Full-Body fat burning workouts for fast weight loss

Weight Loss is a rather tricky process of working on your body, which requires a lot of time and effort. And this will tell you all who have already tried to lose weight! However, on our site, you will read the information with fat burning exercises, due to which weight loss will not be painful stress for you, but one of the plain and most beloved activities!

We offer to your attention quite popular and effective complexes, in which various exercises for slimming in the area of the sides, waist, abdomen, hips, beads, legs, hands are collected. By doing them daily, you will be able to say goodbye to excessive kilograms and fatty deposits in these places in a rather short time. The only advice before the start – do not have to do it too hard.

If you incorrectly calculate your own strength, nothing good will lead to it. If you feel that the loads listed in the complex are too tired of you, reduce the speed: you can always increase, but gradually.  We have an excellent example of an ordinary girl who achieved the goal of being slim, having a toned body and having many subscribers on Instagram. She really serves as an example to follow for girls of the whole world. Do you want to be slim and toned? Jen Selter training program for pumped buttocks include also fat burning exercises, what is a perfect way to become an attractive woman with really seductive forms!

Preparing for weight loss exercises

Start any training session from 10-15 minutes on the simulator. Different types of simulators (cardio, bicycle, etc.), trainings on which effectively remove fat deposits on the sides and abdomen, in a short time make the waist thin and slim – good, good complexes of exercises for weight loss these problem areas begin most often with warm up on them. The alternative is easy jogging.

After this, slowly, do not hurry, make ten slopes in different directions, back and forth. This will restore and prepare the respiratory system for the next exercise. Now make some of the same slopes, but with dumbbells. Take both hands, stand straight, do not bend your arms and legs, start pulling to the floor.

Jump for 5 minutes on a rope. But this is just the primary dose: each day increase the duration of this exercise for 2, or even 3 minutes. Most women mistakenly think that this tool is needed mainly to add a good form to the legs, but it’s not like this: if you skip every day for 15-20 minutes, the process of burning fat in the sides and on the stomach will accelerate as well.

Slowly, do not hurry, start squatting: 3 approaches 10-15 times. At the same time try to keep your back flat and straight.

A complex of fat burning exercises

This complex of fat burning workouts for weight loss contains 20 different exercises aimed at the development of major muscle groups. Fat burning exercises are given in this complex, ideally suited for self-fulfillment at home. You are not required to have extraordinary physical training, and you can easily repeat these exercises.

This complex is designed for active loading, and you will have to sweat well, doing these gymnastics. But the result will not cause a long wait. These exercises are best done every other day. So your muscles will have time to recover and relax. And while you are practising gymnastics, you will always have a good mood.

1. Squatting
This fat burning exercise works on the muscles of the buttocks, back and the press, as well as the back of the thigh.

Arrange the legs shoulder-width apart; toes should look forward.

Tighten your abdominal muscles, keep your back straight. Start to squat. Your knees should not go beyond the toes, and your legs should form a straight angle. Look straight, not down. Squat on the breath, return to the starting position on the exhalation. Sit so that the thigh is parallel to the floor and return to the starting position.




2. Push-ups on the floor

Fat burning exercise strengthens the muscles of the back, biceps, and triceps.

Exercise brings maximum benefits only with the adherence to the technique of performance. To make the spin correctly, you must follow the steps below:

Lie on a flat horizontal surface. The hands should be at the width of the shoulders, and the feet – the pelvis. It is necessary to ensure that the fingers of the feet rested on the floor, and the palms were directed upwards.

During inhalation, arms bend in the elbow joints; the body drops down so that it forms an even and straight line. Any deflection violates the technique of execution. If the housing is flexed, then push-up is more accessible to perform, but it makes them ineffective.


3. Hip bridge

The hip bridge is an ideal fat burning exercise to achieve aesthetic goals, but it also brings additional benefits.

The caudal muscles can be considered as part of the centre due to their location and functions performed. By incorporating the glomerular bridge into your training program, you will protect yourself from back pain, as it strengthens the muscles of the lower back, thus stabilizing the muscles of the centre; The lumbar section will receive the correct load; You will notice that it has become easier to move, be it walking or running, as the buttocks become much stronger.

