NordicTrack rower vs Concept 2 | What’s about RW200, RW900, Model D(E)?

Hi everyone! There are lots of burning questions about rowing machines, various treadmills, and other fitness simulators. The choice of equipment for sale nowadays is so wide! People hesitate before buying the fitness device, read the customers’ feedback, consider the pros and cons. So, Concept 2 or NordicTrack?

Let’s compare the main features of both rowing machines:

NordicTrack pros

  • Very affordable due to no-frills design
  • Easy to assemble as many parts are preassembled already
  • Very sturdy with a commercial-grade quality
  • Easy to choose the data you want to track
  • 20 preset programs to work with
  • Storage isn’t a problem because it folds

Concept 2 pros

Concept 2 rowing machine brand is a top-rated and highly reviewed one on Amazon. Many people put trust in rowers of this popular brand. Lots of positive reviews prove the effectiveness of rowing simulators. It is said to provide fat burning and muscle building full-body workout.

NordicTrack is a top-rated brand I noticed lately. According to customers’ feedback, it produces fitness simulators of high quality as well. Personally, I consider them more suitable for me as they’re very convenient for usage. You can do lots of things at the same time while training on this simulator.

According to customers’ feedback:

Both rowers offer good value for money. They admit the effectiveness of the simulators, long years of work for a reasonable price.

NordicTrack rower

Considering 2 brands of rowing simulator, the NordicTrack simulator is more affordable as it has a cheaper price. But this doesn’t mean that it possesses the only basic simple features.

Pay attention to other equipment:

Actually, I would not call it simpler. Moreover, it’s intended more for average groups than for advanced athletes who definitely need challenging cardio exercises. It is a mass-produced rower, except that if this is really meant for commercial use then it’s pleasantly affordable.

NordicTrack rower is created for people with a height of 6 feet 6 inches maximum. Its weight limit is only 250 pounds.

Such a restriction should be suitable for most people’s heights. The weight limit seems like a very conventional measure given the machine’s possible strong design, but you don’t really want to test it.

The rowing simulator possesses a flexible display that provides the following records during the exercising:

  • the whole amount of strokes
  • personal strokes per minute rate
  • the whole time of your workout
  • the whole length you’ve progressed
  • the number of calories you’ve consumed

Concept 2 rower

Now we consider another rowing machine brand – Concept 2. It is a simulator mainly for doing a full-body cardio exercise. It is more expensive than the NordicTrack one. At the same time, the simulator provides wider features and capabilities. What is most remarkable is that it is top-rated and highly reviewed (lots of customer feedback). In fact, most users give it excellent marks.

The reason for comparing two simulators is using the identical type of air resistance. You are able to adjust the resistance level between levels 1 and 10.

Another distinctive feature of Concept2 rower is using the PM5 monitor. Actually, it works as your constant training partner having wide data about your progress. It suggests a wide backlit easy-to-read screen. Unlike NordicTrack rower, you get 5 preset workouts for those who never used a rowing machine before. There is a short animation that shows you how to row properly.

See more articles regarding Concept 2 rower:

Considering all the above information, it is easy to make the right choice. But I still hesitate which one to buy. I didn’t have the opportunity to try these simulators, so I ask you to share your training experience:

  • NordicTrack rower vs Concept 2?

If you had the experience of using both kinds of a rowing machine, share the results. It is interesting for me to read your impressions after training. What rowing simulator do you consider the best?

Abs progress

While rowing, we get a full-body workout involving the upper and lower body part. As far as I know, abs muscles are included in work. A rowing machine is a perfect tool for pumping up the abs. Looking at abs transformation photos, one must say people are achieving impressive results. What about you?

  • What are your abs progress results?
  • Which rowing machine brand is better for abs in progress?
  • How much time needed to get abs progress?
  • Give the example workouts

The question of abs workout is urgent for me. So I need a powerful fitness tool for full-body training, especially for abs progress. Looking forward to reading your impressions. Please, share how each simulator works (smooth, noisy), is it possible to use it for a beginner like me, which muscles are involved the most. The most important is how effective the training machine is.

