Do you know any diet brown rice recipes?

Hi! Continuing the topic of rice diet, I wanted to ask you whether you know any brown rice recipes? How should I better cook brown rice and with which products it tastes better? Maybe your favourite dish is brown rice? I’m having a great dinner for several days, so I want to make a great impression on my guests. I want you to recommend something very delicious, not very salty or spicy. Maybe, you would also recommend which wine should I better choice for these dishes? Thanks a lot!

beans with meat and rice in the plate


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Dear Greg, I like brown rice dishes a lot! I found a whole collection on BBC Good Food, check it, please. Chunky vegetableĀ and brown rice soup is super delicious, as well as Stir-fry with broccoli and brown rice. You may also like spicy Japanese-style brown rice or Spiced veggieĀ pilaf. In fact, the variety of brown rice recipes is huge, you will find and easily cook any of them. Have a nice party! Hope your guests will like your healthy homemade treating.

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