What tips should I follow to have the flat stomach with low carb diet?

I am on this site for a very long time, so I’m reading every post, each question and replies to them. Actually, thanks a lot for your answers!  Someone asked a few questions ago about low carb diet. So, I got to say, that this is an amazing topic, but it is more relevant for me to know the details.
Whether this diet helps you to get a flat stomach? In which ways this diet is helpful? Are there any disadvantages to following the low carb diet? Is it safe for health? Which products are allowed to eat during the diet? What should I exclude from my ration? How many calories I need to consume per day? What is the menu on a low carb diet for a flat stomach? What other diets do you know that are similar to the low carb? What set of products I have to eat while dieting for the flat belly?
What ratio of calories, fats and carbs do I need to consume per day? What vegetables can you recommend for weight loss? How many of liquids should I drink a day?

Thank you a lot and I’m waiting for your replies and feedback;)

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Hello there! How are you feeling, Alina? Low carb diet is very popular so there exist many tips on how to stay strong and succeed. The main goal of the diet is to make you feel less hungry eating certain kinds of food that are responsible to reduce cravings. At some point, it becomes too hard to follow the diet. These tips will help you to fight temptations, I hope.
Develop your meal plan first. Breakfast, lunch, dinner as main meals and a couple of snacks. Routine is important in our case, you’ll see.

Leave 500 calories of healthy carbs for your daily plan to stay active and have energies for workouts.
Be ready to experience some discomfort. Be creative when going out with friends, do not be boring staying home just because you are on a diet. Chose the right food, it is possible! Learn how to love food you are allowed to eat finding delicious recipes, there are a lot online! Good luck!

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