Stationary recumbent exercise bikes | Reviews 2020

D​ream to have shapely legs, tight buttocks, flat belly? Stationary recumbent exercise bikes with arm exerciser is an effective way of weight loss and sculpting a beautiful body.

Why is it so polpular?

Among the variety of fitness device models here are the balance of utility usefulness, reliability, and price. As well as 2-Way Boxing Stand w/ Punching Bag – one of the best fitness equipment in New York and not only.

Recumbent bikes stationary

According to customers’ feedback, users absolutely love this cardio fitness equipment!

Top rated

Here we present the best recumbent exercise bike with arm movement available on Amazon. Top-rated simulators are of excellent quality, durable and highly effective.

See the comparison chart:

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent
Resistance8 Resistance Levels 20 Resistance Levels 24 Resistance Levels
ProgramsNone22 Programs 12 Programs
DisplayLCD display 2 LED windows LCD display
Heart Rate Monitor Grip heart rate sensors Contact heart rate grips on handlebars Grip heart rate sensors
User Weight 350 lbs 300 lbs 325 lbs
Extra Perks Arm exerciser, easy adjustable seat, transport wheels Eddy current brakes, USB charging, workout tracking Air soft sea, advanced computer
Warranty3 years frame, 90 days parts/components 10 years frame, 2 years parts, 1 year electronics, 90 days labor1 year limited warranty

Most budget

We present the exercise bikes under 200$ for a reasonable price.

Budget exercise equipment is of excellent quality as well. Good customers’ feedback proves the effectiveness and durability of budget simulators.

Toolsempire Exercise Bike

Stationary Bicycle Cardio Equipment for Indoor Sports Fitness. With its help, you will always be in shape with pumped muscles and developed endurance. Try and make sure it provides the most effective cardio training!

This stationary bicycle or the given fitness device is perfect for workouts in the gym and at home. The weight and dimensions allow using this type of sports bike in small enough room places.

Like the other similar biking simulators, it is ideal to get in shape. Regular bike exercise training provides cardio progress and muscles tone.

It develops strengths and endurance:

You can say goodbye to extra kilograms. The exercise bike is a trustworthy associate to burn calories and lose weight. Construction is firm but easy to assemble. Exercise bike instruction guides the setting. The manufacturer supplies all the required parts.
Folding upright exercise bike advantages
  • Frame: strong but light
  • Saddle: adjustable
  • Handlebar: adaptable
  • Display: multifunctional LCD
  • Speed: regulation
  • Pedals: safe
  • Flywheel: smooth and calm running
  • Setting: easy
  • Application: Indoor and outdoor


The frame is durable. It is made of firm steel. Even heaver people can work out with the safety of this fitness tool. You are able to regulate the comfortable saddle up to your height and desire. Handlebar suggests the same adjustment.

Feet straps guarantee secure fixing on wide aluminum pedals. The flywheel is optimally weighted. Exercise bike’s running is soft and gentle. You will never disturb your nearest and neighbors with the nose. It means you can pedal any time of the day or night.


Everybody can adapt the speed and resistance according to their fitness level. The beginners and expert will choose the convenient and functional tempo and mode. They do it without electrodes. Special knob for tension and reduction will assists.

Functional LCD display controls the most important body data. It demonstrates scan, heart rate, odometer, distance, speed and time. The exercise bike is a universal fitness device which helps you to be healthier.

Model GoPlus description
  • Available color: black and red
  • Exercise bike dimensions: L- 42″ x W-20″ x H-38″; or L-1,067m x W-0,5m x H-0,96m
  • Weight: 75 lbs; or 34kg
  • Weight limit: 264 lbs; or 120Use
  • Saddle material: polyurethane (PU)
  • Pedals: aluminum alloy
  • The frame of equipment: steel
  • Flywheel weights: 28 lbs; or 12,8kg
  • Required batteries: 2 x AA
  • Display: LCD
  • The display indicates: heart rate, odometer, scan, distance, speed, time

What does the delivery bring?

  • Exercise bike – 1
  • Batteries AA – 2
  • Manual – 1

Best recumbent exercise bicycles

The amazon’s choice provides with high-quality fitness equipment. One of the best recumbent exercise bicycles is Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bikes.

