What is a punching bag?  What does punching bag do? Why do you need a punching bag? What skills does it develop? Where to workout punching bag? Let us chat together these matters.

A punching bag or a heavy bag is a large cylindrical shell. Usually, it is made of leather or the other durable fabric.  The stuffing of the punching bag is variable.  Usually, the sand, iron sand or sawdust fills them. It can be mixed with rubber or plastic crumbs.  The weight of punching bag is different too.  Heavier ones reach 100 kg and more.

There are different types, sizes and weight of punching bag.  To obtain the best heavy bag, you should recognize your fitness level.  You should know exactly what abilities to enrich. If you are the beginner, do not start with the too heavy punching bag.

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Any amateur athletes or professionals try to develop strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and good reaction.  Punching bag facilitates to improve these skills.  If you are in boxing, martial arts, Muay Thai, taekwondo, karate, kickboxing you cannot avoid punching bag exercising.  You will definitely upgrade the body shape with punching bag too.  This device is your partner to lose the weight. Do you have a bad mood?  Stress, depression feelings and frustration disturb you. Do punching bag to relax and refresh. Blow the steam out.  This device is simple and universal for home and gym workouts.

2-Way Boxing Stand w/ Punching Bag


2-Way Boxing Stand w/ Punching Bag

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You have already decided that punching bag is the very thing for the purpose. To make your life easier here is the study of one of the best punching bag set.  This gear is excellent to practice your kicking and boxing skills at home or in the gym.

You were looking for the punching bag only. However, you have the chance to receive the perfect complement. It consists of the punching bag, stand frame, speedball and its platform. It’s much better to get more equipment at one price, is not it? You can easily improve the speed and power skills with one unit.  Now some more details about this best offer of the punching bag.

The punching bag kit includes:

  • Boxing stand frame: 1
  • Punching bag: 1 Speedball: 1
  • Speedball platform: 1
  • Set of mounting accessories: 1

Key features

Stand frame features:

  • Available colour: black
  • Made of: high-quality strong steel
  • Dimensions: L- 4′ 5″ x W-3′ 6″ x H – 6′ 8″ or L-1.45m x W – 1.42m x H – 2.03m
  • Central tube dimensions: 1.8″ x 1.8″ x 0.06″
  • Advisable height of customer: 4′ 7″ – 6′ 3″  Net weight: 92.6 lb or 42kg


  • Available colour: black and red
  • System: inflatable
  • Dimensions:diameter- 6.3″ x Height – 11″
  • Net weight: 10.8 oz or 0.3kg

Platform for speedball

  • Available colour: black
  • Dimensions: diameter – 1′ 11″
  • Regulating levels: 4 modes from 5′ 10″ to 5′ 4″

Punching bag

  • Available colour: black
  • Made of: 100% polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 11.4″ x 32″ (Φ x H)
  • Net weight: 44lb or 20kg

Punching bag gear advantages

The punching bag frame is firm and safe.  It is manufactured of strong steel. The bottom is a triangle.  It is equipped by buffer end caps. The extra weight on it gives more stability. It allows exercising on the bumpy or slippery places. The assembling is very simple. Just set up the punching bag and speedball to this stand. You can adjust it according to your personal needs. This fitness kit is super to tone the upper body muscles. It is not a problem if the weight is too light for you. The massive steel base permits to use the heavier punching bag.  These features assist to advance coordination, tempo and power.  Different methods and types of hits are getting better.

Punching bag treatment         

Every punching bag owner should take care of its useful fitness equipment. Clean it regularly according to the instructions and manufacturing material.  First of all, it is an important hygiene rule.  And it will prolong the shelf life of the punching bag.

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Punching bag workout

There are many workout routines on the punching bag.  Athletes can use them to organize the ways of developing various kinds of strikes.

Punching bag exercises bring a large number of benefits for the athletes.  Note, that before starting the classes, you must first learn the techniques of striking the air. It helps to learn the right movements well and prevent injuries. These motions in the air should be wide, smooth and plastic.

Experienced sportsmen plan their workouts combining strength and cardio exercises. They alternate boxing the punching bag, jumping rope and push-ups.

Here is an easy 6-round punching bag training program that will help you develop diverse skills.

  • Round 1 Warming

Walk around the bag and perform long strokes, mainly jabs and doubles. Pay attention to guard. Focus the eyes on the whole punching bag.  Do not concentrate on one small place. You should feel as if the bag has the hands.  Imagine that you should counter the attack from any angle.   Beat with half a force.  Move a lot.


  1. keep your guard
  2. set your blow distance
  3. use your eyes
  • Round 2 and 3 Power and Movements

Attack the bag with the series of blows. Increase the strike force up to 80%. Time to time make some really heavy punches. Remember to use good strength, technique and breathing. Load your legs with good footwork. Do not jump but turn deftly.


  1. perfect technique
  2. right breathing
  3. smart movements
  • Round 4 and 5 Speed

Tabata exercises will help. Alternate 15 seconds of the fastest blows with a 15-second break. Then repeat up to the end of the round. Mostly focus on speed. Do not forget about power and technique. Progress the speed and try to involve the whole body. It develops arms and legs quick coordinated muscle contractions.


  1. fast breathing
  2. fast speed
  3. less power
  • Round 6 Endurance

The final round is dedicated to muscular endurance only. Deliver the blows during the round time. It is better to concentrate on smaller and shorter strikes. They are not harmless light strokes. These punches develop muscle memory and. activate your muscles. Do not be lazy, keep balance, and remember about breathing.


  1. maximize the striking rhythm
  2. keep balance
  3. avoid heavy strikes


Ask your fitness question about a punching bag

What weight punching bag should I buy?

The punching bags have different weight.  The weight varies between 20-30kg up to 100ks. You can start with the lighter.  The lighter bag the lighter it swings. It reproduces the movements of the challenger.  All these things help to improve your reactions and exactness. You also can move around the bag.  In this case, you avoid the hits and get a great cardio work out.

What type of punching bag should I buy?

There are 3 main types of punching bag materials. Usually, they are made of:

  • Fabric: more suitable for leisure activities.
  • Polyurethane: for regular use.
  • Leather: for regular and intensive use. It is the most durable.

Regular sizes of punching bad are 0.8m and 1.2m. For kickboxing or the other leg’s exercises it is better to get the higher unit.

Can I use a punching bag without gloves should I wear gloves for a punching bag?

It is not a good idea. Punching bag training should be done with gloves.  Of course, you can use fingerless gloves stuffed with foam or gel. Special gloves designed for such workouts are applicable too. The classic boxing gloves are perfect for the punching bag. They guarantee the best possible striking protection during the training and competitions.

Finally, the punching bag brings advantage s who deals with boxing and martial arts.  Athletes learning fighting basics will win doing punching bag classes as well.   Those who want to lose the weight and be in shape get the great benefits in these training. Punching bag   allows:

  • Keep the muscles in a tone. It develops the shoulders, triceps, chest and back.
  • Increase impact power.
  • Improve resistance and endurance.
  • Effectively strengthen the heart. The work out with a punching bag entails a large physical load.
  • Let the steam out to get rid of tenseness and daily stress.
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