Lie on the floor, bend your legs. Put your hands on the floor along the body and pull the buttocks off the floor, raising them as high as possible. Lock in this position for a few seconds. Squeeze the buttocks at the top point – this will improve the efficiency of the exercise.
Lower the buttocks and repeat the exercise.

4. Lunges Forward

Exercise works on the anterior surface of the thigh and the buttock muscle. Lunges back and forth are great fat burning exercises for slimming the legs.

Put your legs together, put your hands on your hips. Step far ahead, keep your back straight, press down on your knee with your hands. Then return to the starting position and repeat the lunge with the other foot. Alternate lunges forward with lunge backwards. Make 2-3 approaches ten times.
Make turns on the right and then your left leg.





5. Plank

 Exercise is aimed at all the muscles of your body.

The plank can speed up the process of losing weight since the body spends more energy on performing static exercises, which means that calories will be spent more intensively. But the muscle mass exercises on statics help build faster than dynamic ones. The body becomes more prominent, fit and looks slimmer.

Place your elbows shoulder-width apart.
Do not strain your hands – they should be considered only as a point of support. Press strain and pull in, the stomach should result in no case sag. The hardest part is keeping your back. Do not bend the spine, keep the lower back flat.
Keep your legs straight.
Do not lift your head – look at the floor.
Breathe smoothly, calmly, do not hold your breath.


6. Move back

This exercise makes the tense muscles of the hind leg and buttocks, also serves as a great stretch — great fat burning exercise for creating an optimal load for the hips and buttocks. Girls can not only get rid of excess fat, but also increase the necessary areas of the body, and most importantly – to eliminate cellulite!

Take your straight leg back to the highest possible level. The foot is reduced, you pull up the heel. The position of the back remains unchanged, only the buttock and thigh work. Gently lower the sock to the floor.





7. Deep triceps

From the title, it is clear that the exercise is mainly aimed at the back of the shoulder (triceps).

This exercise can be performed by leaning hands on any stationary object: a sofa, a step, a bench in a gym, etc.

The lowering of the body should be carried out solely by the strength of the hands, and not through knee bending. The trunk should be kept evenly, without bending in the lumbar section. It is a movement that should be smooth, without jerks and inertia.

Avoid too deep downs; they overload the shoulder belt – in the lower part of the amplitude, the upper part of your hand should be parallel to the floor, with the elbows going back, and not to the sides. When performing fat burning workouts with additional weight, the load must be placed on the hips.

8. Balance

This exercise is useful for back muscles.

Get on all fours, pull your right arm forward. At the same time, lift your left foot and keep it in the air for 30 seconds to stretch your back.

Repeat this action with the opposite hand and foot (1 min, 20 calories).






9. Bicycle with twisting

This exercise works out all the muscles of the press.

Such an accent, in combination with other workouts for abdominal muscles, will allow you to get harmoniously developed and aesthetically attractive press.

Lie on the floor, clean your hands behind your head, and lift your elbows.
Tighten the muscles of the press and raise your legs to a small height. The legs should be straight.
When exhaling, pull one foot to the body while lifting the head and shoulders from the floor. Perform twisting, touching the elbow of the opposite knee.

Lift the opposite leg and elbow in turn.


10. Balancing over the floor

This exercise is useful for muscles of the lower press and back.

Fat burning workouts on balance will help you prevent domestic and sports injuries, as well as strengthen the vestibular apparatus and improve the coordination of movements.

Lift your legs as close as possible to the floor, but not touching it. If it is challenging, you can bend your knees. Stay in that position for 90 seconds.





11. Side Lunges

Falling is one of the most popular fat burning exercises for the hips and buttocks. Unlike classic, side effects make it possible to further elaborate the inner surface of the thigh and the middle gluteus muscles.

The stairs in the side are executed from the standing position, legs at the width of the shoulders.

