Review of Akuti Fitness Tracker HR model Y1

F​eel a need for useful assistant in everyday workouts? We want to consider, arguably, the most popular mobile device – Akuti Fitness Tracker HR model Y1 manual.

Here’s why:

This bracelet monitors the state of our health (blood pressure monitor) and makes calculations based on our workouts (steps distance and calories). Read also about how to choose the best fitness tracker in 2020.

Akuti Fitness Tracker is a smart fitness watch with a colorful screen and long battery life. In general, the smart bracelet is suitable for both women and men. The significant advantage is a heart rate sports monitor pedometer ip67 as well as a sleep monitor.

Do you want to know what else this smartwatch is capable of?

Let’s discover more features in real-time!

Akuti fitness tracker HR Y1 instructions

The heart rate blood pressure is not measured manually; you can set up the device to automatic measurement and keep track of your breathing and therefore fitness level.

Monitor your calories and steps accurately with this device. This technique will keep you motivated, and you can adjust the routine to your liking.

This device also measures how long you sleep. You can find this info in the app. This will allow you to see your sleeping habits, take precautions and change them.

You can synchronize this gadget with your social media accounts and receive notifications straight to the screen on your wrist. You will also be receiving notifications to exercise every once in a while if you’ve been a couch potato for too long.

Fear not if you have any questions or concerns about the product because Akuti has its own 24/7 technical support that you can contact. You can take advantage of the 100% money-back guarantee if it doesn’t suit your needs.

WearFit 2.0 App instructions

Check this video to learn Akuti fitness tracker instructions. You will figure out how to remove the bracelet and connect Akuti fitness tracker HR to the phone.

Besides, there is information about Akuti fitness tracker app – some WearFit 2.0 App features.

Note: No charger in the box. You have to take off the wristband and plug it into the adapter. For detailed instruction, please check out this video:

Top 5 functions

1. Walk, count, remind

The basis of any fitness tracker is an accelerometer. It is a sensor that fixes when you are moving. Your fitness friend will be able to “tell” in the evening:

Many users have checked:

If you want to add a bit of excitement and spirit of rivalry in your life. Then there are fitness bracelets that allow you to view the other users’ results. It especially concerns best fitness watch with GPS for running.

2. Sleep professionally

Is it possible?

With a fitness bracelet, of course, you can. It’s no secret that health depends primarily on sleep quality. If every morning you become a participant in “Last Hero”. And while one of the tests – getting out of bed, something goes wrong. A fitness bracelet that will help solve the problem “saying” the following info:

In addition to info about sleep:

Fitness bracelets have a really “super-function” – an alarm clock. Sounds a little comical, but it’s only until you first test on itself. The bracelet determines when you are in the quick sleep stage. And then wakes you up with a gentle vibration on the wrist.

3. Listen to your heart

This advice is given by many psychologists. But if they claim this phrase sounds very abstract. Then with fitness bracelets, everything becomes very literally. Most of them have a built-in pulse meter. What it gives:

4. You do not need to count calories

Now you can control everything you eat. A personal dietitian is closer as never before. Some fitness bracelets have their own nutrition diary. In order to conduct it, you need to scan barcodes for the products you consume, and it will count everything for you.

In addition:

The smartphone app will draw beautiful charts of burned and consumed calories. So you will know about the balance of proteins, fats and carbs.

5. Need the coach? No, I’m with my own.

A fitness tracker will help you keep a personal training calendar. The smart-coach function will provide tips on how to improve results. The fitness bracelet has all the resources to build your dream body.

Akuti fitness tracker reviews

Fitness tracker regularly helps cyclist Peter Drambek to develop his own records. His Garmin Edge 810 every 3 seconds represents data on the frequency and speed of rotation, pace, and power. But does this make sense?

Portable fitness trackers in the form of bracelets help professional athletes, such as Peter, to effectively measure and increase the load during workouts. But do ordinary people need them?

Is it true that fitness tracker helps us a lot?

Knowing how many calories we burn. How often our heartbeats and how many steps we have passed. Does it help us to lead a more active lifestyle and eat more properly?

Last year, the University of Pittsburgh conducted an experiment to prove it. The study, conducted by the Health and Physical Activity Department at the university pedagogical faculty, lasted two years.

It was attended by 500 volunteers who were overweight. All volunteers were given a task to start going to the gym regularly. Besides, going on a diet. Half of them were given fitness trackers.

As a result, those volunteers who had gadgets lost 4.6 kg. And those who did not have trackers managed to lose 5.9 kg over the same period.

Moreover, if you use trackers incorrectly, its effect may even be negative.

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