Can I eat or drink chocolate on a low carb diet?

Hello everybody, my name is Medina, and I am looking for some help from you, connected with diets and products. So, now I am following a low carb diet, and I wanted to find an answer to some question on the internet but didn’t manage to find the right one. My problem is – can I eat chocolate during my diet? Or can I drink hot chocolate during my diet? If yes, then how much, in what part of the day and what exactly chocolate – dark, milk? Maybe you can recommend something else? Looking forward to your answers.

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Hello, Medina! Well, actually yes, your low-carb diet is quite tolerant towards chocolate, though it may seem it is harmful. Mind, we are talking about dark chocolate only, its nutrients and antioxidants do lots of good magic to our health. It protects our heart and lowers hight pressure, it has the power to put in a better mood. I always pick the one with hight cocoa content. Enjoy your diet and do not worry if you need to brighten it with some nice chocolate.

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