As we understand you are looking for the best lat pulldown equipment to improve your back muscles.
With our pleasure, we open some tips as for this matter.

It is true that lat pulldown practising is one of the basic exercises in back workouts for men and women. They are totally obvious in case you are not able to perform pull-ups in full. These classes help you to advance necessary muscles of arms, shoulders and back.

How and where to perform pulldowns? Where to get the optimal lat pulldown unit?
The answer is very simple. Click here and solve your problem.

Marbo Sport Advanced Self Standing Lat Pulldown

Lat pulldown

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  • Qualified finishing
  • Non-slip base
  • Bar fits for wide grip
  • Support for the legs is regulating
  • Total stability
  • Security Certificate from European Quality Centre

Peculiarities among the others lat pulldown

Material:                    firm steel

Blocks:                       6 units

Frame:                       super stable


Length – 47.00 x  Width – 30.00 x  Height- 83.00 Inches

Length – 1.2 x  Width – 0.76 x   Height- 2.1 meters

Weight:                     66 lbs or 30kg


By one click you will get:

Easy to install lat pulldown machine with its main parts.  Namely, they include the stable bottom platform, wide grip bar,  the stand with pulling blocks.

Why Marbo Sports Advanced Self Standing Lat Pulldown ?

Here are the experts’ submitting of lat pulldown equipment from Marbo Sport. It is an advanced instance of the self-standing unit from Marbo Sport. They use only the best feature to offer this tool.

  • Innovation

Innovated Semi Pro Line Series presents the model MS-W103. It is a completely safe fixed unit. This device additionally equipped with a seat. The improved machine has the feet and hips supports. It brings extra positive workout impact.

  • Improvement

Approved design of the last model MS-W103 is impressive. It has real competitive advantages among the other lat pulldown machines. The manufacturer invested many efforts to present this outstanding tool at the market.

  • Advanced technologies

Higher quality standards of steel classify this perfect device among the number of other lat pulldown gears. This material is the outcome of the advanced technologies and engineering solutions. Well-built structure warrant top strength of this lat pulldown device. So, you will get not only perfect fitness machines but better external design. As one unit the customer obtains the set enough to start working out without delay. This complex includes weight bench, wide bar, pull-down, steel cords with snap hooks and rubber bumpers. You will also get the thighs and feet support.

  • Reasonable price

Semi Pro Line lat pulldown joins the best quality at a reasonable price. This series will satisfy the most demanding users at home and in professional gyms. Those who value the luxury ease and protection will enjoy it.

  • Quality standards

The producer emphasizes on main concern to security. European Quality Centre tested this device for safety. To ensure the safety of our customers, our equipment has been tested for safety and conformity. As the result, they issued Top Security Certificate for Semi-Pro Line products.

Lat pulldown opinion in brief

 This lat pulldown gear performs smoothly in the gym. It takes a small space in the apartment. It is lovely.


 They have already seen definite results after exercising with this model of lat pulldown. Back and arms muscles have grown. Very happy with it.


This is a fantastic lat pulldown unit duet to the size, quality and budget price. It is the super equipment for a home gym. This machine is one of the coolest he ever bought. He is absolutely admired about this gear. Buy it immediately.

Lat pulldown practical guidance

Let us believe that this Marbo Sport advanced self standing lat pulldown review is useful to define with the choice.
We would like to help with some practical guidance using this tool. First of all, we share a portion of the theory in brief.

Lat pulldown benefits 

  •  fast progress in working weights
  • the back  width increasing
  • V-shaped torso
  • slim waist
  • improve the posture;
  •  an alternative to pull-ups
  • variety of options
  • ease  and availability

Brief lat pulldown concept

The lat pulldown is one of the basic exercises. The back and elbow join work actively. It involves almost all the muscles of the back, arms and shoulders. It also simulates the pull-ups.  But, the difference is that the athlete does not pull his weight up to the bar. But, he pulls the bar with extra weight to himself.

Lat pulldown differentiation

There are some types and kinds of lat pulldown exercises and workouts.
The athletes can pull the bar towards the head and chest.
The grip classifies these exercises as wide, middle and close.
The hand position divides the pulling movements into overhand, underhand or even mixed grips.
All these variations have common pulling but vary in some training specific features.

Key lat pulldown rules

1. Take seat of the lat pulldown machine. Fix the knees under the foam rollers. Adjust their position.
2. Move to the stand with the blocks as close as possible.
3. Grip the bar according to the desired kind of lat pulldown exercise. You should feel comfortable enough.
4. Put the torso slightly backwards. Only slightly!
5. Do a deep breath and begin to pull the bar toward the head or chest.
6. Elbows are in the same line with the arms and back
7. In the lowest point make additional blades squeezing.
8. Return the bar to its initial position slowly.
9. Keep the hand unbend in the top point. Save tension in your back. Try to stretch it in additionally.
10. Do exhale if you pulling down and inhale when you raise the bar.

Avoid main pulldown mistakes

  •  Do not decline  back a lot
  •  Pull the bar only vertical
  •  Perform the pulling only with the back muscles.  Avoid involving your biceps
  •  Elbows move strictly along the body
  •  Do not put the head down. Look forward
  •  Perform lat pulldowns smoothly without jerks

Ask your fitness question about lat pulldown

Which kind of lat pulldown is better or more effective?

Everything depends on your goals and fitness level.  However, for the beginners, we recommend starting with the classic option of lat pulldown. It is a wide grip type of exercise. A close grip is more suitable for those who want to improve the lower back. An underhand grip is an excellent option if you prefer to combine the back and handloading. You can use it in biceps days.

The bar grip width affects different muscles during lat pulldown, doesn’t it? 

If the grip is close the biceps work harder. Wide bar grip is wide developed the back parts muscles.                                 At the same time, a wide grip does not give us the full amplitude. The wider is the grip the shorter is amplitude. So, the key item is to find the intermediate position to shape the back and hands equally. In this case, the back will load well and the amplitude is enough. Accordingly, as an option is to start with a medium grip. Then, you can increase the grip width.

Lat pulldown behind the head. Is it a dangerous exercise?

Certainly, each exercise can be dangerous if you do not follows the technique and safety advice. Speaking about lat pulldown behind the head there are some notes to avoid the problems.
It is better do not choose this lat pulldown tip who are new in fitness. Too hard weight is not friendly to pull it behind the head. Be sure that all your upper joints are healthy and mobile enough. You do not have any injuries. Then include 1-2 times per month this lat pulldown to the back workout.


This lat pulldown technical and promotional note is over. We touched headlights of this basic exercise for the upper body.  We respect your time. So,  prepared the review of the reasonable lat pulldown device. Please, let us know if it was helpful.

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