttocks.

Also, it can develop the wrong movement technique. Therefore, later it will be much harder to correct.

Training on the legs with a kettlebell 1.

3 laps

  • 1. Deadlift kettlebell with one hand x 8-12 reps (on each side).
  • 2. Goblet squats x 8-12 reps.

Rest between circles for 60 seconds.

2. Workout with a kettlebell on the legs for the average level

After mastering a workout with a kettlebell for beginners, you can add swinging kettlebells. Motion is a very functional movement, affecting a multitude of muscles. But it especially affects the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and back.

The second exercise for leg training is a reverse lunge. Reverse lunge is a basic leg exercise that targets quadriceps, buttocks, and hamstrings. So, make sure you touch your knee on the floor to maximize muscle work.

Training on the legs with a kettlebell 2.

3 laps

  • 1. Motion with weights x 20 reps.
  • 2. Reverse lunges x 10 repetitions (for each single leg).
  • 3. Goblet squats x 10 reps.

Rest between circles for 60 seconds.

3. Workout with the kettlebell on legs for advanced level

Finally, we turn to the most demanding workout on your legs. We start with the weights used in the previous workout. But except them, you should perform the moves with one hand.

The use of one hand in the maxims will give the body rotational resistance. Thus you enhance the work of the muscles of the stabilizers of the press.

The next exercise is a lunge to the side. This movement is very demanding on quadriceps and buttocks. Therefore, it improves the mobility of the hips. Try to do the first exercise without weights, to deal with the technique of movement.

The third and final exercise is to squat on one leg with the weight. Exercise requires strong legs and good mobility. Try to start to do squats on one leg to hold the support. Then do them without weights. And therefore go to the option of squatting with weights.

Training on the legs with a kettlebell 3.

3 laps

  • 1. Motions with weights with one hand x 15 reps for each hand.
  • 2. Lunges in the direction of x 8 repetitions on each side.
  • 3. Squatting on one leg x 5 on each side.

Rest between circles for 90 seconds.

(Exercise temp: slow)

1. Squats with narrow legs 4 sets of repetitions.

Starting position when doing the exercise is special. So, your legs are together, arms along the body, back straight. On the exhale, squat until your hips are parallel to the floor and your knees do not extend your feet! Hold at the lowest point, feeling the tension in the hips.

And while inhaling, return to the starting position.

2. Lunges

(4 types and 4 sets of 10 repetitions)

  • Put your legs shoulder-width apart. Then keep your arms along the body. Raise the knee bent leg. After that stretch forward and lower, making a lunge. Please note that the knee should be perpendicular to the floor. Also, it should not protrude beyond the toes. Raise the leg and return to the starting position
  • You can do a reverse lunge. In this case, the technology of the exercise the same as in a normal lunge. But, the leg is pulled back.
  • And a double lunge. After a lunge forward, the leg does not return to its original position, but immediately back.
  • Lunges to the side. Lunges to the side are performed from a standing position. Also, hands are shoulder-width apart. Make the longest step to the side. Squat on the leg (the one on which the step was taken). The second leg remains extended to the side and does not bend.
  • Push your legs back to the starting position. Do alternately on each leg.

3. Kneeling out to the chest 2 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

The goal is an explosive jumping in height. In this case, you actively engage the abdominal muscles. And knees in the air are pulled to the chest. The back is located as vertically as possible.

4. Climb on the bench 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Taking a breath, put your foot on the bench and stand on it. Also, straighten your leg completely. Standing on the main leg, lift the other leg bent at the knee. Then exhale. Sit down gently on the toe of the second leg and inhale. When the second leg is surely on the floor, lift the foot of the main leg.

After that repeat the exercise.

5. Motion with legs standing to the side (to the side, back, forward)

Swing to the side. 3 types 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

  • Stand in the starting position. Also, keep your back straight, near the support. It can be a regular wall or chair.
  • Hold the left hand for support, lift the right leg to the right side. It is very important that during the exercise, the raised leg with the body and the left leg should be in one line!
  • The body should be straight. And the lifting of the legs should be as high as possible. Therefore only in this case the exercise will be really effective.
  • Swing back. Face the support and grab onto it. Keep your back straight. Take one foot back, swinging up so that it is at a height. Lock the body and slowly return to the starting position.
  • Swing your legs forward. Stand near the support, hold it with one hand and lift your legs one by one in advance. So, they form parallel planes with the floor surface.

6. Lifting on the toes of one leg 4 sets of 25-50 reps.

In order to be able to go down lower and more stretch the lower leg, support under the toes is necessary. At the top point, it is advisable to pause. The calf muscle is a muscle that “loves” a large number of repetitions.

So, during the training, you must do 100 – 200 lifts. You need to do this if you want to increase the volume of this muscle.

7. Raising the pelvis supine 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees. Then, place your feet as close as possible to the buttocks. And firmly rest against the floor, avoiding slipping. Push your heels off the floor and lift your hips as much as possible upwards, keeping your back level. At the top of the exercise, pause for 2-3 seconds.

Perform the exercise straining the gluteal muscles. Try not to use the power of the hips. Try to relax them. After a static pause, slowly return to the starting position.

These 2 essential disadvantages may prevent you from leg workout bodybuilding
  • The visual effect. When your legs are pumped up, the upper body (width of arms, shoulders) seems less massive.
  • The risk of injury to the joints. There are exercises, which, with proper working weights, can contribute to the destruction of cartilage tissue. Therefore, it is important to correctly approach the leg training, do a warm-up run for 5-10 minutes, after warming up. But there is a risk yet.

Also, there is a chance to miss the growth of bones in length. Basically, this disadvantage is for young people, up to 20-25 years. As a rule, up to this age bones can grow in length. And if a young person overdoes with heavy weights in a squat, then this can slow down your height.


This article has mostly educational purposes only. Do not forget to practice a lot to have amazing results.

  • The leg muscles require a big number of repetitions.
  • Exercises for the legs should be performed high-tech and slow.
  • The legs adapt quickly to the load. So use super-loading techniques.
  • Run more discarded sets.
  • Exercise to the feeling of burning in the working muscles.

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