Is sparkling water Keto approved?

Good day, everybody! I hope that you will help me to find some answers, needed for my question. See, I am doing uni homework about diets at the moment, and it is about the Ketogenic diet, forbidden and permitted products, its pros and cons. To make my work rich and useful, I decided to ask Keto specialists or just people who have experience in Keto dieting.

Sparkling waterMy key questions are the following:

  • Does the Keto diet approve sparkling water?
  • Are there any kinds of carbonated water among ketogenic diet beverages?
  • Pros and cons of drinking carbonated water?

No, I am not talking about sweet sparkling beverages, I am talking about non-taste simple water. Is it permitted to drink carbonated water or not?  Looking forward to your answers! The additional questions to the keto diet specialists are the following:

  • How much water should I drink on a ketogenic diet?
  • Any Keto friendly water flavorings?
  • Any diet tonic water allowed during Keto?
  • Is La Croix keto-friendly?


I am waiting for your answer!

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Coffee and tea are healthy keto-beverages that can be especially useful for beginners. In other words, for those who feel not enough energy during the first days of Keto dieting. But many people spoil this amazing drink adding to it teaspoons of sugar.

In order to save all the healthy properties of coffee, try the keto-friendly variants:

  • Plain black coffee. As black as possible without adding any additives that are not keto-friendly.
  • A milky alternative. Add some unsweetened fatty cream, almond or coconut milk.
  • Adding fat. Add a healthy source of fat, such as coconut oil, to your coffee and blend it. Not sure how much fat you should add? Check out the keto coffee recipe.
  • A low-calorie sweetener. Just a few drops of liquid stevia will remove the bitterness of black coffee and make it more pleasant.
  • Your own keto-friendly coffee drink. By mixing healthy fats, fatty dairy products, some spices, and a little low-fat sugar substitute, you can make your own special coffee drinks.

The majority of tea sorts are keto-friendly, as they do not contain carbs:

  • Black tea. In general, gives you more caffeine and a more delicious taste.
  • Green tea. It gives a little less caffeine but has various health benefits and a pleasant aroma.
  • Herbal tea. Just go to any grocery store, and you will see tonnes of different flavors of herbal tea. In doing so, be careful with any teas that contain dried fruit or sugar derivatives.

Greeting, Medina! The answer is yes, you can drink sparkling water as well as club soda or Seltzer during your keto dieting. Why is it healthy?

Because of the bubbles – those in sparkling water are the smallest and the finest, their carbonation process is natural. Sparkling waters may differ, that`s why you should read the label on the bottle. Some may have sodium, calcium or magnesium. Dietitians say that we can replace it with plain water and drink up to eight glasses per day.

So it`s totally safe and depends only on your personal taste. Hope you are feeling well during your diet.

Hello Medina!

You know, a ketogenic diet by some environments is blamed for being harmful to health in the long term. There are circulating opinions that such a diet causes shortages. But this is not true. You just need to know what you can eat. Speaking about keto diet, it’s very important to drink.

So let’s look more precisely, what you can consume. Of course water still and sparkling  (unpalatable and non-sweetened). Coffee, tea, herbal tea (unsweetened).Lemon and lime juice in small amounts. And no beer, no milk.

Stay healthy!


Carbonated water, mineral water, seltzer water and tonic water contain zero net carbs and are refreshing drinks on a low carb diet. If you’re looking to kick the soda habit, want a low carb cocktail (or mocktail) or simply crave something other than regular water, these beverages are excellent choices. You might enjoy the following brands that are infused with cranberry, lime, coconut and other flavors:

  • La Croix or other no-calorie flavored seltzer water
  • Zevia sodas, which have several flavor options, sweetened only with stevia

You can also make your own healthy soda with sparkling water, keto-friendly sweetener and citrus or other desired flavors.

Keto approved water

Do tea and coffee count as water on keto? I cannot imagine my morning without a cup of warm drink. Give me advice, please!

Could you please suggest some keto-friendly additions to the sparkling water?

If you do not like pure sparkling water, I recommend adding fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

  • Add frozen fruits. Put frozen fruits or berries to your taste into the bottle.
  • Make herbal ice cubes. If you froze herbs in cubes, you can store them in the freezer from some weeks to some months. You can add any herbs you like.
  • Add citrus fruit. Lemon, grapefruits, lime, and orange can make your water much more delightful.
  • Blend everything together. If you want to make your usual water more pleasant and delicious, try mixing some fruits, herbs and vegetables together. For example, mint+grapefruit, basilic+watermelon.

Keto water

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