Best rowing machine under 500 lb weight capacity

A​re you a heavy weight person that need a regular fitness routine? Meet the best of 500 lb weight capacity rowers that perfectly fit your parameters.

What’s the best part?

People actively use this fitness equipment not only in fitness centers but also at home. The usual rowing simulators are 300 lb weight limit.

Especially effective is top magnetic rowing machine with 500 lb weight capacity.

The examples of rowers high capacity are Concept2 Model D Indoor rowing machine with PM5, Lifecore R100 Commercial, Water Rower Natural rower in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor.

See the article to choose the best fitness equipment for your workouts.

Rowing machine 500 lb capacity

Here our fitness experts prepared the most powerful rowers for effective workouts. Choosing the model, pay attention to all the pros and cons, read our experts’ feedbacks, learn the features.

After that, it will be easy for you to choose the best rower!

Lifecore R100 vs Concept 2 rower

We’ve analyzed two of the best high capacity rowers from each brand. To choose the right choice for you, see the comparison chart:

Experts’ reviews:

Concept2 Model D Indoor rower with PM5

Here is Concept 2 model D rower with a 500 lb weight capacity. It is a perfect choice for those who want to involve all muscle groups while training. During the rowing, high calorie-burning motion occurs.

The simulator is very effective for weight loss, especially fat loss.

Compare also NordicTrack rower vs Concept 2. You can be sure of your progress, as there is a reliable tracking. Good news is that it is easy to store.

Experts’ reviews:

Lifecore R100 Commercial rower

Here is LifeCORE fitness rower with a 600 lbs weight capacity. This rower is really powerful, as it has 16 types of resistance.

Choosing it, you will bring professional quality gym simulator to your home. With the help of this commercial rower, the whole body workouts will be even more effective.

Experts’ reviews:

Waterrower high weight limit

Here is Water Rower Natural in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor. This fitness tool is not like other simulators, as it is handcrafted.

Because of that, it imitates actual rowing feelings. Intensive and accurate work of the performance monitor and heart rate monitor ensures the correct tracking of your progress.

Choosing high weight capacity rower

When selecting a rowing machine, it is worth paying attention to the following points.

This fitness equipment is folding and stationary. Folding models you can remove after training and they will not take much space.

But stable models need about 2 meters of the area of the room. Therefore, for standard and small apartments, it is necessary to buy folding models of simulators.

It is better to choose the simulator that can adjust the level of the seat, the position of foot pedals for the legs and comb levers. By this way, each member of the family can use a rowing machine and adjust it to themselves.

Each simulator should have two main functions:

Except for the main two functions, there are inexpensive and modern models with additional functions. The number of these additional functions dramatically affects the cost of the simulator.

Additional functions include:

Moreover, they make the exercises on it not only useful but also enjoyable. To monitor the pulse and other parameters of the human body you can use fitness trackers and watches, chest sensors, earplugs or other wireless sensors during training.

Furthermore, the most expensive models have training programs.

When you eventually choose a simulator, and there are no prohibitions for occupations on it, you need to know how to train on the simulator correctly.

Benefits of using a rowing machine

It is not a secret that rowers are very beautiful and have courageous figures. Wide shoulders, strong back attract the attention of many women.

Of course, we do not need such an effect.

And yet, rowers are equally useful for men and women:

Because of the fact that workouts on a rowing simulator regulate cardiovascular and respiratory systems, they refer as cardiovascular. Therefore, you can combine them with strength exercises to increase the efficiency of burning fat and building muscles.

If it is enough for you to strengthen the body and give it an attractive look, you can restrict yourself a using of this fitness equipment.

There is an opinion that the rowing machine increases the muscles in the arms. To be honest, you distribute the load between the muscles of the back, the press and the shoulder girdle evenly, when you use this fitness equipment correctly.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of the effect of “big hands”.

On the contrary, they will strengthen the muscles of the back and align the spine. But starting training is better under the supervision of an experienced person. He will tell how to carry out movements.

Also, rowing simulator has a lot of virtues:

Moreover, it is possible to develop and establish an optimal training program for you.

But the most important advantage is irreplaceable weight loss. Besides, you can burn about 800 kcal for one small workout. It is recommended even to people who are obese.

Main nutrition rules


Rigid diet and training are incompatible, and it is due to two reasons:

If you are starving, you just will not have the strength to do a good workout. Because of the least of physical activity, the body will try to get rid of the muscles, as they need a considerable amount of energy to support them.

So, what to do:

Try to get used to eating 5-6 times a day without exceeding the caloric intake of your diet.


You need to eat before training. The optimal time for food intake before the workout is at least 1.5-2 hours before it starts.

It is essential to observe the size of the portion. Therefore, after eating you should feel light hunger, not the severity of the stomach.

You cannot eat right before training because in this case, the body will take energy from food. But it will not get it from the deferred for the reserve of fat.

