What gym raining program I need to follow to lose weight and tone up the whole body per week?

Hi everyone! My name is Greg. I’m here to ask you one more question. How many of you are going to the gym? I think that pretty much. So, I need your advice. I’ve never been in the gym before, so I don’t know how the training is going on. Maybe somebody knows any training program for the gym for losing weight for beginners? I know that Nike training club is a cool application, but I don’t know which workout should I better choose.
What can you recommend to me? What gym training programs do you know? Which of them is the best gym program? What diet and exercise plan I need to follow to lose weight and tone up the whole body? What training at the gym I should do to lose 5 kilos per week? Is there a special workout schedule for women to tone up? Can I combine cardio exercises to burn fat and weight training for strength?

Every year scientists are conducting research, appearing more and more ways to lose weight, to pump up the muscles both in the gym and at home. Do you know new workout routines of 2018? What fitness exercise chart is the most popular among celebrities?
I will appreciate your replies. Thanks!

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Hey Greg! How is it going?
According to the newest experts’ conclusions, the most effective and serious workouts to gain muscles are the followings. German Volume training plan – three times during a week and proper nutrition will work wonderfully. It might be quite difficult and you will have to reduce other sports activities like cardio so that to have more time for muscles to recover. (Bench pulls, “butterflies”, bench press etc.)

The 5×5 plan is much alike with the previous. Makes you stronger and sexier. You will have to perform five sets of three exercises with five repetitions each. Be ready to experience hunger after each training. Which is the proof of intensity and effectiveness. (Barbell squats, pull-ups, side lateral raises etc.)

The FST-7 training plan is quite special. No exact exercises or division to upper or lower body but advises on what to do at a definite step of the workout. (Barbell curls, hammer curls, standing calf raises etc.)
Upper and Lower Split Training is advised to perform twice a week. Super versatile and great for beginners.

Full body workouts are very individual. Each muscle group has its exercises. You are free to decide what to focus on. Not super professional though, mostly for beginners.
Hope you will pick up something from the list! Good luck!

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