Can I eat chocolate sweeties on a low fibre diet?

Heeey, good day everybody, my name is Wendy, and I am very interested in one question about low fibre diet. Actually, I have been sticking to it for more than one week, and everything is going almost perfect and yesterday, while I was surfing through the internet, I found out that it is possible to eat chocolate during my diet. I got a little confused because my doctor said that the chocolate is forbidden entirely and now I don’t know who is right. So the question are:

Can I consume the chocolate sweeties while fibre dieting?

What amount of CPFC does the dark chocolate consist of?

What confection does the low fibre diet provide?

How frequently can I eat some sweets?

Please help me to understand. Thanks for the help!

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Dear Wendy, it is wonderful that you consult your doctor about diet. I have heard that low-fiber diet is very far from supplying our body with everything vitally needed so it is only effective and safe when guarded by an expert. I was surprised that the diet allows eating waffles and pancakes. Moreover, they can be made from traditional white flour, not necessarily its healthier variants like buckwheat or rice. The same with chocolate! You can eat milk chocolate without any nuts, raisins etc. To exted the sweet topic – honey jellies, some marmalade and jam, even syrups and sugar are allowed on the condition you just enjoy their taste and not overeat. That`s my kind of diet 🙂 Have a nice day!

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