Do you know pancake recipe with buckwheat flour and buckwheat granola recipe?

Hello, my name is Lucia and I’m 25 years old. I’m on a buckwheat diet for 2 weeks now and I want to vary my nutrition plan because I’m really fed up with the previous one. So, I would like to ask you about some delicious meals recipes. First of all, I’m interested in those two meals: pancakes with buckwheat flour and buckwheat granola. Do you know some recipes? I will be really happy if you share them with me! And if you know some other tasty meals, write about them too, please. Thank you very much.


1 Answers

Lucia, buckwheat pancakes are wonderful, just a simple ingredient turns super caloric dessert into a healthier gluten-free one. Even if they are darker and not so sexy as traditional ones, they are worth our love. So, apart from buckwheat flour, you need some sugar, baking soda, salt, milk, vanilla powder and butter for the skillet. The pancakes will be light and airy and taste the best with berries or fruit and butter (almond or peanut one). Well, it`s up to your taste, anyway. A bit of honey maybe? Or raisins… Be creative! Bon appetite.

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