Do you know healthy recipes with green vegetables for losing weight? Are they effective?

Hello, my name is Dorry, and I am 26 years old. My main aim is to lose extra kilograms because I want to look beautiful and be always confident in myself. I think that it is significant for every woman to have a perfect body.

I heard that if you eat green foods, you can quickly lose weight without dieting. You only need to eat dishes from green foods and do exercise 3 times a week. They say the result is very noticeable already in the first weeks.
I’ve also heard that if you eat vegetables and fruits precisely green; you can also cleanse your body well of toxins. Are green products so useful?

Well, why am I writing here today? I would like to ask you about healthy recipes for losing weight. Are they effective? How long should I wait to see the results? What products are strictly prohibited during the healthy diet? I hope you can give me the answers to my questions, I’m waiting for them, thank you a lot.

Who knows useful and delicious recipes? Share))

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Hello Dorry! Sure they are effective, they are very useful, especially when you want to stay healthy! Here is a very good variant of Roasted broccoli with lemon and Pecorino-Romano cheese.

You need:

1 lb. broccoli pieces, cut so flower ends are not over an inch across (about 6 cups cut broccoli)
2 T extra virgin olive oil
sea salt to taste (I used a sea salt grinder)
6 tsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice (I used my fresh-frozen lemon juice)
1/3 cup freshly grated Pecorino-Romano or Parmesan cheese (not packed)


Preheat oven to 450F/220C. Trim broccoli stalks so pieces are close to the same length. You may want to peel the broccoli with a vegetable peeler if the skin seems tough. Cut apart broccoli flowerets so pieces are the same size and each flower end is less than an inch across. (To avoid the mess from trimming broccoli, cut through the stem part, then pull flowerets apart. I don’t remember where I learned this trick, but it really works!)

Toss broccoli with 2 T olive oil, and sprinkle with salt to taste.  Spray a large metal baking sheet with olive oil or non-stick spray.  Spread out broccoli pieces out on the baking sheet so they aren’t touching each other.

Roast broccoli until pieces are bright green and starting to get browned edges. (I turned after 10 minutes, and then again after 5 minutes, and cooked for 20 minutes total roasting time.)

Toss broccoli with fresh lemon juice and then sprinkle with Pecorino-Romano or Parmesan cheese. Serve hot.

Hello, Dorry! Well, green veggies and fruit are certainly healthy and helpful for a thinner waist but they should be organic… Why not we fix some green smoothie today? Luckily there are plenty of recipes to chose from. Smoothies are perfect on our super busy days, our body is receiving a processed source of energy and so many vitamins! When I want to lose some weight I have a mug of smoothie instead of my breakfast and dinner. In the morning I like it together with a tiny cup of espresso, don`t sure if it`s useful but I adore it.

My green smoothie recipe is very simple. Oh! First of all, be careful with your blender, try to do some work on your own and chop and cut the ingredients to save the blender knives. My one was once broken because of frozen berries((. Do you have a measuring cup? Remember the magic smoothie proportion: 60% of fruit and 40% of greens. Or 525 grams of mixed fruit + 150 grams of leafy greens + 250 grams of liquid. We may use different liquid bases such as water, kefir, greek yogurt, coconut or almond milk etc.

So our perfect green ingredients are spinach (150 grams), water (250 grams), mango (175 grams), pineapple (175 grams), 2 bananas. In summer, to make your healthy drink cooler you should use at least one of the components frozen. In this case, it`s likely to be mango. The blending sequence is the following: put greets into the blender, add liquid and blend until smooth, add the fruit then and blend again. You can use some natural sweetener if you like. Enjoy! P.S. Mango and pineapple can be replaced by any green fruit you prefer – an apple, a pear etc.


Dorry, thank you for asking about this. You know, green veggies are the best for losing weight and not only. They are also very healthy. For example broccoli, spinach, cucumber or even asparagus. This is a real source of long life. It is interesting, that you can cook whatever you want and add one this veggie. Your meal in one minute became healthier. So which recipes I can advise you with these meals.

  1. Asparagus with a grilled chicken breast.
  2. Spinach with garlic and baked potatoes.
  3. Broccoli with pasta and boiled chicken breast.
  4. A simple salad with lettuce or mix salad. Just add cucumber and grilled chicken. If you want also can add tomatoes. Mmm, very tasty.
  5. Cabbage baked with feta and cherry tomatoes.

As you can see there are a lot of such meals. In this post, I just make a thing to show you, that there are really a lot of different recipes with green veggies. What is more, these recipes are delicious.

So try, and hope you will love it as much as I.

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