See the comparison chart to compare the models and choose the most suitable variant:

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-716R Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-908R Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-40502R
Assembled Size 55.5L x 25W x 37.5H inches 52L x 25W x 38H inches 49.25L x 25.5W x 36.25H inches 57L x 25W x 43.5H inches
Product Weight 60 lbs 55 lbs 50 lbs 68 lbs
User Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs300 lbs
Adjustable Length 39 – 49 inches 43 – 48 inches 39 – 44 inches 53 inches with 6 adjustable seat positions
Battery type 2 AA Batteries (not included) 2 AA Batteries (not included) 2 AA Batteries (not included) 2 AA Batteries (not included)
LCD Display Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer, Pulse Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Odometer
Special Features 8-level Smooth magnetic resistance, Adjustable pedals and seat, Transport wheels for portability, 3.5″ LCD display One cup holder, 8-level Smooth magnetic resistance, Adjustable pedals and seat, Transport wheels for portability, 3.5″ LCD display Handle pulse sensor, 8-level Smooth magnetic resistance, Adjustable pedals and seat, Transport wheels for portability, 2.25″ LCD display 8-level Smooth magnetic resistance, Adjustable pedals and seat, Transport wheels for portability, 3.5″ LCD display

Do you need a simple approach to lose weight, at the same time develop cardiovascular resistance?

In this case. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bikes will be a great helper. The compact and easy to use equipment perfectly meets your needs.

With the ME-709, NS-716R and other models, you will achieve more than from usual and more expensive recumbent exercise bikes. This type of exercise bike has a special design that perfectly adapts to the smallest workout spaces.

Well, except for burning calories and losing weight, you will manage to shape and tone your body.

Now we present to you YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bikes Stationary.

See the comparison chart to compare the models and choose the most suitable variant:

Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with Ipad Mount(Model:L-001A) Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Exercise Bike with Belt Drive (L-007) Indoor Exercise Bikes Stationary Cycling Bike YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser for Leg/Arm
Flywheel 35lbs 43lbs 36lbs 51lbs
Adjustable Seat Up/ down & Front/ back Up/ down & Front/ back Up/ down & Front/ back
Adjustable Handlebar Up/ down Up/ down Up/ down
Drive System Belt Drive Belt Drive Belt Drive Belt Drive
ResistanceFriction resistance, adjustable Friction resistance, adjustable Friction resistance, adjustable Friction resistance, adjustable
Horizontal Adjustment Knobs
Inseam Height 25″-35″ 28″-37″ 28″-39″
Assembled Dimensions 40 x 22 x 45 inches (L x W x H); 68 lbs 42.2 ×21.7 ×47.7 inches ( L x W x H ); 88 lbs 47.24×24.21×47.24 inches ( L x W x H ); 86 lbs 13.39 x14.96 x 13.19 inches (L x W x H); 8.62lbs
Max User Weight 270 lbs 300 lbs 270 lbs

What does YOSUDA indoor cycling bicycle provide?

This piece of fitness equipment is a strong, long-lasting and easy to control. YOSUDA bike is created for highly effective exercise bike with arm workout. Except for its strong steel frame and almost quiet belt drive, the cycling bike processes numerous useful settings.

Recumbent bikes workout

For the elderly ones

This fitness equipment is an excellent tool to stay in good shape at any age. Biking helps to solve the problems with bones, back, and legs. Pedaling lessens the pain caused by osteoporosis or arthritis. These exercises prevent thrombosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity. They improve sleeping and stimulate blood circulation. You can strengthen the immune system too.

Before starting exercise bike training it is worth to consult the physician. Choose a comfortable mode of biking. Always initiate with a minimum intensity. Listen to your feelings. Then little by little increase the load. It is better not to overcome 40 minutes a day on the bike. Do not forget to drink enough water.

For women & men

For those who simply want to maintain the shapes, we advise starting from regular training 3-4 times a week. Work out 20-40 minutes a day and do 50-60 moves a minute. Increase the level of load in accordance with your fitness level. You can add some periods of speeding.

In general, the use of an exercise bike with moving handles for women is significant.

Many men want to increase strength at first, so it is advised to pay attention to strength training programs at first. It is not a secret that you can pump up muscles using the appropriate equipment. You will also increase stamina following all the training rules.

3 weight loss training programs

It’s high time to talk about the practical part. That is, to provide a description of the programs and cardio workouts for burning fat that you could use. The program for the elderly is the most sparing: in old age, you should start with such exercises and then, if necessary, increase the load gradually.

At the same time, you need to remember about the zone of the pulse. If you can work with a higher pulse rate for a long period, then the effect does not increase, but decreases. A certain range of heart rates is required in order for the body to lose weight.

We recommend that you use the interval program only if you were able to easily execute the program for beginners and it seems insufficient to you. We advise untrained people to start with a program for beginners, then slightly adjust this program and slightly increase the load. And then start working with an interval program, which is the most effective for weight loss.

Before you start any workout including exercise bike performs the warming-up. You can do jumping, squats, pushups, breathing exercises. It will prepare and stretch your muscles. The warming- up helps to prevent injuries.

Besides, you can burn more calories while biking if your body is warmed up.

The main goal is weight loss without health damage. So, before you chose the right program keep in mind your possibilities. The sense of recumbent bike with upper body workout is to increase the load and intense slowly but surely.

