What are the best keto diets for bodybuilding to gain dry muscles without fat?

Good day everyone, my name is Larry, and I am looking forward to your help (you always help me with all my questions, by the way). See, some events happened, and now I need to bring myself into shape very correctly, and bodybuilding will help me with this. I want to lose the extra fat and gain dry muscle mass. I was following the keto diet a month ago, and I want to try it again but with an emphasis on bodybuilding.
So, what can you recommend for me to do? What exact diet do I have to choose so It will help me to achieve my goals? Or it doesn’t work for bodybuilding?
What diet should I follow to burn fat and increase the dry muscles? What should I do to have a clear-cut body?
What products contain a large number of proteins? What can you recommend for bodybuilders at all?
Thank you!

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Hello, Larry! I want to share my favorite keto dishes that help to gain muscles. They are soooo delicious!
I adore to cook salmon with lemons and butter. It has an exquisite sour and creamy taste. Only half an hour to fix. There is no feeling that you deprive yourself from something you like, you are on diet but enjoying life. Make sure you do not heat your oven below 250 degrees.
Steak and eggs, great classical choice! Double amount of protein and healthy fat. Flavorful and tasty.
Another dish that is perfect for bodybuilding is chicken salad with cilantro. Instead of mayonnaise you should put greek yogurt and some coconut cream. The garlic is not a must have here but I usually put it due to its magic curing features.
Have you ever tried an exquisitely served egg covered with avocado and a slice of meat – prosciutto? Super protein rich and heavenly delicious! Appropriate mostly for breakfast.
What about French roast beaf? It is a wonderful cold meal. Use your favorite seasoning and enjoy!
As for healthy side dishes, I would recommend Brussels sprouts salad, cauliflower bacon pie, nutritious green soup puree as well as roasted broccoli.
Little advice for you – eat more what you get used to, mind the proportions of 75, 20 and 5 percent of fat, protein and carbs respectively. Train a lot and the joy of the visible results will make you proud and motivated even more. Good luck!

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