What is 30-day nutrition plan to lose fat belly?

Hi everybody! Recently I’ve heard about 30 days diet plan for a flat stomach. I’ve got very interested in it, so that’s why I’m here. Could you please provide me with any information about this diet? Maybe you know some other 30 days food menu? Is it too short? How can I get a flat stomach with a nutrition plan? What should I do to get rid of my belly and make it flat?
What products are allowed to eat? What are prohibited ones? Can I consume the meat during this diet? What tips should I follow to be slim? What can you recommend for me to lose fat? Which amount of water can I drink per day? Is it allowed to drink juices and mineral heavy water? What 30-day nutrition plan can you recommend for me to lose fat belly?
I want it to be very useful. Tell me everything you know! But please, only about diet, which lasts for 30 days and not a day more. Thanks!)

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Hello, Anna! The 30 days plan to make your belly flat and sexy is nothing extraordinary but a set of simple changes that will improve your well being and make your body healthier. It is inspiring and motivating to know that in a month you will look like a different person, isn’t it? The plan is not only about nutrition but also refers to some useful lifestyle habits and special exercising tips.

Why do not we start with some flat planks? You can always find 5 minutes for them a couple of times during the day! They are so effective because all muscles in your body are engaged. Try to stay for 1 minute in a flat plank, make it last some seconds longer gradually. Three or four sets in a day will give you a nice result in a month.

Let’s talk about your sleep quality. To lose weight effectively you need at least 7 hours of sleep a day. If you sleep too little, be ready for an increased feeling of hunger. I am not even talking about your nerves and mood. The healthy habit is not as easy as it might seem. Sometimes you will have to say no to some adventures, going out late or throwing a party. Anyways, a month is not that long and time will fly, your priorities during this period are different so I am sure you will cope with it. Sleep 7-8 hours a day, please 🙂

Another topic to consider for your upcoming healthy month is a snack. What are your usual snacks? Chips and biscuits? Forget about them for a while as your 30 days snack will be popcorn. The air-popped one since there is no salt in it. Meanwhile, add other great exercises for burning fat – crisscrosses and flutter kicks. You won’t recognize your belly as well as inner and outer thighs in a month. Try to look for short dresses 😉

During your special 30 days, you will also have to reduce the amount of sugar and increase fiber in your diet. It will do magic to your belly. Carrots, broccoli an bell peppers are the best in our case. Another great tip – hummus instead of super caloric cheesy dip. Have you ever tried hummus? This wholesome food is a great source of proteins and definitely healthier compared to a cheese one. Just imagine – chickpeas, the best kind of olive oil, some garlic, lime juice – all shaped up with tahini. Be sure, your belly will be very grateful for your choice 🙂

Walking or running is certainly on our list. Just be sure you vary speed. I’ve heard that it makes the whole process considerably more effective. For me, it is even easier, with the varied speed I am able to run longer. Try to stay calm, I mean emotionally balanced. We both know that stress increases appetite, you do not need that at all. What is your way to relax? Yoga and meditation, bathroom and reading, long dog-walking… Choose what works best for you.

They also advise to include medicine ball into your gym workout to tone up belly muscles. Being mindful, inspired and focused on the world around you is the best advice for me. In this case, you are busy and active, and you literary have no time to think about food. Yet, your meals become meaningful and complete. It has nothing to do with stuffing your stomach with ice cream while watching TV before bed without even feeling its taste. Don’t you agree?

Wich kind of yogurt do you usually eat, Ann? It’s great if you have a variety of them in your store. During these 30 days of a healthy lifestyle, you are advised to eat plain Greek yogurt instead of traditional sweetened one. To make it even better add fresh raspberries or blueberries as well as your favorite fruit, even raisins, why not! Focus on building muscles, it is very important during this special month. More muscle – less fat, remember? 🙂 Any kinds of push-ups or planks are great and the easiest to do at home. Visiting gym is certainly great.

I was quite surprised after reading one investigation where they compared food diversity and weight gaining. The experts came to a conclusion that the wider range of food you consume, the bigger is your belly and waist. So the secret is to choose and create your perfect food list. Try to eat less meat or at least make a meatless day tradition. Your waist will be grateful. Another wonderful habit for your belly is high-intensity interval workouts. One minute of exercise – 30 seconds of rest. And go on. It really works.

Get rid of artificial sweeteners. They are apparently the main source of belly fat. So simple. Say goodbye to Coke (the diet one too) and try to feel the real taste of tea or even enjoy the bitterness of your morning coffee. Do you use apple cider vinegar as a dressing to your salads? You should definitely try during this healthy month. Day by day it will help to burn fat and flatten your belly, apple cider vinegar is also very good for your blood. I like its taste very much, hope you will either. You can add a tablespoon of this vinegar to your smoothie too.

Talking about salads… You have to add almonds there too. As well as to your greek yogurt. We know they are the source of fiber and proteins, moreover, some studies proved almonds are able to burn belly fat pretty good. Practice squats! No need to go deep into details but they will make your legs and belly sexy in a month! Take care of your healthy belly bacteria by drinking enough kefir and yogurt (plain greek one for sure). Do you know what kombucha is? Try 😉 What about beans? Do your usual meals have enough of beans? You certainly should during these 30 days. I love lentils and chickpeas, I usually cook different kinds of soups with them. The perfect solution for proteins and not only that!

Guess what else is there in your 30 days plan list? Dancing! Just like the varied intensity and cardio exercises, dancing will work great and shape up your body, especially belly. Moving in different directions and speed, that’s exactly what you need. What makes it even more special is the effect on your mood, dancing is usually associated with joy and an easy heart. That is very connected to our keeping-stress-away part of the plan. Avoid starvation as much as you can. You should always have some healthy snack in your bag. Some homemade granola or a handful of unsalted nuts.

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