On the inspiration, take a wide step left foot to the side. Slightly bend the working knee, gently lower the foot to the floor, transfer the centre of gravity to this leg and squeeze it to the right angle in the knee. Try to keep your back flat. Allowed only a slight inclination forward. The second leg is absolutely straight – stretched out to the side.
Exhale vigorously bend your knee and return to the original position. You have to feel how the buttocks and quadriceps work.


12. Burpee

Excellent CrossFit fat burning exercise, as well as increasing endurance and explosive strength of the whole body.

Regularly do the burpee, and your body will become strong, slim and resilient.

Take a squat position in which the palms are located on the floor in front of you.
Jump your feet back; your body should be in the same position as for pushups.
Do push up from the floor.
Without a pause, return to the squat position.
Jump up as high as possible, stretch your arms up or make a pop over your head.


13. Lunges forward and back

Exercise is useful for all muscles of the hips and buttocks.

Lunges back and forth are great fat burning workouts for slimming the legs. Put your legs together, put your hands on your hips. Step far ahead, keep your back straight, press down on your knee with your hands. Then return to the starting position and repeat the lunge with the other foot. Alternate lunges forward with lunge backwards. Make 2-3 approaches ten times.






14. Pull-up

Training on the horizontal bar with the correct performance of the equipment will increase the strength and bring yourself into shape. Fat burning exercises in the form of various options will strengthen the back muscles and benefit the spine because with their help you will be able to improve your posture.

It is necessary to stand on the stand and take up the side arms of the simulator. Then step on the crossbar for the legs – it will fall under the weight. It is necessary to strain the press and lower the blades. Stretch your back muscles you need to pull up, keeping your elbows near the body. Down again and repeat.

If you do not have a bar or a Swedish wall, you can replace this exercise with another one. Lie on the floor face to the floor. Extend the entire length of your arms and legs. Lift your legs and arms and keep them in this position for 90 seconds.


15. Jump “star.”

Exercise allows you to relax and stretch the entire vertebral column. Also, the exercise is aimed at the actual burning of calories.

By doing the “star” fat burning workout, you can count on speeding up your metabolism; development of the cardiovascular system; Strengthening of the skeletal system (if weight corresponds to height) working out the muscles of the entire body at a time; endurance development; improving the flexibility and mobility of joints; coordination development; stretch improvement; “Tightening” the muscles of the inner thigh.

Stand straight, put your legs slightly apart, stretch your arms to the sides, Inhale and exhale, simultaneously spread your arms and legs apart in a small jump. Touch each other at the top with your palms above your head.


16. Squat Plie

This fat burning exercise treats the inner surface of the thigh.

To perform the exercise, you need to get up to the starting position – hands on the waist, back straight, legs wider than shoulders, knees and feet slightly turned away from the body. Next, when you inhale, you need to squat, pushing your knees apart as widely as possible. In this position, linger for a couple of seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position. If such a task does not seem difficult, you can make it heavy by picking up dumbbells.




17. Alpinist

A mountain climber is an exercise with body weight, which is useful for burning calories, developing stability and strengthening the cardiovascular system. The climber not only uses all the major muscle groups of the body, but it is also simple, and it is expedient to perform it practically in any place.

Take a prone position on the palms. The right leg is extended, the left leg is bent at the knee, and the chest is tightened.
Now you need to jump a little, changing the position of the legs: now the left leg is stretched, the right one is pulled to the chest.
Breathing should be uniform, do not delay it. It is also important not to lift the buttocks high – this is a typical mistake when performing, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the fat burning workout.

When lifting your knee, try to make your body form one line.


18. Jump with overflow

Helps to unload the lower muscle groups and stretch the front of the thigh. During the exercise, calories are burned.

Jump up, holding your arms by the neck. While jumping, press your legs to the buttocks. Try to jump as high as possible. For proper performance, tighten your muscles well.







19. Tuck Jump (Jump with grouping)

Tuck jump is a grouped jump in the air. It is with this body position in the air that most of the tricks are done.

Strengthens the muscle of the press and improves the coordination of movements. Like all jumps, fat burning exercises with Tuck Jumpings increase blood circulation and contribute to burning calories.

