Can I consume coconut water kefir while following body ecology diet? Wouldn’t it spoil the result?

Hello, my name is Dorry, and I am 26 years old. My friend recommended me to keep to body ecology diet; she has archived amazing results with the help of this diet. But I need to find answers to some questions before starting the diet.

First of all, can I consume coconut water kefir on the body ecology diet? How will it affect my results? Furthermore, how does my nutrition plan on this diet look like? What should I eat for breakfast, dinner and supper? Maybe somebody here has followed this diet and can give me a piece of advice. I’m waiting for your answers, thank you a lot.

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Yes, Dorry, why do you have any doubts? Coconut water is a treasure that becomes even more precious when turns to kefir. Did you know the list of minerals found in coconut water? Calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorides, potassium etc. It protects our heart and balances blood pressure. Wonder why is kefir so recommended? Because of its useful bacteria that help you to digest fats better, stay young longer and have your immune system stronger. Still, have doubts about coconut water kefir? Hope not 🙂 It is possible to do at home, buy a box of Kefir Starter, it costs around $27 and you can get almost 40 liters of kefir! Check out the tutorials about dealing with coconut water, you can do it! Good luck!

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