Step 1. Exercise bike workout for the beginners
  • Develop the skills for 6-8 weeks.
  • In case you have a lack of fitness experience then start with minimal load. Train and smoothly increase the speed, power and time.
  • This level starts 15 minutes pure pedaling. Then it reaches 30 minutes workout and 3-4 classes per week.
  • Pulse intensity is 60-70% of the maximum acceptable.
  • Frequency is no more than 50 steps per minute.
Step 2. Advanced weight loss
  • Precede these classes for 4-5 days a week.
  • It’s the rather intensive exercise bike workout to burn the calories. Besides, it helps to keep the weight level after you get the target.
  • The duration of the program depends on the speed of weight loss. This factor is absolutely individual.
  • We advise to pedal up to 45 minutes. Of course, start with the warming up.
  • Pulse rate is 70-80% of the age maximum.
  • Frequency varies between 50-60 steps per minute.
  • Leave some days for recovering.

Each of these programs should be repeated approximately three times each week.

If your body is not ready for such a load or you cannot recover during the rest period, start with two workouts a week and then gradually do every other day. On a day of rest, use flexibility exercises, walks and massage whenever possible.

For beginners
  • 5-7 minutes | Warm-up, light movements, warming up the body.
  • 20 minutes | Intensive riding at a speed of 15-25 km/h at medium load while maintaining optimal heart rate. Over time, you can slightly increase the load on the bike while maintaining speed to keep the heart rate range.
  • 5 minutes | Sprint at high speed and low load level – not overly tiring, but with the search for your own current limit and the desire to step a little over your current capabilities.
  • 5 minutes | Riding on an average load at a normal speed, a gradual restoration of the respiratory cycle, normalization of the pulse.
  • 10-15 minutes | Hitch, light riding, gradual slowdown, the transition from activity to rest, smooth completion of the workout.
Interval system for the advanced
  • 5-7 minutes | Warm-up, warm up the body.
  • 20 minutes | Average load, 20 seconds – maximum speed, 40 seconds – a quiet ride. 20 such cycles. With insufficient preparation, you can start with 10-15 cycles and gradually bring it to 20, making more cycles is impractical. But you can increase the load or try to pedal at a higher speed in the active phase.
  • 10-15 minutes | Hitch, light riding, gradual slowdown, the transition from activity to rest, smooth completion of the workout.
For elderly people
  • 5-7 minutes | Warm-up not on the simulator, exercises for joints, smooth and easy sprain.
  • 5-7 minutes | Warm-up on the simulator, easy riding.
  • 5 minutes | Gradual increase in load, slight acceleration.
  • 5 minutes | Easy ride.
  • 10-15 minutes | Riding with a pulse in the range of 90-100 beats per minute.
  • 7-12 minutes | Hitch, light torsion at medium load level.

The benefits of home workouts with exercise bike depend on many factors that should be handled. If you did a great job and got tired, and after that went off to taste cakes, the effect is most likely not to appear.

Use the following guidelines to achieve the effect.

6 rules for effective home training

1. Training program

In order to achieve the desired result, you should choose the appropriate training programs. For example, in order to just keep in shape, it is enough and just regularly pedal at a calm pace. In order to normalize body weight, it is necessary to specifically launch the corresponding processes in the body, in particular, the processes of burning fat.

There are 6 different goals and their corresponding training programs. Here it will be necessary to train for a sufficient period after which the body launches a special way to obtain energy for the muscles. The so-called lipolysis reduces the amount of fat tissue.

As a result, fat cells first appear in the circulatory system, and if physical activity is given and muscles need energy, then these cells move to the muscles. There they break down under the action of special enzymes and give energy. Pay attention to such training options as

interval training;
pulse training.
In addition, the Tabata system and other similar varieties of interval training should be noted. These programs are specially created for weight loss.

2. Heart rate monitoring

This item smoothly follows from the previous one. After all, pulse tracking is part of many weight loss training programs. The trick here is to find the optimal pulse for yourself, which starts the fat burning process. The scheme is as follows:

220- your age * by 0.65. This is the average heart rate (+ – 5-10) for training in the fat burning zone. It is on such a pulse that you need to perform the longest, most active part of the training.

However, this advice does not apply to interval training. There, the pulse can increase and decrease, and the main point is precisely in varying the load.

3. Dieting

Without a diet, exercise may not work at all. At a minimum, you need to complete two points:

switch to a healthy diet – more vegetables, healthy cereals, less fatty and sweet food;
count calories – you need to spend more calories than you consume daily, for this, you need workouts to make up for the lack of energy.

Diverse foods must be used in order for the body to receive the necessary enzymes. You also need to follow a competent meal schedule. Besides, fractional food intake allows the body to better process and absorbs the resulting components. Take advice from nutritionists.

It is best to train on an empty stomach or at least an hour after eating. If you exercise right after you eat, the body will use the resulting food, but not break down fats. In addition, you should use a sufficient amount of liquid, preferably just water, or water with various additives.

