Can I eat chocolate cookies on diet? Please pass the diet chocolate chip cookies recipe!

Hello everybody, my name is Medina, and I am on a diet now. Well, I want to look good for my vacation with my boyfriend, but the main problem is that I want to eat some sweets, especially something chocolate or cream. I need to stay away from it and try to avoid, but it is so hard. I am sure that there must be some recipes about diet chocolate cookies that won’t harm my diet and I will be happy. Please pass some of them here so I could gather them all! Thank you very much!

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Hi Medina!
I’m one hundred per cent with you on this! I feel like chocolate cookies might be the death of me someday.
However, you know, I have one pretty good advice for you: if you do crave that snack so much, then go ahead and eat it! Otherwise, you will find yourself thinking about taking a bite the whole day or even a result of such restricting you might even eat an entire jar.
I once heard that if you are on a diet and want to stop eating something, then you have to stop buying it. It does help! Just think about how much money you spend on those sugar monsters.

Hope you’ll have an enjoyable vacation with your boyfriend, girl!

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