What workouts can improve my deportment and flexibility of the body? What set of exercises can help me to sit on a twine at home?

Hello! My name is Sonya. Since my childhood I watched my sister going to the gymnastic classes. I always wanted to try it too. Now I am older and I can decide what can I do. So, I decided to extend my daily trainings with some gymnastic exercises. I, as a beginner, want to ask you for some tips and simple exercises that I can do at home by myself. Is it okay to start something new like gymnastics in an adult age? Can it cause some health problems?
What set of exercises can help me to sit on a twine at home? What workouts can improve my deportment and flexibility of the body? How many times a week I should do these program? How long will it take for me, at least, to sit on a twine? Can I do it at home without a professional coach?
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Hello Sonya! Please try this exercises!

№1 Double swing: forward to the side – repeat 15 times on each leg

Hand hold on the back of the chair or rest incupboard. The second hand, get it behind your back and put it on your lower back. The body is pulled up, the stomach is not hanging. The supporting leg is straight, the working leg is slightly diagonal and stretches a straight socks, like ballerinas.

We do the swing forward, stayed for 2-3 seconds, swinging to the side. In this case, the leg is led in a semicircle, without touching the floor. Also hold the top position for a few seconds. We do 15 times and change the leg.

№2 Mach back in standing position – 15 times per leg

We rest our hands on the wall or at the chest level orKeep the back of the chair at the waist level. We retreat by 15-20 centimeters, legs together. With a jerk, we set our foot back, without falling on its side, not strongly bending in the lower back. Feel the body. The heel is pulled upwards. Approximately the leg will rise by 45-60 degrees. Repeat 15 times and change your leg.

№3 Mach back with a deflection in the lower back – 15 times on each leg

We lean forward to a corner of 90 degrees, with straight hands we undertake for a back of a chair. We do a swing backwards with a jerk and at the same time we bend in the lower back.

Hello, Sonya! There are certain exercises that will help you to be more flexible and lengthen leg muscles without harm. You will feel quite uncomfortable at first but do not give up! Regular training is a key to your goal, you`ll be impressed by results. Start with some basic stretching like an easy crossed-legged pose, then move to the butterfly stretch. Can you reach to your toes? Try it. Bridge stretch is a good exercise too. Check some yoga tutorials for beginners. There is nothing more effective for flexibility that falling in love with yoga. Good luck.
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