Comparison chart: Fitbit Aria vs. Fitbit Aria 2 | Black Friday 2020

C​annot decide between Fitbit Aria and Fitbit Aria 2? Both smart scales are highly accurate and positively reviewed by customers. Here you’ll get the answer: should you upgrade?

Here is the deal:

The original Fitbit Aria and Fitbit Aria 2 are made to track your body data with the highest accuracy. It will be hard to miss something while striving for the body of your dreams having such an amazing fitness tool at home.

Aria scale Black Friday 2020

In this article, we present the 2 models of the Fitbit weight scale review to decide which one is better.

Fitness experts present the best Aria scale Black Friday deals in 2020. We’re exploring all the discount predictions for the most attractive deals on smart scales.

You’re going to discover up to 50% discounts on the Aria scale. So we recommend to make haste and prepare for the November 27 date.

If you’re interested in this brand of smart scales, you might be wondering what model to choose.

Fitbit Aria vs Aria 2 review

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale is a perfect choice for those who want to monitor their progress and always stay in form. It automatically syncs with your home Wi-Fi system.

Here are the network conditions needed:

Wireless 802.11b, WEP/WPA/WPA2 personal security, Automatic (DHCP) IP setup (static IP configuration not supported).  So it is very easy to start tracking all the data.

Choose this scale if you are looking for Fitbit Aria cheapest price. The best price is available on Amazon (check it above). Smart scale weight limit is the following: 20-350 lbs.

What do you need for Fitbit Aria web set up for the first time?

Actually, you’ll need one of the following: Windows XP and later, Mac OS X 10.5 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices.

As to the batteries, Aria uses 4 AA batteries. So no energy cord is necessary. Battery type is the following: 4 standard 1.5V size AA batteries.  They are included when you order the fitness equipment on Amazon.

One more advantage of this scale:

High water resistance. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale is quite able to stand and work in wet bathroom conditions. Some condensation due to hot showers, etc. will not harm or damage the scale. 

Fitbit Aria 2 review

Fitbit Aria new version is a high-quality, accurate fitness device. What basic features does Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale has?

With its help, you can easily measure the following data:

You can sync the scale simply to your Fitbit dashboard. What do you need for it?

As the device connects automatically, you just need using Wi-Fi encryption and the smart scale will track your development with simple, easy-to-read graphs that included to it.

If you care too much for your flat design:

Do not be afraid that the scale on the floor will spoil it! On the contrary, smooth, up-to-date bright glass cover for a scale that looks stylish and fashionable anywhere, in any room.

Here are the main advantages:

For more useful information, check the Fitbit official website. You can find there the useful, interesting and suitable especially for you devices in the Fitbit App.

Wi-fi smart scale comparison chart

Why choose the original Fitbit Aria (2) smart scale?

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi scales are not simply stylish looking fitness equipment.

They also measure the fat percentage and, in such a way, influence weight loss. In particular, they are suitable for those who already own other Fitbit products. In particular, Ultra, Zip or One activity trackers.

As the scale requires barefoot owners to measure body fat percentage in the body composition. So let’s start with the technical characteristics of the smart scale.

In general, Fitbit Aria leaves a very pleasant impression – akin to what is caused by modern expensive smartphones and tablet computers. It is expensive in appearance and touch device with rounded surfaces and an excellent display.

Installation and web setup

Scales Fitbit Aria is unusually friendly to their new owner, anyone can easily use them. Included in the delivery is a device with already inserted batteries, protected from emptying with a characteristic yellow tape.

To make the scales work, just open the lid and pull out the tape.

To install, you will need to run an established utility for a computer or mobile devices (a list of supported devices on the official website). Unlike the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50, you cannot transfer the settings of your home network to Fitbit Aria, you’ll have to remember the Wi-Fi password.

Fortunately, you need to adjust the scales only once, then they will just work. Make sure that they are within the network coverage area (there is a characteristic icon on the display).

If you already have Fitbit One, Zip or Ultra and on the smartphone is branded utility Fitbit, then you will be asked to connect the scales to an existing account. If this is your first Fitbit purchase, you will have to create an account again.

It is also worth considering:

Opportunities to make a “family” account or “tie” a child to yours are absent. Fitbit company believes that weight loss and its control, this is a private matter. So even children have the right to keep their personal data hidden from prying eyes.

For more choices, see top 5 Amazon Kitchen Scales 2020 for weighing products.

Fitbit scale setup problems

The problem №1: Fitbit Aria not connecting to wifi

In case you make changes to your wireless network, you should reconnect the smart scale to your network. Settings in your network can include the following:

The problem №2: Fitbit Aria not showing body fat

In case your initials are showing for the weight (doesn’t do a calculation for guests). Besides, you are barefoot then you’ll have to call customer service – the above question is the first they’ll ask to be sure you have no socks on and the Aria is on a flat surface.

Fitbit Aria and its programs

What explains the whole power of Fitbit Aria is in the company’s free online service Fitbit:

Despite its simplicity, achievement points are very powerful weapons in the fight against obesity.

The original Fitbit app was created in such a way that there was a place for information from the activity tracker like Zip, One or Ultra, and from Fitbit Aria scales (the owners of the fitness trackers probably noticed this well).

As a result, if you have both, in the mobile program or on the Fitbit website, an exciting picture of the struggle for a healthy lifestyle begins to unfold.

In our opinion, Fitbit Aria is an excellent device for those who want to get electronic scales, which not only show a beautiful picture on the display. But at the same time, send it to an electronic service, where this figure is subject to “accounting and control.”

And if you already have One, Zip or Ultra, then buying a Fitbit Aria becomes almost necessary – all together, these gadgets show a comprehensive picture.

By the way, Fitbit Aria, like other Fitbit products, is friendly with other fitness apps. A list of supported programs can be found on the official website.

Thanks to its stylish appearance, Fitbit Aria will be “your boyfriend” (although by nature it’s rather a girl) in even very advanced interiors. And easy smartphone setup and use will allow even those who are afraid of all kinds of electronics to cope with it.


In our opinion, Fitbit Aria is perfect fitness equipment for those who want to get electronic scales, which not only show a beautiful figure on the display but send it to an electronic service, where this figure is subject to “accounting and control.”

Thanks to its stylish appearance, Fitbit Aria will look stylish in even very modern interiors. Moreover, the ease of setup and use will allow even those who are afraid of any kinds of electronics to cope with it.

Of course, you should upgrade your Fitbit Aria to Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale. As the new model has improved characteristics, the accuracy of weighing and much more advantages mentioned above.

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