If you know how to drink water for weight loss, then you can achieve better results. There are great recipes created by experienced nutritionists and proven over the years.

4. Restorative processes

Are lessons without rest useful? Of course not! After any regular training should be properly restored. If the body is under stress, appropriate hormones are produced, in particular, cortisol. Such hormones contribute to the additional accumulation of fat tissue.

By the way, the benefits of relaxation concern your everyday life. It is best to experience less stress when you are doing weight loss. A positive mood contributes not only to additional motivation but also to the improvement of processes throughout the body.

5. Regularity of exercises

After fat tissues begin to split, a significant part is in the circulatory system, and the fatty layer softens a little. You can see this effect when you notice a slight decrease in your shapes and feel the increased softness of the body.

If there is little physical activity in the future, then the fat cells return to the adipose tissue. But not to the muscles that spend these cells as a source of energy. Therefore, create for yourself a convenient and most importantly feasible schedule of effective training.

It’s better to work out 20 minutes three times a week than do one workout a week.

6. Equipment and clothes

Clothing should be selected in order to train comfortably. Choose synthetic fabrics with a bit of a natural one. They absorb sweat perfectly, do not rub and create comfort.

In addition, you should follow the competent technique of workouts and recommendations on how to sit on a stationary bike. While riding an exercise bike, keep the body level, adjust the seat height, and do the main load on your legs.

How many calories are burned while riding the exercise bike?

Usual training on the stationary recumbent exercise bike allows to burn up to 700 calories per hour. 500 calories are burnt during an average speed. A lot depends on the intensity, method of training and even on the type of exercise bike.

See the table of energy consumption:

Duration of training Speed Calories burned
5 minutes 15-20 km / h 40-50
20 minutes 15-20 km / h 150
30 minutes 15-20 km / h 225
40 minutes 15-20 km / h 375
1 hour 15-20 km / h 450
5 minutes 20-35 km / h 70
20 minutes 20-35 km / h 250
30 minutes 20-35 km / h 380
40 minutes 20-35 km / h 600
1 hour 20-35 km / h 800

Of course, these numbers are approximate and can depend on other additional parameters. Partly, the higher body weight is, the more calories are burnt.

Except for this, methods of training and pulse diapason influence on this.

Attention! If you want to burn fat tissue, use the formula while training: (220-your age) * 0.65 = your heart rate. You need to maintain pulse around this number. In this case, speed is a secondary parameter.

Calorie-burning depends on the following factors

Pulse, heart rate
High pulse means that the body works in the intensive mode. So, more energy is needed for completing the work. That is why not all the exercises are suitable for losing fat. Only those increasing the breathing and pulse.

The same: the pulse and frequency of respiratory movements are two sides of the same coin. During intense exercises, as a rule, there is not enough air for the muscles. That also reduces the efficiency of energy use (and therefore increases the consumption of calories).

Level of training
Everything is clear here: sports people have an economical organism that does not need a lot of “fuel”.

Other body peculiarities
Suppose weight is important. After all, to move the legs themselves also need energy. And the amount of such energy will be different depending on body weight. It is clear that thin legs of the girl-inch move much easier (with fewer calories) than the legs of a solid lady.

Rules for effective workouts

Following the simple rules, it is easier to achieve the necessary result than simply sit and move the arm pedals. The next rules play an important role while doing exercises:

Technique and body position
Do not forget to regulate the saddle height. The posture must be straight. You do not need to bend your back too much. It should be in a natural position. Shoulders can be rounded a bit. The main pressure should not be put on hands. Keep them relaxed.

Feet should be parallel to the floor, knees move a bit ahead to distribute the load evenly. The head should be straight like you’re looking ahead while riding the bike.

Load level
The load should be agreeable with your level of training. Only in this case, the training will be effective. It is also important while doing workouts to control the pulse and pay attention to your personal feelings.

If losing weight is your current aim, the average level of training will be suitable. By doing this, the pedals should move slightly. The workout time should be minimum for half an hour to activate the process of burning calories. During the main training, the pulse should be 65-75 % of the maximal figure.

Monitoring the data
Fitness experts advise having a diary where you can write down the distance traveled, pulse, calories burned and other personal data.

Correctly chosen clothes
Clothes must be light and do not interfere the riding. For training, shorts and sports T-shirt will be a suitable variant. If desired, you can use the gloves for better non-slip contact with a device. Choose also non-slip shoes with a hard base. The snickers will be a good variant.

6 reasons why you do not lose weight

See the most common reasons why you cannot get slimmer using exercise bike:

Workout schedule
If you do not follow the strict schedule, you will not achieve the desired effect. 3-4 training a week is needed, plus regular additional rest days for recovery. When there is not enough training or not regular workout, the result will not be visible.

It is better to exercise 20-30 minutes on alternate days then every day during a week, after that having a longer rest.