We jump like the vertical jump.
In the air, at the highest point of the flight, we group. Bend your knees to your chest. Hands stretch to clasp the legs.
Make sure that the group does not knock your balance in the air. First, we push off, jump clearly up, and then we do the grouping. If everything is done correctly, you will undoubtedly feel the hang in the air.


20. Exercise “Frog”

In the complex of fat burning workouts for weight loss, it will be beneficial to include jumping “frog”. This exercise greatly stimulates and treats muscles of the legs and buttocks. With their help, the core muscles are also well worked out — the result – a flat stomach, elastic butt, thin waist. Because the exercise is performed at a reasonably high rate, it promotes the active burning of fat and the elimination of toxins from the body through sweat.

A technique is not difficult. Take the position of a half-squad. Stretch your arms in front of you. Strain all the muscles and push as far forward as possible. In the jump, legs are straightened. Land in the starting position of the half-ride.



What can not be done when you lose weight:

[su_spoiler title=”Starving” open=”yes”]During the abandonment of food, the body begins to accumulate fat. It is slimming, but only due to dehydration. From here it should be concluded that as soon as you start eating, extra pounds will come with the double speed, in double size![/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Sitting on hard diets”]In other words, restrict yourself to eating. The principle is the same as when starving. Moreover, you lose your vital vitamins, vitamins. How without them can we talk about healthy weight loss, slim figure? Therefore, if you want to lose weight by 10 kg a month, you need to change the diet itself, instead of trying to eat little food or not to eat it at all! Got it? Going on![/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Taking pills and weight loss products”]Perhaps they are effective, really will help to lose a couple of extra pounds, but first try to weigh their benefit, the guarantee of the result, as well as the harm they inflict on the body! After all, then restoring health is not so easy, but in some cases, it’s impossible at all![/su_spoiler]

It is not a secret to anyone that during proper weight loss you should also eat properly and consume sufficient amounts of fluid.

Rules for performing fat burning exercises:

  1. The last food income should be at least an hour before the start of training
  2. You should not eat caloric (greasy) food
  3. During training, you should drink pure non-carbonated water (no more than 1-2 sips at a time)
  4. While training, try to do it properly, breathe deeply (breathing in the nose and breathing through the mouth)
  5. After the sport hour, try not to drink for 30-40 minutes and do not eat for 3 hours. (Everything you eat immediately after training will go on the accumulation of muscle mass, so if you want to lose weight, rather than take part in the body of the bodybuilders or sumo wrestlers – it is better to refrain from eating).
  6. Each fat burning exercise must be completed up to 50 times. This is very difficult for a beginner, so do not overdo it right away. Increase the load gradually. Remember that muscle pain from over-lactate-lactic acid will not give you the nicest sensations, and the received microtraumas of muscle tissue will not allow you to adequately do a range of exercises next time. That’s why everything is fine.
  7. If you have a limited amount of time, you can split the complex into several stages
  8. To always keep yourself in shape bring out 20 healthy weight loss habits

Aerobics for weight loss: burn calories with rhythmic music and good mood

Choosing classes for weight loss, each is guided by their individual preferences and physical fitness. Some people have enough morning gymnastics or jogging, while others need a gym. There is a technique that allows you to both burn calories and at the same time get a full charge of energy and energy for the whole day, improve your mood and even cope with depression – this is aerobics.

The principle of losing weight

Intensively performed under rhythmic music dance and sports elements, aerobics contribute to:

  • accelerate metabolism, accelerate the action of fat burning exercises
  • correction of problematic parts of the body, reducing the volume;
  • intensive burning of fatty tissue, thus ensuring rapid weight loss;
  • burning calories not only in training but even sometime after it (400 calories are lost in 1 hour);
  • cleaning from harmful substances and excess liquid.

Especially useful to do aerobics for slimming the abdomen and hips, as these problem areas are worked out very carefully. The result of regular workouts will be a reduced waist size, elastic buttocks and beautifully outlined hips without the slightest hint of cellulite.

