Which products can be eaten on a gluten free diet for weigt loss?

Hello everyone! My friend decided to try a gluten-free diet. But, you know, I don’t really understand what the point of declining from gluten is. But that’s what she decided. Yesterday she came around for dinner. However, I had nothing, but rice and potatoes.

She told me that it’s prohibited to eat these products when you are on this kind of diet. But I didn’t believe her. Is that true?
Is there a great amount gluten in potatoes or rice? What is exactly the gluten-free diet?  Which are gluten-free foods? In what way dish should be prepared? What are the main principles of such a diet? What tips should be followed to reach the visible result quickly? How many weight can be lost per week and month? How long can the gluten-free diet be followed?
What information about the gluten-free diet can you tell me? What do you think about the gluten-free diet? I’ll appreciate your replies.

1 Answers

Dear Eden, some people just cannot consume gluten, it is bad for their health, do not judge your friend. The good news is that there are actually a lot! Naturally gluten-free. Dairy, fruit and vegetables, and meat. By all means fish and seafood. Rice and potatoes? Well, your friend is totally wrong, they are allowed too! as well as maize, beans, buckwheat, cassava, millet, arrowroot, flax, yucca, teff, soy, tapioca etc. What does she drink? Most alcohol, soda, various juices are ok but she should say no to beer and ale.

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