Abs progress doesn’t happen at once. I understand that it takes time to see the visible results. At first, you need to burn fat in order for your muscles were visible. Then, during regular working out, muscles become pumped up and you see the progress – fit and toned body. So I think those who work hard are to achieve the result.

  • What’s about RW200, RW900, Model D(E)?
  • Is Concept 2 Black Friday sale available this year?

Share your results after workouts on NordicTrack and Concept 2 rowers. What is your choice? Give the pros and cons of each simulator. Thanks!

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Best Answer

Hello! I prefer Concept 2 rowers (model E and D). I use the fitness equipment of this brand already for 2 years in the gym. What are my impressions? Actually, it is the best rowing machine I’ve ever tried – durable, powerful, and easy-to-use at the same time.

The main advantages why I choose Concept 2:

  • First of all, I like that it has a higher capacity
  • Secondly, it has higher resistance levels for abs progress
  • The third advantage is the easy-to-read display that shows the exact and wide data

I manage to achieve success using Concept 2 rower model E. Look at my abs progress:

Abs progress

My choice is a Concept 2 rowing machine. I use this kind of fitness equipment for a full-body workout. Of course, I’ve got abs to progress over time. My personal experience:

  1. Without a doubt, rowing helps to burn fat on abs. With Concept 2 rower, you can burn around 800 calories in an hour of training.
  2. In the process of training, the whole upper body part is involved, including hands, chest, and abs. The main thing is which muscles get most of the load.
  3. With every stroke, abs muscles are involved in work, getting the load and burning the excess fat, so it is a perfect simulator for achieving toned abs.

The key secret for achieving success is regular training.

I have highly effective abs workouts using the rowing machine. Follow the steps:

  1. Start | Abs muscles are involved, bending ahead
  2. Motion | When you push off the legs and pull the handle to the upper part of abs, the entire upper body is activated. You should feel that the abs are tense to maintain an upright posture.
  3. Finish | As you complete the motion, the back is slightly bent back. The press should stabilize the body and slow down its deflection.
  4. Recovery | When you return to the starting position, the abs muscles bend the body forward, and the body returns to its original position again.

Hope my training program will be useful for you. If you train systematically, the abs progress will not make you wait. Good luck!

Without a doubt, Concept 2. My long training experience proved that the rowers of this brand are long-lasting. Look at my abs progress results:

ABS transformation

I found striking Concept 2 rower results. This man chooses Concept 2 and achieves progress, training every day. We can notice the muscle growth, increase in endurance and power.

Of course, such results cannot be achieved using only rowing workouts. The special regular meal plan for muscle gain is a key factor for your dream body. Not less important is an everyday healthy lifestyle. Mind that!

Abs progress

Well, if you still choosing on Concept 2 vs Nordictrack, I offer you watching 3 reasons to buy a Concept 2 rowing machine. Actually, with the help of this video, I made my choice and bought Concept 2.

During my gym workouts, I tried many rowing simulators. But this brand seems the most reliable for me. I offer you to watch this video if you are still choosing the rowing simulator:

Concept 2 Black Friday sale is expected this year. Manufacturers present discounts on different kinds of fitness equipment, including rowing machines, SkiErg and BikeErg.

Concept 2 fitness equipment establish brand new standards for indoor rowing simulators. Manufacturers all over the world consider new innovations this popular brand suggests. Concept 2 takes responsibility for advancing the highest quality fitness gear. If you’re planning your home gym, the qualified organization gives high-grade maintenance.

What to expect on Black Friday 2020?

Usually, the price area of this rower is around $1000, and in this price range, the quality is known to be excellent. It affords you an exceptionally smooth rowing activity. Concept 2 offers powerful rowing simulators, and that’s why they earned recognition among people.

We expect a much lower price for Concept 2 Black Friday 2020. The deals are considered to bring many people wishing to get an attractive bargain. That’s why we recommend making haste to become a happy person who gets this piece of equipment.

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