What are mostly recommended products to eat on the paleo diet? What about rice and pasta?

Hello! My name is Anna and I’ve been on a paleo diet for a few weeks. I want someday to repeat my that experience, but now I want to add rice and pasta to my everyday ration. Is it okay if I do so? What products are not allowed to eat on the paleo diet? What are the most recommended products to eat while following the paleo diet? What are the main points of this diet? What celebrity paleo dieters do you know?
I thought about choosing brown rice instead of white then. Is the brown one better for consuming? Or I shouldn’t eat any of these products at all? What properties do both types of rice have? What is the energy value of white and brown rice for 100 grams in the cooked state? What pros and cons for health have each of them?  Does the pasta of durum wheat allowed to be eaten during the paleo diet?
I really don’t know what to do. Please, help me out.

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Hello, Ann! As we all know, brown rice is certainly healthier than a white one. You can use a red rice too in your menu! If you are lucky to find it in your store. Paleo diet is quite a fashion and its food list is not that limited. Your general guideline is the following. Yes – to the whole foods. No – to the processed stuff. Let`s see. Definitely meat and fish, eggs for sure, veggies and fruit no doubt, nuts and seeds – what could be more natural (!), various herbs and spices to brighten it all, healthy fats and oils for woman’s beauty.

Unfortunately for me, dairy products are not allowed and I cannot imagine my morning without cream in my coffee or some cottage cheese for a lunch. No to margarine and other junk fats is understandable as well as soft drinks and sugar. Grains and legumes are not allowed too. What about rice and the paleo diet? Well, according to the modern interpretation of the diet, you can eat rice because it is gluten-free. Thanks for your question! I enjoyed my little fitness investigation. Have a nice day!

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