Can I sometimes cheat on a diet? How often and how does it affect the result?

Hello everyone, my name is Silly and I am 22 years old. As I have already told in my previous question, I would like to lose some extra weight and I have started doing exercises and eating well. Now I have some more questions to you. You know, it was so difficult to stop eating sweets for me that I still sometimes have a strong desire to eat a piece of cake or one muffin. So today I would like to ask you whether I can sometimes cheat on a diet? How often can I do it and how does it affect the result? I will be very happy to get an advice from you. I’m waiting for it very much, thanks a lot.

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Hi, Silly! I really like your question. I know the diet may be highly intolerable sometimes. Cheating on diet and still lose weight is an art not many of us are able to master. Still, there are some tips on how to do it. Eat more filling food such as mussels, eggs, fruit etc. Make flavor your priority – less amount but the rich taste will improve your mood. Accept your "sin" foods – it is easier to know you are actually allowed to try a piece of cake that totally refuse it and suffer. Use all your senses to enjoy your meal, no eating in a hurry, make it a pleasant ceremony. Eat only what you love but in small portions and find some compromise. It`s always possible to replace a part of mayonnaise with greek yogurt etc. Enjoy your dieting! Good luck. 

Hello, Silly.

I think that this question is interesting for almost every women.

Of course, it will be perfect if you do not cheat on a diet but all of us understand that it is difficult and one day you can break the diet and spoil all results. Well, there are some tips how to cheat sometimes on a diet. You can sometimes eat your favorite pizza or burger, but do not overeat. Secondly, you should work more in gym on those days when you cheat.

Hope it will help you.


Our body has a natural tendency to lean towards homeostasis, or internal stability. When you overindulge on a pint of ice cream one day, your appetite on the next day will likely be reduced. If you’ve started eating better, you may need to start paying better attention to what your body is telling you it needs. Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Do you want to eat or snack for an emotional reason? Do certain situations trigger you to eat certain foods? All of these cues are important to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet and not overdoing it when you don’t need to. Once you begin to notice these cues and follow them regularly, it’s ok to override them every once in a while. After all, a balanced diet is all about balance, right? Perhaps you know you don’t need to get dessert after dinner with your friend. But she’s celebrating her birthday, and you know you’d really enjoy sharing a piece of chocolate cake with her. Go for it. What’s more important isn’t what you do when you have a slip-up — it’s what you do over the next few days, weeks, and months. If in the days after an indulgent evening you find yourself consistently craving sweets after meals, try having a piece of fresh fruit, drinking more water, or going for a walk instead.

Hi Silly!

Every well-educated trainer will tell you, that o course you can sometimes cheap on diet. But there are some exceptions. Which? First of all, you should be aware, that you can eat, but then get rid of this calories. Or even in another way, be shire that you will lose these calories from bigger. So, yeah you can it, but remember that everything have results. Also, I am sure that you know your amount of calories. Knowing this you will count the amount of your daily and minus your burger. Hope you understand me.

Stay healthy and positive!

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