What to eat:

Maybe you are training early in the morning and do not have two hours of free time. In this case, the perfect breakfast option for you is oatmeal porridge on the water without sugar or an apple. And green tea will help you wake up and cheer up.


After training, you are not allowed to eat carbohydrates. If your goal is to lose weight, getting rid of fat, give your body the opportunity to work as much as possible after the workout.


After 15-20 minutes after starting the training, the glycogen stores are exhausted. And the body begins to use hypodermic fat, splitting it and releasing energy for further training.

After about 30 minutes, the body is ultimately converted to burn fat. But after training, the process of decomposition of hypodermic fat continues for 2-3 hours.


How much protein do I need to maintain muscle mass? More proteins. Intensive exercises force the body to burn not only fat but also muscle mass.

And mainly it strengthens you while training with such difficulty! To save the toned muscles, immediately after training consume protein food. It is a kind of “building material” for their recovery.

What to eat:

Free-fat cheese Chicken Breasts Pumpkin Beef Rabbit Meat Egg whites Squids or Fish

It will lead not only to the collapse of the muscles but also to the decrease in metabolism.

Therefore, have a very light snack before going to bed. And it will be good to eat fat-free kefir, cheese or a slice of boiled meat.

Principles of sports training:


Less Fat. Fats slow down the absorption of proteins. Due to this, you should consume low-fat foods. And after training utterly refuse from consuming fat. But you cannot completely exclude fats from the diet.

Also, fat helps you to maintain muscle mass and strengthen them. Moreover, fat takes part in the assimilation of vitamins and the production of hormones.

What shall you do:


Drink plenty of water. Because of the lack amount of water, the water-salt balance in the body is disturbed. As a result, it leads to a decrease in metabolism and endurance during physical activity.

Therefore, you switch on the energy-saving mode. And then the body begins to delay the water, the process of weight loss is automatically inhibited.

How much to drink:

Do not restrict yourself in the water – drink as much as you want and in no case do not suffer thirst. The National Association of Sports Trainers (NATA) provides the following recommendations:

Full body workout

Rowing machine training is incredibly effective for the entire body, it allows the athlete to develop aerobic endurance and muscular strength.

At the same time, the lack of proper exercise equipment and training at gym enthusiasts may result in injuries due to improper use of the simulator.

In order to maximize the time spent on this fitness equipment, you must:

The most common mistake in exercising on a rowing simulator is the flexion of the lower back. So, try to keep your back as straight as possible.

One cycle of exercises on the simulator looks like this:

Indications and contraindications to exercises

In the fitness centers coach controls your training. But at home no one controls you. Therefore, for those who decided to engage in a rowing machine, it is necessary to fulfill several simple conditions.

If you have a desire to acquire a simulator, then the first thing to do is to find out a contraindication. The rowing machine is a great opportunity to regulate your limit, tighten the body and improve metabolic processes.

Especially people with high pressure and overweight should train on this fitness equipment.

But you should not hurry to start training, as there are some diseases. And some disease prohibits engaging in a rowing machine. For example, such diseases include arterial hypertension and discogenic radiculitis.

Therefore, if you do not want the sport to lead to a deterioration of health, it is worth consulting with a doctor. In the case the doctor said that there were no contraindications to the exercise on the machine, you can proceed to the second stage – to the choice of the simulator.

Customers’ reviews

Load settings

A very common mistake is the tendency to exhibit the maximum load. But many sportsmen disagree entirely with this:

The interval of time

It determines how much time you need to pass a distance of 500 meters. For example, if you set “split” in 1 minute 45 seconds – then you need to rattle with an effort enough to pass 500 meters during this time.

Read more about Stamina rowing machines review – Body Trac Glider 1050, 1215 Orbital. Here you will also learn about Stamina air rower assembly.

Types of rowing machines

As you know, there are two classes of rowers – electric and mechanical.

Electric rowers are modern simulator models that have the principle of the electromagnetic system. These simulators are one of the most effective because the installed magnets smoothly regulate the load that varies widely.

Due to this, you minimize the production of stretch marks and tear gaps. The only disadvantage of electric rowing simulators is the high price compared to another kind.

Moreover, you can hide it after training. Buying this kind of simulator, pay attention to the mechanism of fastening. For its durability and reliability, this mechanism must be metallic.

Despite some disadvantages:

Electric rowers are more comfortable to use than mechanical ones. They include small computers that record all the parameters for the exercise: pulse, palpitation, pressure, and occupation.

In this form of a load simulator, you can use hydraulic cylinders to change the load. Therefore, it affects the shaft and improves the magnetic resistance. Also, the weight varies by adjusting the length of the oars and the turning of the blades.

Mechanical rowers are not expensive if to compare them to electric ones. Also, they require a connection to the power grid, which allows them to be installed in a convenient place for occupancy.

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