Can i eat brown rice on detox diet? Is he healthy or not?

Hello, I am Lorry, and I need some information about brown rice and detox diets. I’ve been on a detox diet for six days, and I saw excellent results but then I went shopping and I saw brown rice and wanted to try its flavour, but then I remembered that I’m on the detox diet. Do I want to know whether brown rice is so useful as it is recommended? Can I eat it correctly on my detox diet? Why is it so healthy? Is it more robust than white rice? I would be very grateful for your answers!

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Oh, Lorry, of course, you can! It is actually the basic food for your kind of diet. Brown rice is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, it is also tasty. Keep in mind that a detox diet is mostly about cleansing your body, not losing weight. Other ingredients to your shopping list for this dieting period are organic vegetables and fruit, herbal tea, honey to replace sweets, local eggs, sea salt, olive oil. If you are lucky to find wild caught fish add it to the menu! See, there is a great variety of food to live this time with comfort and result.

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