What easy warm-up poses before yoga training can you recommend for beginners?

Hey-hey, welcome everybody! My name is Mary and I am here because I need some answers about yoga and some of my questions are too simple to go with them to the specialist so that’s why I am here. See, I prefer to do some warm-up exercises before any exercise and when I went to the yoga classes I was a bit disappointed that we haven’t done any particular warming up.

Should we actually warm up before yoga? If yes, which exact warm-up poses do you know? How to stretch muscles before yoga? Do I need for this any equipment? What easy warm-up poses before yoga training can you recommend for beginners? How to warm up well?
Looking forward to your answers!

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Hello Mary,

Now you will be disappointed even more, because there is no previos warm up before joga. Of course you will ask me why. The reason is there is no need for warm up. Yoga is that special type of exercise which include it. What is more, you can even make yoga before exercises. It stretches very well give you energy and power. Before asanas, we usually have something like warm up. It looks even more like morning exercises. If you haven't done any of them then try these. 

1. Turning your head in a circle movement.

2. Move your shoulders (up and down).

3. Move your things in a circle movement.

Stay healthy!


Hello Mary! You can try doing these exercises for warm up:

Pelvic Tilts

Begin by lying down on your back with the knees bent for a few pelvic tilts.

To do these, you press your low back gently against the floor, tilting your pelvis toward your face, and then release it. It doesn’t sound like much, but this very subtle movement has a wonderful effect on the spine, warming it and getting it moving freely. If you have a stiff back, doing about 20 of these will generally loosen things up.

Leg Stretch

Begin to work your legs toward perpendicular to the floor, either one at a time or both together.

From the pelvic tilt position, lift one leg off the floor and aim the sole of your foot at the ceiling. Keep the other foot on the floor or bring it up to join the first one.

If straightening the legs is a challenge, it’s fine to keep them bent. They also don’t have to come to fully perpendicular. A strap around the sole of your foot may make this position more comfortable.

Once you are set up, begin to strongly flex and then point your foot. Notice how these contrasting positions feel different all the way up your leg. You are beginning to stretch the hamstrings, feet, ankles, calves, and fronts of the shins.

Eye of the Needle Pose

Remaining on your back, cross your right ankle over the opposite knee for ​the eye of the needle pose (sucirandhrasana). Since you are just getting started, you can keep your left foot on the floor, especially if you have tight hips.

If you want a bigger stretch, draw your left knee toward your body. Go easy since your hips may be stiff at first and make sure to do both sides.

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