If you do not follow the strict ration, the result will not come. As the diet and workout program are the equal elements of losing weight process. Without any part the effectiveness lowes. Proper nutrition during training is your key to success.

Training intensity
In the process of training, the body should reach a definite condition. You need to lead the body into the active state, that includes certain mechanisms. If you simply do the workout on regular speed and do not monitor the parameters, then you will achieve a minimal result.

Training method
You need to choose the optimal method of training for yourself, necessary training programs. Moreover, schedules of increasing the load according to your level of training. Start to write down the result after training programs and achieved progress.

Besides, you can wite down consumed and burned calories there.

Bad habits, stress
To normalize your body weight, you should keep to a healthy lifestyle in general. Different bad habits and regular stress increase the cortisol levels, that provoke overweight. The same is with the sleeping regime. Not enough sleep can interfere with normal training and maintaining normal body shape.

Try not only to add training in your usual daily schedule but also correct different bad habits you have. In other words, add a bit of healthy lifestyle.

Training after a meal
When you work out right after a meal, your body starts to use the received food as the main energy source. So it uses that food while training, leaving the fat deposits. Eating before the training is useful only if you need to develop strength and endurance.

But if you are working on losing weight, then better work out in 2-3 hours after having a meal. During that period you can drink enough water for maintaining an active metabolism.

If during 2-4 weeks you do not notice the effect of training and want to figure out the reason for this. Then pay attention to the mentioned above factors.

Bakhar Nabieva results

Useful advise

We give a piece of advice that can be useful for any type of training:

Use energetic music and other motives that will make your training more effective and active. In case you work out at home and switch your favorite TV program, then you are not supposed to make the high records.

In case you use a vertical variant and want to additionally pump up the buttocks, just raise the saddle. To imitate the ride on the bike, raise 5-7 centimeters higher. By the way, if you rise the saddle, do not move the load to hands. You need to give the load to legs.

Only this way you will manage to pump up muscles correctly. Do not forget that comfortable position is an essential parameter of exercises.

How many calories should you burn to lose weight?

Actually, for every person this question is individual. A lot depends on how much time you spend on training and what devices you use.

If you control your nutrition, do not overeat and move during the day, 500 burnt calories a day will be enough. Correct nutrition during training is the main key to success. If you train not every day, try to make exercises more effective.

Exercise bike reviews & ratings

My wife asked me to buy the Stationary recumbent exercise bike for home training in winter. She wanted to regularly do workouts for getting the beach body. Having walked around all the sports shops, I haven’t found anything rendering quality and price.


I wanted not expensive, easy to use, compact simulator. So I started looking for my perfect exercise bicycle in online services. One of such choices was amazon. There I found Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance and Pulse Sensor NS-908R.


So here it is – the miracle at our home. The simulator is just amazing, having the possibility to regulate the load levels. I chose the most difficult, of course. Besides, it has the possibility to control the speed, count the burnt calories. My wife was happy to have such functions.


It will show pulse for you to orient the appropriate speed and evaluate the load on the heart. Using at home, it is a great variant for maintaining tonus and burning fat. Marcy recumbent bike is a great helper for people who leads a sedentary way of life.

What are the main benefits for me? The heart will work better and after it all the internal organs. But the only thing is to do the exercises correctly.

See the rules:

  • Do not swing the body.
  • Do not pull out the toe, keep the foot horizontally (this will allow you to direct the load to the muscle group of the hips and obliques).
  • Do not bow, keep the head straight or slightly risen.

The advantages of this simulator are countless. It is very stable, cardio workouts bring lots of benefits. Of course, there is a better effect on nature. So we decided to try doing workouts on the balcony. The body is in tonus, mood raises and you feel much better after training!


Firstly, I have tried the YOSUDA Stationary exercise bike 300lb weight support with a belt drive for indoor cycling in the gym. After using it for a month I saw the visible results. I cannot say I was overweight, but I had some excess kilos in the belly area.


Moreover, my body didn’t look fit and toned, maybe because of the autumn depression. As a result, I lost 7 kilos in a month of training on an exercise bike. The abs got a relief, waist became much slimmer. What I understood: the main thing is to do workouts regularly.


It is not necessary to spend 2 hours a day on training. 40 minutes is enough but on a regular basis. Of course, legs have got the more sporty look, as the load was mainly on the lower part of the body. Technical characteristics were no worse than in previous variants I tried.


Earlier I used to do home fitness or aerobics, but the results were no so fast and striking, as after the Toolsempire Exercise Bike. Among the advantages of this simulator – it works so silently that I didn’t hear when it worked in the flat. It is very conveniently regulated.


Frankly speaking, if you consider the stationary exercise bike as the device for losing weight, it won’t help to burn fat as good as special devices do. Besides, for fat-burning, you need to follow a strict diet and do the cardio. Nevertheless, you will feel a significant effect after the first workouts.

