Is there any effective buckwheat diet for weight loss?

Hello everyone. My name is Lucia, and I’m 25 years old. I was doing sport a year ago, but then I’ve got a trauma, and now I want to get my fitness back. I’ve made an exercising plan, and now I am working on my nutrition plan. I’m interested in the buckwheat diet. Can it be useful for weight loss? How quickly will I see the results? Could you please tell me some simple recipes for this diet? Hope you know some tasty recipes. I will appreciate your help, thank you very much! I’m waiting for your answers.

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Hello, Lucia! I guess buckwheat diet is the cheapest and super effective plan to lose weight. Lots of variants to your choice, from crazy extreme to lighter ones. The one I used to follow is this – a glass of grains per day, not more. Cover it with 2 glasses of boiling water and leave for few hours. You can use kefir instead of water to change the taste. No butter, a little bit of salt and peppers. An apple in case you are dying for some fruit. But no other food! Three days of such a diet is enough to see the results. You can go for gold and try it for a week or 10 days. It`s up to you, take care.

Tania Kharkevich

Tania Kharkevich

Expert in the field of food and nutrition. Specialist in weight loss, diet recipes, men's and women's health.

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