The results of Amazon exercise bikes are shapely legs, tight buttocks, flat belly. The exercise bike is an effective way of weight loss and sculpting a beautiful body. As well as 2-Way Boxing Stand w/ Punching Bag – one of the best fitness equipment in New York and not only. Among the variety of this fitness device models here is the balance of utility usefulness, reliability and price.

According to customers’ feedback, users absolutely love this cardio fitness equipment!

Go Plus Dynamic exercise bikes on Amazon

Toolsempire Exercise Bike Stationary Bicycle Cardio Equipment for Indoor Sports Fitness. With its help, you will always be in shape with pumped muscles and developed endurance. Try and make sure it provides the most effective cardio training!

Folding upright exercise bike advantages

Attractions of this sports bike

  • Frame:                       strong but light
  • Saddle:                      adjustable
  • Handlebar:               adaptable
  • Display:                     multifunctional LCD
  • Speed:                        regulation
  • Pedals:                       safe
  • Flywheel:                  smooth and calm running
  • Setting:                      easy
  • Application:             indoor and outdoor

This stationary bicycle or the given fitness device is perfect for workouts in the gym and at home. The weight and dimensions allow using this type of sports bike in small enough room places. Like the other similar biking simulators, it is ideal to get in shape. Regular bike exercise training provides cardio progress and muscles tone.

It develops strengths and endurance. You can say goodbye to extra kilograms. The exercise bike is a trustworthy associate to burn calories and lose weight. Construction is firm but easy to assemble. Exercise bike instruction guides the setting. The manufacturer supplies all required parts.

  • Durability 

The frame is durable. It is made of firm steel. Even heaver people can work out with the safety on this fitness tool. You are able to regulate the comfortable saddle up to your height and desire. Handlebar suggests the same adjustment. Feet straps guarantee secure fixing on wide aluminum pedals. The flywheel is optimally weighted. Exercise bike’s running is soft and gentle. You will never disturb your nearest and neighbors with the nose. It means you can pedal any time of the day or night.

  • Adaptiveness

Everybody can adapt the speed and resistance according to their fitness level. The beginners and expert will choose the convenient and functional tempo and mode. They do it without electrodes. Special knob for tension and reduction will assists.

Functional LCD display controls the most important body data. It demonstrates scan, heart rate, odometer, distance, speed and time. The exercise bike is a universal fitness device which helps you to be healthier.

Model GoPlus description

Available color:                               black and red
Exercise bike dimensions:             L- 42″ x W-20″ x H-38″; or L-1,067m x W-0,5m x H-0,96m
Weight:                                              75 lbs; or 34kg
Weight limit:                                    264 lbs; or 120kg

Saddle material:                              polyurethane (PU)
Pedals: aluminum alloy
The frame of equipment:               steel
Flywheel weights:                            28 lbs; or 12,8kg
Required batteries:                          2 x AA
Display:                                              LCD

The display indicates:                     heart rate, odometer, scan, distance, speed, time

What do the delivery brings?

  • Exercise bike – 1
  • Batteries AA – 2
  • Manual -1

Recumbent bike cardio workout program

Before you start any workout including exercise bike performs the warming-up. You can do jumping, squats, pushups, breathing exercises. It will prepare and stretch your muscles. The warming- up helps to prevent injuries.
Besides, you can burn more calories while biking if your body is warmed up.

The main goal is weight loss without health damage. So, before you chose the right program keep in mind your possibilities. The sense of workout is to increase the load and intense slowly but surely.

Step 1.  Exercise bike workout for the beginners

  • Develop the skills for 6-8 weeks.
  • In case you have a lack of fitness experience then start with minimal load. Train and smoothly increase the speed, power and time.
  • This level starts 15 minutes pure pedalling. Then it reaches 30 minutes workout and 3-4 classes per week.
  • Pulse intensity is 60-70% of the maximum acceptable.
  • Frequency is no more than 50 steps per minute.

Step 2. Advanced weight loss

  • Precede these classes for 4-5 days a week.
  • It’s the rather intensive exercise bike workout to burn the calories. Besides, it helps to keep the weight level after you get the target.
  • The duration of the program depends on the speed of weight loss. This factor is absolutely individual.
  • We advise to pedal up to 45 minutes. Of course, start with the warming up.
  • Pulse rate is 70-80% of the age maximum.
  • Frequency varies between 50-60 steps per minute.
  • Leave some days for recovering.

Exercise bike benefits for the elderly ones

This fitness equipment is an excellent tool to stay in good shape at any age. Biking helps to solve the problems with bones, back and legs. Pedaling lessens the pain caused by osteoporosis or arthritis. These exercises prevent thrombosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity. They improve sleeping and stimulate blood circulation.
You can strengthen the immune system too.

Before starting exercise bike training it is worth to consult the physician. Choose a comfortable mode of biking.
Always initiate with a minimum intensity. Listen to your feelings. Then little by little increase the load. It is better not to overcome 40 minutes a day on the bike. Do not forget to drink enough water.


  • Riding bike exercises which muscles work?

This question is interesting for many people. You will not increase the muscles volume with exercise bike classes.
It is false that you can over pump your legs using this amazing fitness device. First of all, it is cardio-simulators.

Practicing the exercise bike training you involve the muscles of the low body. The legs get great loading. The calf, biceps, quadriceps and the thighs do their work. Accordingly, the buttocks, back, and abs muscles are in progress too. As a result, this amazing sports tool develop the body’s moving activity, increase flexibility and stamina.

  • How long should you go on an exercise bike to lose weight?

With no doubt, the key factor in all workouts is the constancy. So, make a schedule of exercise bike training and follow it strictly. But, take into consideration your fitness level and mode of life.

Avoid big loads at the first stages with the exercise bike. It will be enough to train within 15 minutes 2 times a week.
In case you have the experience with this device you can train up to 1 hour 3 days a week. Please remember about recovery. Have 1 or 2 days break between the workouts.

Manage the load alternation to increase efficiency. Like an example perform 10 minutes of intense biking and 5 minutes of the quiet race.

  • When is the best time to use an exercise bike?

There are different opinions concerning the best time for this amazing fitness tool. Focus on your personal specific rhythms of life. What are your working hours? Exercise bike workout is cardio training. So, many experts advice to perform biking in the morning.

One more reason to pedal before breakfast is fast lost weight. During the night time, the body spent Glycogen. It is a reserve source of carbohydrates accumulated in the liver. As a result, you will burn the fat since the first minutes of the workout. You can do an exercise bike at any time. But training should be regularly and comfortable for you and your well-being.

  • Can I work out on a stationary exercise bike while pregnant?

Pregnancy is not a disease.  In other words, you can go to your fitness classes. It’s true, that regular cardiovascular training during pregnancy is necessary. Every day the heart gets a greater load. Additional placental circle of blood circulation appears.  As we already know, this fitness tool improves not only the heart but the leg muscles too.

It keeps them in good shape. But, more important is the prevention of varicose disease. It is a problem for the majority of pregnant women. Therefore, you can practice an exercise bike during this period of your life. However, only after consulting with your doctor. Be especially careful during the first trimester.

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