I recommend do not waste time during the exercises. Read something interesting and useful, or learn something new. In case you do not feel enough motivation, turn on the energetic music videos out loud! Good luck and stay healthy.


What is the effectiveness:

  • the possibility of training at almost any level of sports training;
  • the calories are effectively burned: the main thing is to train with the activity you need for your level and focus on the table of energy costs;
  • the ability to effectively burn fat reserves, start metabolism, vary the number of calories burned;
  • general improvement in body tone, which leads to stable weight loss and saving the results for a long period;
  • getting a good habit of regular workouts, pedaling helps you keep fit and have a strong athletic body;
  • proven effectiveness: you can get the desired result if you regularly exercise and optimally determine periods of exercise and rest.

During the workouts, the pulse is constantly controlled. You can see it on the display. First of all, I needed the trainer consultation. But then I’ve got accustomed and used it myself. As a result, I would say that Toolsempire Exercise Bike is an excellent simulator worth its price.


If you do not have time to visit the gym and spend hours there. Nevertheless, you want to keep your body in tonus, then having an exercise bike at home is a solution. Personally, I work out with pleasure while watching TV or some interesting movie.


Having such an effective simulator at home is a good idea. The main thing is to find the place to stand it. Actually, I and my husband regularly use the simulator and already see the effect. The exercise bike has a display that shows all the data necessary while exercising.


During the work on the recumbent exercise bicycle, you can see the measurement of your pulse, speed of running, distance and how much we run secondly. After the end of the training, the display switches off automatically. It works with 2 AA batteries.


It is compact and takes little space. I worked out with Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike in the gym. What can I say? It is a perfect simulator for warming up 7-10 minutes before strength training or 20-25 minutes for weight loss. Especially useful when you feel lazy to run on the treadmill.


Summing up the given reviews:

We give a conclusion and tips from fitness experts. If we consider the majority of methods for losing weight, the exercise bike is the best option. Especially when choosing the appropriate training program for weight loss, it will be useful for both men and women.

Let’s consider how to lose weight with an exercise bike:

Which factors can interfere, and which can help. Thanks to this material, you can get the optimal effect of training, regardless of whether you exercise at home or gym.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does it help tighten your legs and hips?

A: If we are talking about losing weight, then it is best not to consider any separate parts of the body, since the body is losing weight completely. More precisely, fatty tissues are burned evenly throughout the body. If the legs become slimmer and thinner, then you will also notice that the stomach and other areas have lost weight.

As a rule, it is about reducing the amount of fat tissue throughout the body.

Please note! An exercise bike is an excellent option for the prevention and treatment of cellulite. Many additionally use different wraps and anti-cellulite ointments before workouts – such tools have proven effectiveness.

However, for a stationary bike, legs and hips are in a certain sense a target zone. It is these muscles that work most actively here. And most often it is not about power (anaerobic), but about aerobic exercise. The result is an increase in the elasticity of the leg muscles, an increase in relief and a decrease in volume.

Simply put, legs become more powerful and more athletic. Women who want to keep the shape of the hips and buttocks should not be afraid of exercise bikes – such classes only emphasize the advantages and remove the disadvantages. The benefit of the exercise bike for women is very significant.

Q: Is it possible to get rid of the cellulite?

A: In fact, everything depends on the stage of the disease. You know that cellulite demands a complex approach. For example, you can use various wraps or medicines, and regular cardio workouts will enforce this.

In any case, exercise bike helps against cellulite. Especially good it works the buttocks. Due to improved blood circulation in the lower limbs, cellulite is reduced. In addition, correct cardio training can help in burning fat.

Due to this effect (achieved by a special “skirt”, which is located in the lower part of the body and creates a vacuum), the circulation of fluids in the lower limbs is significantly improved. Many have noticed the positive effect of training on such simulators.

Attention! In order to effectively fight cellulite, use the complex of means. Use the help of the specialists and verified methods with proven effect.

Q: How much weight you can lose on a stationary bike?

A: The question of how much you can lose while exercising on this simulator is urgent. We can only give approximate data, since each body is unique and the ability to lose weight is determined individually, based on current conditions and additional factors. As a rule, it is about 3-4 kilograms in four weeks.

For many, this value may not seem to be quite significant. But here it is necessary to take into account the stability of the results and the opportunity to save the level achieved. At the initial stage, the results may be more intense, then become less noticeable, but the body continues to improve its shape.

To lose 100 grams of fat, you need to spend about 700-800 calories.

First, slags and water can be removed, and calories gained from recently eaten food can also be wasted. It is best to focus on exactly 3-4 kilograms in four weeks, although the results may be higher.

Sometimes you can lose 5 kg in just a couple of weeks with the help of diets and active workouts. But such overloads are not entirely beneficial for the body. It is better to train and lose weight gradually, but at the same time maintain the results.

Attention! When you work out on the exercise bike, do not pay attention to weight only. Consider also the body volumes: reducing them will mean the progress.

