What quick red beans and rice recipe can you suggest?

Hello! My name is Blum. I love watching Youtube, sometimes I could find rather important information there. Especially when watching the channels of bloggers. I know about this huge amount of advertisings, but, come on, they tell about important stuff too. So, in one of these videos, I’ve heard about ‘south beach diet’. It sounds strange, but I somehow believe it is worth trying. Tomorrow I want to make a dish, which will consist of red beans and rice. Looking for quick red beans and rice recipe, I decided to ask you here for help.

Actually, while cooking, I like to add various spices. Such as salt and pepper, black pepper, bell pepper, creole seasoning, bay leaf, cajun seasoned. Besides, adore cooking dishes adding diced tomatoes, chicken broth, and even andouille sausage and smoked sausage. Though I know some of these foods are not healthy. So my question is the following:

Do you know any recipes that will consist of these products? What is the essence of the diet? What products are allowed to eat on the South Beach Diet? What amount of calories, fats and carbs can be consumed during the day? What is the main point of this diet? Does the South Beach Diet really safe way to lose weight and improve the cardiovascular system? Do you know any celebrities who follow the South Beach diet?
I will be very grateful for your feedback!

quick red beans and rice recipe

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