Intensive movements consume sugar in the blood and break down stocks of polysaccharides in the liver. When this material dries out, there is nothing left for the body, how to use subcutaneous fat and fatty tissue that covers the internal organs. The longer you do it, the more actively the hated deposits are burned, and the more slim and beautiful your body becomes.

Advantages and disadvantages

At first glance, it may seem that aerobics is an ideal complex of fat burning workout that suits absolutely everyone. However, apart from the merits, she has several drawbacks, which are better known in advance, rather than run into them in the process of training.

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[su_column][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#fa4b2a” title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”0″]

  • Improving the activity of the cardiovascular system;
  • endurance development;
  • saturation of the body with oxygen, as a result of which the work of the respiratory system is significantly improved;
  • positive effect on the endocrine system;
  • a surge of strength and energy;
  • decreased fatigue;
  • improvement of health and mood;
  • strengthening bone tissue;
  • reducing the risk of atherosclerosis;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • the opportunity to work at home;
  • receiving esthetic pleasure from exercises.


[su_column][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”0″]

  • Contraindications: varicose veins, problems with the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, hernia of the spine, injuries of the knee joint), hypertension, heart disease, fever, exacerbation of any diseases;
  • group types of aerobics assume a different level of physical training of the students – this prevents the instructor from setting a uniform pace that would suit everyone: someone will lag behind, and someone will not have enough intensity;
  • 400 calories are burned on average for 1 hour of training – this is an approximate “weight” of two pieces of pizza while riding on the same rollers for half an hour allows you to spend 450 kcal.


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[su_quote]About the origin of the term. In 1960, Dr Kenneth Cooper first introduced the term “aerobics” in the United States. It goes back to the Greek word “aero”, which translates as “air.” Aerobics is a set of exercises in which breathing exercises are combined with rhythmic body movements.[/su_quote]

Kinds of aerobic fat burning workouts

There are different types of aerobics – for every taste. Start losing weight is a classic if there is no any preparation. It resembles a choreography but includes additional sports movements in the form of running, jumping, strength and fat burning exercises.

1. Step aerobics

If the class uses a particular platform, it is step aerobics. This sports equipment is a notch, which helps to perform the various steps, jumps, leaps. Each of them provides the muscles of the back, abs and legs with an additional load. Recommended exercises:

  • step-touch – added steps;
  • stifled
  • basic step;
  • stretching;
  • step jumping;
  • step knee;
  • mahi;
  • squats;
  • V-step;
  • Over-step;
  • Knee up.

The intensity of such training is equal to running at a speed of 12 km / h. Among the advantages are the lack of dance training, the ability to use power loads.
[su_quote]It is interesting. Many people think of step aerobics as monotonous and boring. In fact, there are more than 200 variations of ascents and descents from the platform. When the intensity of classes for an hour, you can burn up to 500 kcal.[/su_quote]

2. Power

Muscles get the maximum load. The result is not only weight loss, but also an excellent elaboration of the ideal figure — relief, with beautiful curves. There are directions here:

  • styling;
  • shaping;
  • target toning

This aerobic fat burning workouts, during which you can perfectly work out the most problematic places and focus on the increase in muscle mass.

3. Sporting

A sport in which a complex of high-intensity movements is continuously performed under rhythmic music. At competitions act solo, mixed pairs, trio. Judges evaluate the performance, artistry and complexity of the program.

4. Dancing

Dance aerobics, which is much more spectacular, was disconnected from the sport. The emphasis is not on the load (the power part is completely absent here) but on plasticity and coordination of movements. She not only actively contributes to weight loss through burning calories but also heals the cardiovascular system, loads muscles, straightens posture. It can be based on different dance directions:

  • street dance is a combination of jazz, funk and hip-hop;
  • Latin American folk dances;
  • rock’n’roll;
  • folk aerobics is divided into Russian folk and Riverdance (Irish);
  • Indian aerobics – intense belly dance;
  • body ballet – one of the most challenging types;
  • pump it up – dancing with a barbell;
  • Zumba – the best dance aerobics, is a separate program, contains a lot of other directions.

