YAMAY Fitness Tracker Review

D​eciding on the accurate fitness bracelet with blood pressure monitor? Pay attention to YAMAY tracker. It also has heart rate monitor, step counter and sleep monitor.

This amazing fitness tracker for women, men, as well as for kids will not leave anyone indifferent.

It gets better:

This waterproof bracelet can easily sync to your phone. It is simple in usage and very convenient. The majority of customers remark in their reviews that YAMAY fitness armband measures with high accuracy the following data:

It is a perfect variant for those who lead an active lifestyle and want to permanently monitor the functioning of their body. Check also Akuti fitness tracker reviews to make your choice.

YAMAY Fitness Tracker with blood pressure monitor

Find your phone, press the bracelet button for 2 seconds, then your mobile phone will ring.

User manual | connecting to app 8SPORT

The YAMAY activity tracker is an amazing friendly fitness bracelet that most users find really simple to operate. You need just connect the fitness device to the free App that you get with it. You need to download the App 8SPORT from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Actually, it depends on the device you want to sync with.

According to customers’ reviews, they try to connect the smartwatch to Android and IOS devices and had no problems with either. YAMAY fitness tracker setup is simple and quite easy to understand.

How to charge YAMAY fitness tracker

As soon as you sync the tracker with your phone:

It will start using the data on your phone to set the date and time. There are different settings on the smartwatch but most users find it very comfortable and easier to access them on their phones.

To charge the fitness bracelet, you need to follow the simple steps:

On average, it takes about 2 hours to charge, and this charge remains for nearly 3 days. Though in case you use it quite a bit.

This wristband is reasonably well made and feels convenient to wear it. The tracker is waterproof to IP67. So you can wear it not only during raining weather but also while swimming underwater. The fitness device will vibrate to alert you in case your phone has a phone call, text and SMS message such as Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

The great advantage:

Fitness bracelet can monitor your various activities, heart rate, and sleep. It can work out all the purposes you could demand from numerous well-known brands. But this device is at a part of the price. Usually, people have no problem advising YAMAY fitness tracker band.

YAMAY Smartwatch Comparison Chart

Check YAMAY Fitness Trackers comparison chart to choose the most suitable fitness bracelet for you. Before making a choice, compare the specific features of each YAMAY model.

Check also the comparison chart Fitbit Aria vs. Fitbit Aria 2 to decide on upgrading the device.

Top 9 reasons to buy YAMAY waterproof fitness tracker

Fitness tracker highly accurately tracks your heart rate the whole day. Besides, helps you identify heart rate situation and make an improvement to your lifestyle and workout routine.

You can easily connect this tracker with your smartphone. Then you are able to check calls, messages and social app messages simply on your wrist. You will never miss anything important.

YAMAY fitness bracelet automatically and highly precisely monitors and records your whole day steps, calories, distance, and duration time.

This convenient bracelet can remind you to relax every once in a while. The device works according to your setting in order to help you keep your body in excellent shape.

The smart device automatically detects your sleep at night. With the help of this function, it provides you with long and profound sleep, as well as light sleep and perfect wake up time.

You can easily connect the YAMAY fitness bracelet with your phone. In such a way, always be able to check your traveling route, distance, calories and duration time in the app.

The fitness tracker is able to record up to 14 exercises. Such as hiking, running, and riding. Moreover, it helps you track various kinds of workout. Check also the best fitness trackers and fitness watches.

Built-in USB plug enables you to charge without charging cable. So it is highly convenient. A great advantage of this smartwatch is that a full charge can support up to 7 days of working time.

With its IP68 Waterproof standard, YAMAY fitness tracker is able to allow you to go swimming or diving without worries, not taking it off your wrist.

Check also bands for fitness tracker watch (namely for YAMAY fitness tracker SW 333)

YAMAY fitness tracker not counting steps

In order to solve this problem, please try a step test:

In case your tracker scored less than 100 or more than 100 steps, try the alternative way – restart the device.

Customers’ reviews

Main criteria that help choose a fitness tracker

For you to buy the most suitable variant of fitness bracelet, we present the main criteria. According to them, you can easily filter the favorite smartwatches. As a result, it will be easier to make the right choice.

There are fitness bracelets that restrict the circle of potential users at once according to their design. For example, there are trackers made especially for women. So, on men’s wrist, it will look comically.

Some people need the fitness trackers for professional sports. At the same time, the majority choose it just to monitor their activity and sleep at a minimal level. So for such users, simple models will be quite enough.

There are sportsmen that need trackers with a high waterproof level for swimming activities. At the same time, most users do not need such a high level of waterproof as they just want to monitor their activity.

If the office style is your lifestyle, the choice will much differ from the widespread models. In this case, you need the classic design and qualitative display for the notifications. In case you are the company’s soul and always have to be stylish, pay attention to modern fashionable trackers.

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