Often you do not notice the changes in weight, but the fat deposits burn and decrease in volumes. After that, the period of losing weight and relief body comes.

Famous bodybuilder with strong legs Bakhar Nabieva approves and regularly use the stationary recumbent exercise bike for leg work.

Women’s leg workout is a necessary part in gym and home training routine. With the proper equipment, you will get an effective and long-lasting result.

5 rules for fat-burning cardio

Now let’s figure out the main rules to follow for effective training. We could render here the opposite of the previous post rules, but it would be wasting time. So here are some new and significant points:

1. Warm-up and hitch

Combine any training with warm-up and hitch. Due to these important parts of training, you will manage to achieve a much better result.

2. Following the technique

Depending on your sitting position, the load on the body is distributed. If you train correctly, the load distributes smoothly and you effectively train your body. So during the training o not forget about the importance of the correct position.

3. Maintaining the pulse level

You need to maintain pulse in an optimal diapason. For a 30-year person, an optimal level is 120-125 in a minute. For a 40-year athlete, 115-120 and further with a similar pace. The main thing is not to increase the level too much.

Not only the lower pulse level is not effective for weight loss, but also a more intensive one. The mentioned areas promote fat-burning in the body. Other pulse areas serve other purposes.

4. Following the program

Nowadays even the most basic mechanical simulator has an on-board computer. It is capable to remember the program or follow the main parameters. Such an option is enough to gradually progress and keep to the chosen weight loss training program.

5. Water regime

A small amount of water is practically always necessary during weight loss workouts. Use clean water (better mineral) to maintain the metabolism and supply the body with necessary elements.


A stationary exercise bike is a suitable variant not for everyone:

For example, a vertical variant is a choice only for people with a healthy back. At least, you are allowed to have a slight deviation. In case you have the problems with bones and joints, you need the horizontal simulator.

Important! If you want to start regular exercises but have bad health, the best choice is to consult the doctor. You will figure out the possible restrictions. Except for it, we recommend learning the exercising technique and understand how to use the exercise bike.

Here is a range of other restrictions you should mind:


Modern home exercise bikes have a maximal load level of 110-120 kilos. In the case of overweight, you simply do not have the opportunity to train on such a simulator. You need to choose the horizontal exercise bike or use other methods for losing weight before.

By the way, the mini exercise bike is a good variant. As using this simulator, you practically do not give load on the core and pedals.

Problems with spine and joints

Significant stages of disease like osteochondrosis and osteoporosis do not allow to actively use the exercise bike. Repeat, that we mean only the serious stages. As a rule, for diseases of 1 and 2 stage exercise bike is additional prevention. In any case, the consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Cardiovascular system

The diseases of the cardiovascular system can restrict the load intensity or training itself. Here everything depends on the general state of the body.

Although many doctors warn against exercising on exercise bikes. In fact, they are available for a variety of illnesses. Moreover, this simulator is often used as part of a therapy or recovery process. The main thing is choosing the optimal program and choosing the load according to your physical form.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Riding bike exercises which muscles work?

A: This question is interesting for many people. You will not increase the muscles volume with exercise bike classes. It is false that you can over pump your legs using this amazing fitness device. First of all, it is cardio-simulators.

Practicing the exercise bike training you involve the muscles of the low body. The legs get great loading. The calf, biceps, quadriceps and the thighs do their work. Accordingly, the buttocks, back, and abs muscles are in progress too. As a result, this amazing sports tool develop the body’s moving activity, increase flexibility and stamina.

Q: How long should you go on an exercise bike to lose weight?

A: With no doubt, the key factor in all workouts is the constancy. So, make a schedule of exercise bike training and follow it strictly. But, take into consideration your fitness level and mode of life.

Avoid big loads at the first stages with the exercise bike. It will be enough to train within 15 minutes 2 times a week. In case you have the experience with this device you can train up to 1 hour 3 days a week. Please remember about recovery. Have 1 or 2 days break between the workouts.

Manage the load alternation to increase efficiency. Like an example perform 10 minutes of intense biking and 5 minutes of the quiet race.

Q: When is the best time to use an exercise bike?

A: There are different opinions concerning the best time for this amazing fitness tool. Focus on your personal specific rhythms of life. What are your working hours? Exercise bike workout is cardio training. So, many experts advice to perform biking in the morning.

One more reason to pedal before breakfast is fast lost weight. During the night time, the body spent Glycogen. It is a reserve source of carbohydrates accumulated in the liver. As a result, you will burn the fat since the first minutes of the workout. You can do an exercise bike at any time. But training should be regularly and comfortable for you and your well-being.

Q: Can I work out on a stationary exercise bike while pregnant?

A: Pregnancy is not a disease. In other words, you can go to your fitness classes. It’s true, that regular cardiovascular training during pregnancy is necessary. Every day the heart gets a greater load. Additional placental circle of blood circulation appears. As we already know, this fitness tool improves not only the heart but the leg muscles too.