One of the disadvantages of dance aerobics is the risk of injury due to an incorrectly chosen pace of the lesson or the technique of performance.

5. Fitness

Now fitness is at the peak of popularity, so nothing is surprising that fitness aerobics has arisen. It is called the physical culture of the 21st century. FISAF – International Federation of Sport, Aerobics and Fitness deals with its specific issues and directions.

6. Boxing

At one time, aerobics seriously fascinated Yvonne Lin – world champion in contact combat. She gave rise to a new direction – boxing aerobics, combining strength training with gymnastics. This is a severe load on the body, so that weight loss is guaranteed as a result. Here, all the fat burning exercises are performed in boxing gloves, with jumps and pears. This type is positioned as for support for excellent fitness and as a way of mastering self-defence techniques.

7. Cycling aerobics

It involves training in a special simulator of a particular design, which is called – cycle (bicycle). With it, you can control the load and speed. It is an imitation of driving over rough terrain. It is characterised by high intensity. The complex of fat burning exercises in each case is selected individually, taking into account the recommendations of the fitness trainer. Allows you to burn an hour to 600 kcal.

8. Water aerobics

It contains elements of stretching, swimming, gymnastics, strength and fat burning exercises. The load on the joints and back is minimal. The risk of injury is reduced to almost zero. For 1 hour you can spend up to 700 kcal. Even those who cannot swim can do it. However, this direction has its drawbacks: aqua aerobics is contraindicated for people with bad ears, classes are quite expensive, their effectiveness largely depends on the qualifications of the coach.

9. Slide aerobics

Refers to athletic training. Requires special sports equipment – slide boards and special shoes. The polymer coating of the board makes it possible to slide on it. This fat burning exercises resemble movements of a skater and are aimed at working out the muscles of the legs and buttocks, develop endurance. The advantages include the fact that the main burden falls on the muscles leading to the hips, while it is minimal on the musculoskeletal system.
In combination with proper nutrition or a diet, slide aerobics is an excellent method for losing weight. Among the shortcomings note the static load on the lower back and the monotony in the movements.

10. Fitball aerobics

Refers to wellness areas. It involves the active use of fitballs. The author is Susan Kleifegelbach, a physiotherapist from Switzerland, who initially developed it to restore patients with disorders in the central nervous system. The load on the spine is less than when running, improves the condition of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
Also, aerobics can be high-impact (with jumps), low-impact (without jumps) and a combined. Someone singles out in her low-rhythmic, medium-rhythmic and high-rhythmic options.

[su_quote]According to statistics. In the course of the experiment, 40 women did aerobics 3 times a week for 3 months. As it turned out, the result was not only weight loss. According to the results of special tests, the level of intelligence of all subjects increased by an average of 37%.[/su_quote]

If you plan on losing weight with the help of aerobics, remember one firm rule: each session should bring joy and satisfaction. There should be no complexes and competitive spirit that are often present in group classes. You do it especially for yourself. Enjoy the intensity of movements and rhythmic music – they will fill your life with positive and excellent well-being.

During the fat burning exercises, you must follow the simple rules:

  1. Try to eat every day at the same time.
  2. Eat no later than three hours before bedtime (even if you go to bed every day at night, you can eat at 10 o’clock in the evening)
  3. Follow the rule: breakfast like a king, have dinner like a prince, and supper as a beggar.

For fat burning exercises to be effective, you need to reduce consumption of:

  • Sweet
  • Flour
  • Acute
  • Salt
  • Fatty
  • Fast food

Refusing completely from these products (except fast food) is not worth it, as if you want to, it is unlikely to be able to resist. Try not to use them at all, but if you want it, then you can only, but a little bit!

To grind your figure and become the owner of the aspen waist and flat tummy, will have a lot to work, but the achieved results will please you. Change not only your figure but also life for the better. Normalise your diet, get involved in fat burning workouts, lead a healthy lifestyle – and in that case, you will not have to complex about fat deposits and folds on the sides and abdomen.

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