How to burn 400 calories on a treadmill?

Hi there! Recently I’ve read a useful article on how to build the workout routine.

Following the useful tips, I managed to organize my training program properly. Now my effectiveness really increased. The tips of fitness experts raised my treadmill workout on a new level.

Treadmill calorie burn chart

My current aim is burning 400 calories a day.

Actually, I’m a big lover of BBG meal plan and cardio workouts. This kind of training is perfect for developing endurance. Besides, cardio workouts cope well with extra kilos, have a useful influence on body and health.

Now I want to upgrade myself in this kind of workout.

I increased the number of repetitions, chose better treadmills. I even have a professional coach in the gym. So my workouts have become more effective.

Note the following facts:

Calorie counters (special programs) built into the simulator’s computer do not give a 100% reliable picture. Therefore, the problem of controlling energy consumption is not limited to buying a more “advanced” model (not the cheapest mechanical, but magnetic or electric).

Yes, a smart computer will not give you accurate information.

How does the simulator calculate your calories? It determines the speed and duration of your movements and then operates with averaged data that is very distantly related to a particular person.

Most often, standard programs tend to overestimate the achievements. They say you lose a lot of calories.

However, this data is somewhat useful. You can compare training in terms of effectiveness: even if the methodology is not accurate, but it is constant. The computer considers it strictly according to a given standard.

You should accept the fact already mentioned:

Different people use different amounts of energy on a treadmill. This indicator depends on the whole complex of initial conditions, including the person’s body weight, degree of fitness, etc.

Check also the fitness equipment to burn calories:

Obviously, running at different speeds, with different inclines, calories will be burned differently.

A study was conducted in the USA: over the 10 years of the fashion for healthy running, the risk of mortality from heart attacks fell 2.5 times.

Indeed, running allows you to train not only muscles, but also the cardiovascular system, every cell in the body learns to use oxygen more efficiently. Running on a treadmill in the fitness world is considered safer than its classic version.

The main reason for this is a specially designed canvas, which reduces the load on the joints. But most of those who start to run, do it to reduce weight. Based on this, the question arises: how many calories does the treadmill burn?

Now I have the question for you guys:

  • It is possible to burn 400 calories a day using the treadmill every day?
  • Can you provide me with the treadmill calorie burn chart?
  • Can you advise me on a list of the speed/incline for pre-programmed workouts?

As to me, I go to the gym 3 times a week: on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I have a special workout routine and equipment. I use ProForm Power 995i treadmill.  Though I can make changes according to the recommended variant.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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Hello! Without any doubts, a treadmill is an excellent tool for burning calories. Perhaps, it is even the best one, if your goal is to lose weight at any cost. Without thinking about maintaining muscle mass). There is only one disadvantage of the treadmill. It is the monotony of the training load. Many people aren’t very tired of the fact that it is aggressive cardio (although it psyches out). A lot of them dislike the monotonous running in place for a long time.

As for me, we can diversify and increase the effectiveness of cardio-training on the track by giving it the elements of interval physical load. The interval training load provides for various modes of work during the run. You can run at different speeds, with the different inclines.

1. A simple 10-minute warm-up program

0-2 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 2% 
2-4 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 4% 
4-6 min — speed: 8 km/hour; incline: 6% 
6-7 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 2% 
7-9 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 0% 
9-10 min — speed: 12 km/hour; incline: 2% 

2. Two-minute speed intervals

0-1 min — speed: 8 km/hour; incline: 0% 
1-3 min — speed: 12 km/hour; incline: 0% 
3-5 min — speed: 8 km/hour; incline: 0% 
5-7 min — speed: 12 km/hour; incline: 0% 
7-9 min — speed: 8 km/hour; incline: 0% 
9-11 min — speed: 12 km/hour; incline: 0% 
11-13 min — speed: 8 km/hour; incline: 0% 

13-15 min — speed: 12 km/hour; incline: 0% 

3. Time-speed intervals

0-2 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 0% 
2-4 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 5% 
4-6 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 0% 
6-8 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 5% 
8-9 min — speed: 6 km/hour; incline: 10% 
9-10 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 2% 
10-11 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 4% 
11-12 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 6% 
12-13 min — speed: 6 km/hour; incline: 8% 
13-14 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 0% 
14-15 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 0% 

4. Street running simulator

0-2 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 0% 
2-4 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 9% 
4-6 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 0% 
6-8 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 3% 
8-10 min — speed: 12 km/hour; incline: 0% 
10-12 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 5% 
12-14 min — speed: 13 km/hour; incline: 0% 
14-16 min — speed: 9 km/hour; incline: 7% 
16-18 min — speed: 13 km/hour; incline: 0% 
18-19 min — speed: 7 km/hour; incline: 9% 
18-20 min — speed: 10 km/hour; incline: 0% 

Finally try to perform this complex for treadmill training. Hope it will give you an excellent results! 
Be healthy and good luck!


What is the optimal speed for a treadmill?

It is necessary to begin training with a warm-up – with walking at the level of 4 kilometers per hour. After ten minutes, it is possible to switch to 9-10 km / h. and gradually reach its maximum. Finish the exercise again should be at a smooth pace. If you plan not to run, but just walk, you need 5-6 km / h.

  • First, you need to focus on your own health and recommendations of the coach, to run as much as possible.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to take as a basis a very simple and clear criterion – heart rate (HR).
  • During classes you need to make sure that the pulse is within a certain zone – only then exercises on the treadmill (and not only on it, but on most cardiovascular machines in general) will be effective. Read more about this in the article on the target zone of the pulse.

What should be the slope?

So, a high incline treadmill is needed not for a beginner, but for a sufficiently trained user.
The best slope of the track – one in which fitness does not turn into a real torment. In most cases, the norm is 3-7 degrees. It’s not enough – you need to change the settings a little more and make the angle a couple of degrees higher.

Remember a few significant points. First, we repeat, the training should not cause overloads (we adapt the degree of the angle to our capabilities). Track how each attempt to change the position of the canvas affects your well-being.

Secondly, if it is important for you to burn calories – we make a small (relatively) tilt, if you are more attracted by the prospect of strengthening the muscles of the legs – we put more.

You are probably wondering how many degrees the treadmill goes in principle. We explain: it all depends on the price of a particular model. For expensive designs, the marginal rate often equals fifteen, for the simplest ones, six.

Sometimes tilt angle adjustment is absent altogether.

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