It keeps them in good shape. But, more important is the prevention of varicose disease. It is a problem for the majority of pregnant women. Therefore, you can practice an exercise bike during this period of your life. However, only after consulting with your doctor. Be especially careful during the first trimester.

Q: What are the different types of exercise bikes?

A: We mentioned the recumbent bike with arm motion, but there are other types, such as the upright and Spin bike. Besides, these types also differentiate: you can meet a semi-recumbent bike. It is a combination of an upright and a recumbent.

The upright bike is a usual type of equipment most of us know about. While working out, the place of pedals is just under the body, comparable to a road bike. The latest spin bike moves like an open-air racing bike, having a little competition seat, low position handlebars, a weighted flywheel, fixed gears, and a bike chain instead of a belt.

Q: Does an exercise bike tone your stomach?

A: What exercise bike trains for sure is obviously – legs. In its turn, the stomach is the place from which the power produces. Your core involves abs, as well as the low back and pelvic floor muscles. While riding the recumbent exercise bike, your stomach keeps you calm and limit undesired rotation and upper-body movement.

Actually, riding the bike uses your stomach, but doesn’t directly build these muscles as other kinds of workout do. How to increase the pressure on your abs? While riding, draw these muscles in approaching your spine. Doing a few 30- to 60-second exercises with a higher resistance also produces more stomach pressure.

One more tip: after your cardio exercise on the bike, do the set of additional exercises just on the floor to strengthen the stomach muscles. You’ll be surprised that you can burn more calories keeping to this advise.

Q: Vertical or horizontal exercise bike?

A: The vertical exercise bike is an affordable solution for high-intensity workouts! Exercise bikes of this type are more common. This is due to their affordable cost and the ability to receive increased loads in the process of employment. With the help of this exercise bike, you can train different muscle groups.

To do this, you simply need to change the position of your simulator. Among the advantages of vertical models, is a fairly compact size, thanks to which it can easily stand even in a small apartment. The main disadvantage of the exercise bikes under consideration is an undesirable and rather high load on the back, spine, hip and knee joints.

As a result, experts do not recommend people who are overweight and athletes who have suffered serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system to engage in vertical-type models.

Horizontal exercise bike – the best choice for safe workouts! First of all, it should be noted that horizontal models are free from the disadvantages of their vertical counterparts. In this case, the bodyweight of the athlete is distributed more evenly.

At the same time, during training, the back is in a relaxed state, and the load on the knee joints is significantly reduced. It is important to emphasize that a horizontal simulator can be used to rehabilitate and restore physical shape after injuries. Among the minuses of this type of equipment, one should single out large enough sizes and higher cost.

In addition, you will receive in the process of training a smaller load, which slows down the process of losing weight and achieving other sports goals. It is worth adding that during workouts you will not be able to change the position of the body, which eliminates the possibility of receiving a load on additional muscle groups.

Q: Exercise bike or elliptical trainer?

A: Those who want to improve their health, physical shape, lose weight without leaving their home, sooner or later decide on buying a simulator. What is better to choose for a beginner – an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer?

Both belong to the category of cardiovascular machines: they actively work on the cardiovascular system, allowing you to burn extra calories. They differ in the nature of the movement and the impact on different muscle groups, and often also in size and cost.

Muscle work:

The exercise bike is a well-known and most common type of exercise equipment. While training, it is primarily the leg muscles that work: the calf muscles, the thigh muscles, and the buttock muscles. Significantly less stress on the muscles of the back and abdominals, even less – on the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest.

While training on an elliptical trainer, both the leg muscles, including the calf, thigh and gluteal muscless, the back, and abdominals – are worked out. In addition, it gives the load on the muscles of the hands – biceps and triceps, and pectoral muscles. Bodyweight, in this case, falls on the legs, which receive an additional load.

Calorie burning:

To understand which simulator burns calories better – an elliptical or exercise bike, you need to calculate their consumption per hour during training. For an hour of work on the exercise bike consumes an average of about 400 calories. An elliptical trainer will make you part with 780 calories.


What is better to choose from the point of view regarding safety training: exercise bike or an elliptical trainer? The elliptical trainer, unlike the exercise bike, has minimal effect on the knee and ankle joints and allows you to move more smoothly. Overweight people can do it, those who recover from injuries. In terms of stability and noise level, both types of simulators are about the same.

Sizes and cost:

In general, exercise bikes are more compact than elliptical, among them, there are more folding models. The minimum cost of exercise bikes, professional models are about the same.


Workouts on the exercise bike allow to read or watch at the same time video. For training on elliptic exercise machines, a big concentration of attention is required.


Consumer reviews indicate that preference is often given to an elliptical trainer. It affects the muscles of the entire body, gives better results and is more comfortable for the back and joints.

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