Any diets for fast metabolism? What do i have to avoid during it? And what do i need to eat?

Hello everybody, my name is Silva, and I’m looking forward to your help! See, I need to get myself in shape because I need to learn some stunts for my work and it will be much more comfortable with the lower weight. So, have you heard about any diets for fast metabolism? My friends told that they are useful and I would try one of them. And, also, recipes – I need some so I could prepare healthy food for myself. I’ve surfed on the internet that many people have tried Italian chicken with wild rice and they weren’t hungry for a long time. Is it true? Waiting for your answers and thanks for the help!

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Hey, Silva, your question is really important. To leave a healthier life we need to make sure our metabolism is fast enough. There are foods that increase it and that will help to lose unwanted fat. Do you like to eat fish, eggs, dairy, legumes, nuts or seeds? Well, you should, they are first on our list as the source of iron and proteins. Do you use enough chilly peppers when cooking? What about ginger powder? You`d better love spicy food more. Coffee! It burns your fat into energy. We are lucky enough to have cacao in our list. Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil are super helpful too. If you find out more products, please let us know. Best wishes, I.

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