Are there any bodybuilding diets for 15 year olds? Which recommendations should I avoid?

Greetings! Today I’m writing from the name of my younger sister, she is only 15 years old, but she already tells me, that she hates her body. That’s not okay for such a young, beautiful girl, who just got under a lousy impact on fashion bloggers and models. I decided to help her and to search for some healthy and natural diets for such a young girl. What do you know about it? Which food should I choose for her? Which recommendations should I avoid not to harm her? I will be very grateful for any information.

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Hello, Stuart! Your sister is lucky to have someone like you taking care and showing support.

You are right, it is not always safe to fall under the influence of fashion bloggers, especially when you are 15. On the other hand, it is precious the young girl is taking care of her body like a real lady. Talk to your sister about some healthy rules that will make her bodybuilding diet safe and effective.

She should always have a lunchbox with healthy food in her schoolbag. (Caffe’s junk food will not help to reach her goal in any way.) The girl has to be persistent in her food choices. Tell your sister that dietary fats are crazy important as well as some supplements. What about big parties? The compromise is needed and ability to stay conscious of her dieting plan.

Protein powder is great for your sister since she must have a full and busy day at college or school. Fish oil, creatine, and multi-vitamin are also a must-have in her list of essential supplements. A protein shake with a handful of unsalted nuts will save the situation when having a proper meal is impossible. Hope your sister agrees that a low-fat diet is wrong in her case. Healthy fats are vitally important. Avocado, egg yolks, high-quality butter, olive and coconut oil are good. Ask her to avoid bad fats such as fast food ones, vegetable oils, margarine etc.

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