What effective exercises with jump rope do you know?

Hi! It’s me again:) I monitor for my health, and I always try to eat and exercise properly. I’m, like every girl, want to be a super skinny model.

Last summer, I weighed 154.3 pounds. It was critical for me. And I took up my forms. I did not sit on diets, but only actively went to the gym. And after three months I was able to lose 22 pounds. I was pleased with it.

Now I want to lose weight even more. But the pressure for some reason does not go away. I know that you need to do cardio for this. I love the skipping rope. Is it possible to achieve the desired result by using it? Thanks for the help!

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Hello, Julia! Nice progress, you are so inspiring! Jumping rope routine is great for your heart strength and losing more weight. You can easily check it out using any calorie counter you trust! Start with 50 jumps and add a few with every day to reach 100. Avoid jumping too high, like all beginners do, that`s how you put much pressure to your knees and feet. Feel the balance, jump on your toes to use natural body absorbing mechanisms. Mind that you need to warm up before the training and cool down afterward with some yoga stretching. In a week you`ll see the first results in weight loss and muscles toned up. Good luck!

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