Nowadays Medicine Ball can be considered as one of the oldest sports equipment. Leather balls with stuffing had been already known even in Ancient Hellas. Hippocrates who is famous as the “Father of Medicine” used leather balls stuffed with sand. His purpose was to restore the health and strength of warriors who suffered injuries and traumas. Hence, a lot of antique athletes used something similar to “Medicine Ball” during their training.

It is important to say that the leather balls with stuffing balls were not forgotten even in later times. The inexpensive and straightforward sports equipment has proven its effectiveness. That is why it does not deserve oblivion. So, we want you to do a review on one of the most popular Medicine Ball. It is AmazonBasics Medicine Ball.

General Characteristics of AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

Everyone knows that there is a lot of different type of Medicine Ball. However, one of the most significant advantages of the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is that this item can be in different weight. You can buy this product at 4 pounds, or 20 pounds. So, as you could understand the product dimensions, depends on its mass. The more the product weighs, the more its size. That’s why, which one chooses, you should decide by relying only on your personal needs and interests.

Secondly, a big pleasure is this these Medicine Ball are in different colours. Stripes cover the whole surface of the ball. The stripes are in two colours (black + another addition colour). However, it is important to say that it depends only on its weight. For example, Medicine Ball on 4 pounds is green + black and on 20 pounds is grey + black. So, as you could understand, each of the balls has its colour.

Let’s take a look at the list below:

  • 4 pounds — green + black;
  • 6 pounds — yellow + black;
  • 8 pounds — red + black;
  • 10 pounds — dark blue + black;
  • 12 pounds — orange + black;
  • 14 pounds — violet + black;
  • 15 pounds — turquoise + black;
  • 16 pounds — pear green + black;
  • 18 pounds — light blue + black;
  • 20 pounds — grey + black.

Hence, as you can see, the spect of the colours are pretty broad.

Also, it is important to say that the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is without handles. Due to this fact, this product is versatile. For filling the Medicine Ball, many companies use a special gel. However, sometimes they use more straightforward packing, for example, sawdust or sand. Thanks to this filling, the ball does not have elasticity.

Besides, AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is not bouncy. The massive stuffing extinguishes the blows. It is important to say that the material of this product is a special textured, dense rubber. Yes! The leather does not make AmazonBasics Medicine Ball! That is why be sure that this product is environmentally friendly. It is essential to say that this rubber texture guarantees firm grip, even in cases when your hands are wet or sweaty.

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

Why should I use AmazonBasics Medicine Ball?

It is important to say that there are a lot of advantages of using Medicine Ball. This kind of sports equipment allows you to regulate the physical load on the muscles and ligaments pretty clearly. That is why a lot of people often use this sports equipment during the recovery period after injuries or traumas. Also, exercises with Medicine Ball allow you to reach a lot of other goals. It includes a set of muscle mass, weight loss, the development of motor coordination, etc.

The ball gives you the opportunity to make a variety of training. Be sure in this case your workouts will never be monotonous! On the contrary, they will always be fun, dynamic and exciting for you! Also, this excellent type of sports equipment is perfect for training with someone else. It means that you can do exercises with your trainer or another partner, for example. Yes! Of course, without any doubts, it sounds great!

Secondly, people can use Medicine Ball even in older age. Mainly they use this equipment for functional training. It is such a period when it is necessary to develop the joints carefully. Older people have weakened muscles. That’s why they need to load their muscles limited.

Finally, be sure the medical ball can replace weights and dumbbells. Sometimes people use Medicine Ball in combination with other sports pieces of equipment.

The advantages of training with a Medicine Ball:

  • helps to strengthen muscles without overloading;
  • improves the coordination of movements;
  • helps older people to develop their joints;
  • it is a useful tool in the process of rehabilitation after injuries of the locomotor system;
  • it is very portable and pretty cheap. You can use this excellent type of sports equipment as well in the gym and at home.

Finally, it is important to say that a lot of athletes who plays basketball or volleyball also very often use such attractive kind of sports equipment during their training. Let’s watch this video review. It is very cool! Also, there is some useful exercise. So, you can immediately to see how to work with this equipment.

How to choose AmazonBasics Medicine Ball?

4, 8, 10 or how much pounds do I need? Yes! We know, it is a quite tricky question. However, we know how to help you. First of all, you should adequately assess your strength. You should try to begin your training with a small weight. Please, do not buy the ball “with plenty to spare”. When you are ready for a more significant mass, you will always be able to buy the more massive ball.

However, if you buy a hardball immediately, you will have any motivation to do your training. Remember! You will be able to increase the training load with the help of the number of repetitions.


Be sure AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is suitable for everyone. This excellent type of sports equipment heads a lot of the ratings. Furthermore, it has a lot of excellent comments and reviews on the Internet. Every day hundreds of people buy this product. As a result, they are lucky with the purchase.

Moreover, these people have a beautiful and muscular body. So, do not waste time! Buy AmazonBasics Medicine Ball right now! It is easy! Just order this item on Amazon and enjoy it a lot!

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