Can the dark chocolate be eaten on low fodmap diet? What are health benefits of dark chocolate?

Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Silva, I am 24 and my question is very simple but at the same time very important – can I consume dark chocolate on low food map diet?
It is a well-known question but there are as many opinions and pieces of advice as questions so here I want to hear the final answer. So that I will know, whether I can eat dark chocolate or not. How many fats are in dark 90% chocolate? I have heard that it is even useful in some way.
What amount of this chocolate can I consume per day? At what time it is the best to eat this kind sweeties not to put on the weight? Is it worth to eat a piece of chocolate only in the early morning or it can be eaten until the afternoon? Does black chocolate activate the brains? Which else health benefits of dark chocolate do you know? Will I gain weight while low fodmap dieting, if I would eat a whole chocolate? But if some pieces per day?
Looking forward to your answers and thanks for the help!

1 Answers

Hello, Silva! Yes indeed! You can eat 30 grams of dark chocolate without feeling guilty. Five pieces are quite enough if we are just dying without something sweet, right? With white chocolate it`s different, only 15 grams are allowed. As you may guess, lactose is not a low FODMAP diet friendly. Try to avoid chocolates with inulin, sugar alcohols, high fructose syrups etc, it must be written on the chocolate`s label. Say no to chocolate with dried fruit. Soy lecithin is fine. Choose a good bar of chocolate and enjoy your dieting! Take care.

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