What is best running program for losing weight in short time?

Hi! My name is Greg. I never saw on this website any questions about women running program.

I thought that it’s rather a popular method of losing weight. However, I tried to start running in the past, but these morning wake-ups were making me mad. But now I decided that every morning I would run 30 min so that I can have more energy for the rest of the day. Oh, by the way, I want to know what time it’s better to run.
Because I heard many thoughts on this question, all of them are different.

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So, when is more effective to run in the morning or in the evening? What benefits running bring to the human body?  Can I really lose some extra kilograms by running routine? What running program for beginners can you recommend? How to starting running and overcome laziness? What running tips I should follow to see a visible result in a week? How many types of running exist and what is better to choose for losing extra weight and toning up?

In addition to that, I have read that while such training you should wear only special running shoes? Is it true and why is so? Where can I buy comfortable women running shoes for an acceptable price?
And also, could you suggest me the best-running program for losing weight? Which helps the most? Waiting for your reply.

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Hello Greg!

I am also wondering why there are no questions about women running program. So thank you for it. Running is really an amazing way to lose weight and stay positive and vigorous.  

Running is the simplest, most natural form of movement for health. It gives the best results and – most importantly – it costs little. I have a long history of running. Sometimes it ended with a fiasco, but I continued return to it. Most of the time it was evening, the reason was work and that it is hard for me to wake up early. But today I mostly choose the morning.

Actually, there is no reason when to run. Just do it. Of course, if you run early in the morning there are no people and you can get energy for the whole day.

Speaking about a program. For me, it is Running. This is a very comfortable, free program. There you can choose a trainer and start with a beginner. The program will help you during running and count your calories. Training is about 40 minutes. So it is a really quick.

Moreover, I can advise you also try the running program from Nike and choose which one is better for you.

Keep moving and stay cool.

Hi, Greg! The best time of the day to run is very personal. I was adviced not to do any serious workouts in the morning because of my weak cardiovascular system. So that the body can wake up slowly. There is no better time like early morning for most of us though. If you failed to stay on the track in past, there was no strict plan or motivation. Try to make it right this time, first of all, download Runkeeper or any other app for running. Like a caring friend, it will keep you more organized. Then, choose a plan that will work for you. Keep fit!

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