What tomato recipes can you recommend to lose weight quicker on a keto diet?

Hello everybody, my name is Medina and I am 24. I am writing here because I want to get some of your help with keto diet – actually, I have started it a few days ago but now I need some information about its menu from specialists – it is connected with vegetables.
So, can I eat hot tomatoes while I am on the keto diet? How many per day? Can you recommend any special species that will help me to lose weight? Maybe I can create some salads with them or make soups? How to make the dietetic meal from tomatoes? What tomato recipes can you suggest to lose weight quicker on a keto diet?
Thanks for your help!

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Hello, Medina! Yes, you can! Tomatoes are considered to be lower-carb vegetables together with cabbage, peppers, cauliflower, eggplants and others. I love to add tomatoes in soups, they make it taste special and summerish, I also prepare the homemade tomato sauce which saves me from buying that terrible ketchup in stores. No need to say that tomatoes are great for salads and healthy toasts. Aren`t we lucky our keto diet allows us to eat tomatoes? 🙂

Helloooo! Yes, tomatoes only have 3.89g of carbohydrates per 100g serving, so they can be eaten on as part of a keto diet menu.
You can try cooking Crustless keto tomato pie
This is a perfect! You can just use basil. You can dig through your cheese drawer to pick a variety of cheeses. I normally use at least two varieties. One of the best tomato pies I made had some smoked Gouda cheese in the mix.
It didn’t spoiled my diet, so try it!

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